5 Best Front And Rear Dash Cam With Night Vision

What are the best front and rear dash cams with night vision? That’s a question you might ask yourself when shopping for an easy-to-use Dash Cam.

Of course, it depends on your needs. You can get something that’s small and lightweight or more powerful; one with better video quality than others; with Wi-Fi connectivity to share footage easily; or even one that comes in different colors like black, grey, purple!

Driving has become a tricky task with all the things to be cautious about. There are so many cars on the road and drivers have finally started to take notice of how their driving affects others. More people are starting to buy into car safety technology that can help them avoid accidents or at least mitigate their consequences when it does happen.

For the best experience behind the wheel, your dashboard camera must be able to capture clear footage of what’s happening around you at any time of the day. From police pursuits to tourists getting into accidents on scenic drives, there are many reasons why someone would want their car equipped with a front and rear Dash Cam with night vision functionality.

Why do you need a Front or Rear Dash Cam with Night Vision?

A front or rear dash cam with night vision is a great way to capture footage in the dark. It’s also important for capturing video of road accidents, thefts, and other instances where you may need evidence. It is arguable one of the most neglected features of a Dash Cam which is not right.

A typical dash cam will be capable of recording at any time of day or night. However, if it lacks night vision technology and features, the nighttime footage it records will be gloomy and difficult to view.

In many circumstances, the illumination from your headlights will be enough to view certain elements on the camera film, but details that may be significant – such as license plates – may be difficult to make out.

Furthermore, collision statistics reveal that the majority of catastrophic incidents occur at night, which means it’s critical to have your dash camera operating properly even when it’s dark.

If you frequently drive at night, we strongly advise you to look into dash cams with night vision.

A front dash cam with night vision is a must-have for everyone. It can help you avoid accidents during the day, but also be useful at night. Find some of the best front and rear dash cams with night vision that is available on the market today.

Top 5 Best Front and Rear Dash Cams with Night Vision

1. THINKWARE U1000 4K Dash Cam


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THINKWARE’s newest dashcam is the U1000. It has a 4K ultra-high definition camera with night vision, and it also comes with four high-performance microphones. The THINKWARE U1000 4K Dash Cam is a 3-inch wide camera with a Sony Exmor R STARVIS image sensor. This device provides the user with options for recording in full HD or 2K resolution at 30 frames per second, which makes it perfect for nighttime driving video footage.

Although the THINKWARE U1000 4K Dash Cam is not a cheap dash cam depending on your budget, it has some nice features for those looking to save money. It starts recording when there is an impact or motion detected and its front camera has a mid-range 150° lens angle. The back camera also offers a 156° field of view with Parking mode that begins recording once anything changes in the car’s surroundings

It features a 4K resolution and can be connected with the cloud to stream live video of your car on any device, as well as backup all footage in case it’s stolen or damaged. The first shipment includes a 2-year warranty for free!

This Dash cam App lets you monitor the car’s speed and location remotely. This device has a built-in capacitor that can withstand heat and cold better than battery cameras, which is another perk of this camera.

The THINKWARE U1000 4K Dash Cam is an amazing buy because of its many features. It has a crisp night video on the front camera and 2K rear cam, WiFi with APP for smartphone connectivity, built-in GPS to help you find your car when it gets stolen or lost.

The THINKWARE U1000 has a higher price than other comparable dash cams. However, it also boasts the following specs: 4K video recording, 100% waterproof and dustproof construction, and 60fps for smooth action footage during your drive.

2. VIOFO A129 Pro Duo 4K Dual Dash Cam


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The VIOFO A129 Pro Duo 4K dual dash cam is a great option for those looking to record their driving. The dash cam has two 1080p resolution cameras, one on the front and one on the back of the vehicle. It also includes night vision capabilities with infrared LEDs.

The VIOFO A129 Pro Duo 4K Dual Dash Cam is a dual dash camera that offers a 130-degree wide-angle. The front and rear cameras are equipped with Sony’s Exmor R CMOS sensor, while the main camera has a 12-megapixel resolution.

The VIOFO A129 Pro Duo 4K Dual Dash Cam has a back camera that is capable of recording at 140-degrees. The dual dash cam also comes with WDR and G-Sensor features to provide stable footage at all times, even in low light conditions.

Additionally, the device can capture video while driving up to 90mph and record everything from 0.5 seconds before impact until 5 minutes after it happens. The A129 Pro Duo 4K Dual Dash Cam is WiFi-enabled and can be connected to an iOS or Android application.

It offers constant 24/7 monitoring of possible impacts, such as theft, vandalism, accidents on the road. The camera also comes with super night vision, which allows you to see up to 7-glass F1.

3. Vantrue N2 Dual Dash Cam


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The Vantrue N2 Dual Dash Cam is a bit bulkier than the Garmin, but it has better night vision. Vantrue N2 Dual Dash Cam includes a built-in display, quality night vision, and crisp audio capturing capabilities. It has 2 video inputs which are HDMI/USB for easy installation in your car or on your computer.

The Vantrue N2 Dual Dash Cam is a very affordable dual dash cam that has an 8GB card and supports full HD video. This is a great option for people who don’t need or want GPS. The screen on this model is small, but it makes up for its size with other features like loop recording and parking mode and can connect to your phone for navigation purposes.

Vantrue N2 Dual (front and rear) Dash Cam is a good value camera with many features. The benefit of the Vantrue N2 Duo is its clear glass lens, wide-angle 170 degrees view, and full HD video recording at 30fps in 1080p.

4. Garmin Dash Cam 


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Garmin Dash Cam is a front and rear dash cam that has excellent video and audio quality. This particular model also has night vision, which makes this car camera great for nighttime driving.

Garmin Dash Cam is a camera that also has voice command capabilities. It includes incident detection and GPS tracking. Additionally, this device does not have an integrated display screen, the only feature it offers is live streaming to your mobile app or Garmin Connect account.

It is a high-quality digital camera that uses the latest auto technology to record video in HD 1080p. The device has two cameras, with one on each side of the vehicle, and records footage in 1440P front and 1080P rear resolution. It also features 180 degrees field of view for better visibility when driving or riding your auto.

Furthermore, this Garmin front and rear dash cam is a discreet and user-friendly hidden camera, which can be used in your car without drawing attention to its presence. This device has no traffic services or battery life indicators, but it’s best for tech-savvy drivers who still want the reassurance of knowing they’re being recorded.

5. APEMAN 1080P C680 Dash Cam


APEMAN 1080P C680 Dash Cam is a Dash cam that has night vision, great image quality, and can be used in all weather conditions. It is an affordable dash cam for those looking to get into the world of dash cams.

It provides you with high-quality video and audio, GPS capabilities, and an extremely sensitive G-sensor that will capture every moment without any distortion or blurriness in your footage. The hardware sold separately allows it to be compatible with different systems on the market today!

The APEMAN 1080P C680 dash cam is a high-quality, budget-friendly camera. It has a VGA resolution and suction cup mounting, but it doesn’t have voice command capabilities or an LCD display type.

What to look for in a Dash Cam with Night Vision

When looking to purchase a dash cam, look for one that is easy to use and has features such as night vision. They can potentially save you a ton of hassle by recording any vehicle accidents or other events in your car.

With night vision, the camera can record at night and provide clear footage of what’s going on. This ensures that drivers are safe while driving down the road at nighttime or during inclement weather conditions such as rain or snowfall.

Your intended front and rear dash cam should have high-quality FHD streaming, GPS, and Sony lens to ensure it captures everything at 1080p or 720p resolution. These features will also allow for easy sharing through social media platforms such as YouTube Live Streams or Twitter’s Periscope app.

One of the most important things to consider is how long you plan on parking your vehicle. If it’s for 24 hours, then a dash cam with night vision will be helpful because they can provide appropriate footage in low-light situations and give peace of mind that someone is watching over their car.

The best models also have supercapacitor technology which allows them to overcome power outages or other technical difficulties without losing any crucial data, preventing problems from occurring when an owner needs evidence the most.

In order to create a high-quality video, it is necessary for the camera to have an external storage unit with at least 128 GB of internal memory. Additionally, this dash cam should be able to record in 4K resolution and 1080p.

How do I turn on Night Vision on my Dash Cam?

Night vision is a feature of many dash cams and allows the camera to capture more information in low light. To turn on night vision, follow the steps in the manual that came with your Dash Cam.

To turn on Night Vision on a Thinkware Dash Cam, Click Enabled to turn ON Super Night Vision and once you are done, click Save to finalize your settings.

Pro tip: The Super Night Vision function improves visibility in low-light parking situations. To give better video quality recordings, the dash cam will automatically change its exposure.


Is night vision technology an acceptable addition to a Dash Cam?

Yes. However, it does add some expense, as night vision is not available on low-priced dash cameras. Having stated that, we believe the expenditure is justified.

Given that driving, after dark is the most dangerous time of day, you should absolutely have a camera recording in case of an accident!

A wide dynamic range, or WDR, is used by night vision dash cameras to record greater quality at night. WDR, which is comparable to the HDR option on your smartphone’s camera, helps the camera to capture better footage in general, with more balanced colors and light dispersion.

This also implies that cameras with night vision tend to record better footage in general, which is fantastic for capturing license plates and other important information.

I hope you find this article useful.