5 Best Front and Rear Dash Cam With Parking Mode 2023

Investing in front and rear dash cameras with a parking mode option is a must for any intentional car owner. Your car is a big investment that can be costly, we want to make sure you are not only safe on the road, but your car is also safe when parked. This is why we recommend investing in yourself by getting a front or rear dash cam with parking mode that can capture videos of those times when you need them most for evidence in case of an accident.

What Is Parking Mode and Different Kinds Of Dash Cam Parking Mode?

Parking mode is a feature found in many dash cams that allows the camera to continue recording footage even when the car is turned off. This is useful for capturing events that happen when the car is parked, such as someone hitting it or trying to break into it.

In order for the parking mode to work properly, however, it’s important to set up the camera correctly. The camera should be set up so that it only saves files that are detected by the G-sensor or are visually in the camera’s field of view. This helps avoid filling up the memory card with useless footage.

Modern dash cameras recommended in this post have motion detection and G-sensor detection. Motion detection is useful when you want to recreate your spot in a busy area; since there are usually no people nearby, the camera will detect any movement and start recording. The G-Sensor detects impacts and starts recording automatically, so it’s better suited for areas where accidents may happen.

When you’re not driving your car, Parking Mode can be a great way to keep an eye on things. There are different types of Parking modes, and each has its own benefits and drawbacks.

1. The simple Parking Mode

If the camera senses an impact or movement, it will start recording. Hopefully, it will be able to catch the person who did this. There are three different ways to park your car, and this one is by far the most efficient. This means that in the time it takes your car’s camera to wake up and start recording, the person who damaged it might already be out of sight.

2. Buffered parking mode (Highly Recommended)

The camera is always recording, and it saves the video footage to its own memory card. When there is an impact or movement, the camera will record a video clip that starts 10 seconds or so before the event and ends 10-20 seconds after. This video clip will be stored on the camera’s SD card. There will be a special write-protected folder where those video clips will be. This way, they can’t be accidentally overwritten by other files. You’ll also get an alert when you get back to your car, so you’ll know something happened.

3. The time-lapse mode

As an alternative, you can also use time-lapse mode in which the camera takes one picture every second or so (1fps). Watch a time-lapse of what was going on around your car while you were away. During a certain amount of time, some cameras may also switch back to normal recording if they see something.

Parking mode switches your dash cam to time-lapse mode when you enter or leave the vehicle. When this happens, the camera will take pictures at regular intervals instead of filming continuously as it does in normal mode. This is a great way to save space on your SD card.

Some cameras may switch between normal and parking mode if they detect an event like a car running into it, breaking the camera. This is a great way to make sure you always have footage of what’s happening around your car.

5 Best Dual Dash Cams With Parking Mode ( Front and Rear Dash Cams) 

1. Thinkware U1000 Front and Rear Dash Cam With Parking Mode

THINKWARE U1000 Dual Dash Cam 4K UHD 3840X2160 Front Cam, 2K 2560X1440 Rear Cam, 150° Wide Angle Dashboard Camera Recorder with G-Sensor, w/Sony Sensor, Parking Mode, WiFi, GPS, Cloud Enabled

The Thinkware U1000 is a large camera unit, with lots of features. It records excellent 4K video quality at the front and 2K 1440p at 30fps through the rear camera, which is unobtrusive and compact. The camera has a wide field of view and shoots footage in UHD 4K at 30fps.

This is a great dual dash cam that records footage from both the front and rear of your car. The main camera captures what’s happening in front, while the second camera records the view out of your car’s back windshield. This can be really helpful if you ever need to record an accident or someone trying to break into your car.

It’s also a large camera unit, with lots of features, which makes it a good choice for many people. Some of the things that make this camera stand out include GPS tracking and the fact that it’s easy to use. The Thinkware U1000 is a dash cam that uses a 42MP Sony Starvis image sensor.

This camera records in 4K to the front and 2K QHD to the rear. It also has a unique feature- its radar-activated buffered parking mode. In this mode, the camera will start recording as soon as it detects motion or an impact near the car.

The Thinkware U1000 is one of the most expensive dash cams on the market. It has a lot of features, such as an optional hard-wiring kit and battery pack, and Energy Saving 2.0 with an optional RADAR sensor. The dash cam is also not in the way of sensors near the stem of the rearview mirror.

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2. Vantrue N2 Pro Front and Rear Dash Cam With Parking Mode

Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual 1080P Dash Cam, 2.5K 1440P Front Dash Cam, Front and Inside Loop Dash Camera with Infrared Night Vision, 24hr Motion Detection Parking Mode, Accident Record, Support 256GB max

The Vantrue N2 Pro is one of the best dual dash cams with parking modes on the market today. This camera has auto LCD OFF and motion-activated parking modes so that you won’t be disturbed by another glowing rectangle on your windshield while driving or parked in a public space. The parking mode takes photos automatically at specified intervals, rather than manually.

The time-lapse function of the dash cam helps you watch detail by detail while driving. Both front and rear cameras work simultaneously while driving to capture the entire surrounding of your vehicle. The Vantrue N2 Pro is ready to be used in a variety of vehicles, from small cars to SUVs.

It captures 170 degrees in the front camera and 140 degrees in the back camera. One of its most popular features is the motion-activated parking mode, which will keep your car safe by recording any activity that occurs around it. Additionally, the camera has a 32-foot range and can take time-lapse photos every 1 hour.

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3. Vantrue N4 Front and Rear Dash Cam With Parking Mode

Vantrue N4 3 Channel 4K Dash Cam, 4K+1080P Front and Rear, 4K+1080P Front and Inside, 1440P+1080P+1080P Three Way Triple Car Camera, IR Night Vision, 24 Hour Parking Mode, Capacitor, Support 256GB Max

The Vantrue N4 is a triple channel dash cam, with two inside and one outside camera. The motion detection parking mode will only activate if the camera detects movement. The Vantrue N4 has a 155° front camera, 165° inside the camera, and a 160° rear camera at 1440P + 1080P + 1080P resolution.

It is a powerful dash cam that can record accidents and other events. It’s built to survive extreme weather conditions, so you can be assured that your footage will be safe. Additionally, the G-sensor automatically locks the footage to the event folder following an impact, ensuring that it won’t be deleted or overwritten.

The Loop is a 4K resolution front and rear dash cam with parking mode. The camera can record in loops of 2, 5, or 10 minutes and comes with an optional GPS that can track location and speed. It also has a mandatory loop recording function which auto-overwrites the oldest file when it’s full.

The Loop has an adjustable 360° camera that can be rotated to record incidents behind your vehicle in 1080P resolution. Additionally, the Vantrue N4 has a warranty of 18 months and a 24-hour email response time from VANTRUE.

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4. BlackVue DR900X

BlackVue DR900X-2CH Plus with 32GB microSD Card | 4K UHD Cloud Dashcam | Built-in Wi-Fi, GPS, Parking Mode Voltage Monitor | LTE and Mobile Hotspot via Optional LTE Module

The BlackVue DR900X-2CH dash cam is a great choice for those who are looking for a high-end dash cam. This camera comes with some amazing features, such as alerts over the cloud, live view, and a lock file button. The video quality is good for both the front and the rear camera.

Another great feature of this camera is that it doesn’t need a Power Magic Pro to work in parking mode. This makes it very easy to use and install. The BlackVue dash cams also have some of the most advanced features, with access to their cloud account if you are a “heavy user.”

The BlackVue DR900X is one of the best dual dash cams with parking modes on the market. Both cameras record in 4K resolution, providing great video quality.

Additionally, the BlackVue dash cam has advanced cloud features that can be accessed through a free or paid cloud account. The simple hard-wiring kit is included, and it has a low voltage cutoff function to avoid depleting the car battery.

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5. REDTIGER F7N dash cam

REDTIGER 4K Dual Dash Cam Built-in WiFi GPS Front 4K/2.5K and Rear 1080P Dual Dash Camera for Cars,3.16" Display,170° Wide Angle Dashboard Camera Recorder with Sony Sensor,Support 256GB Max

REDTIGER F7N is a dash cam that comes with parking mode. This enables the camera to keep recording even when the car is not in use. The camera can record in resolutions of 2160p (Ultra-HD) and 1080P (FHD).

The REDTIGER F7N dash cam is a great purchase for anyone looking for a reliable and high-resolution camera. The camera has a lifetime warranty and can record in full HD at 1920×1080. In addition, the F7N has parking mode monitoring so that you can rest assured your car is safe even when you’re not around.

For one, it has a built-in G sensor that detects sudden shocks or collisions. This will automatically lock the video so that it is not overwritten. In addition, the recording will be seamless so you don’t have to worry about missing any important footage.

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What to Consider When Choosing The Best Front and Rear Dash Camera With Parking Mode for your Car


Dual-channel cameras provide a wider field of view than single-channel and have improved chances of finding the person who caused damage to your car. The cost is lower with the single-channel camera option, but it does not provide as wide a field of view or as good a chance for finding evidence as with the dual-channel option.

Dual channel gadgets are preferable when you need maximum protection from someone tampering with your car while you’re away from it, such as when you’re parking in an area where there might be thieves or vandals. If this is your main concern, then we recommend purchasing a dual-channel dash cam.

A dual channel dash cam is preferable when parked, while a single-channel dash cam may suffice if you are only worried about protecting your car while driving. Keep in mind that although single-channel cameras often come at a lower price point, they usually do not offer the same video quality as dual-channel models.

Installation and synchronization of two SD cards can be more work than just buying one single channel camera with parking mode functionality; however, this provides added security in case one card fails.

Video quality:

When choosing a front and rear dash camera for your car, it is important to consider the video quality. The dash camera can record the car in front of it and show who was at fault in an accident. THINKWARE U1000 has a high-quality product that records clear video even at night.

In addition, their cameras are affordable and easy to use, allowing them to be used by novice drivers. All of Viofo’s cameras now support buffered parking mode, which means that you can still record footage even when your car is off. The A129 Pro supports 4K front and 1080p rear dash cams, making it one of the most advanced products on the market.

Power Supply:

When choosing a dash cam for your car, you need to consider the power supply. The dash cam needs to be connected to your car’s fuse box with a hard-wiring kit rather than plugged into the cigarette lighter. This will ensure that it always has power, even when the ignition is off.

If you want the camera to keep recording even when the ignition is off, it needs to have an external battery pack. This will reduce the risk of running out of power while the car is parked. A modern chargeable battery pack holds enough charge for anywhere between 20 and 48 hours, depending on which model you choose.

The BlackVue DR900X is currently the most reliable battery pack on the market, followed by the Thinkware U1000. However, these are not essential components – a simple hard-wiring kit is sufficient for the parking mode to work correctly. External batteries make for a more professional setup, but they are completely optional extras.


When choosing a front and rear dash camera with parking mode, it’s important to think about how reliable the device will be. The best way to ensure that you choose a high-quality product is to read reviews of the product. You should also consider how easy it is to use the device, as well as whether or not you want a camera that records audio.

SD card:

When purchasing a dash cam, it’s important to remember that you’ll need an SD card to store all the footage. Most retailers suggest using SanDisk SD cards in their dash cams. It’s essential to invest in a high-quality microSD card if you want to ensure you can store all the footage your camera captures.

All of the dash cams on our list of recommendations have 1080 or 720p resolution, so make sure to choose one with these specs if you’re looking for the best resolution.


Is it worth getting front and rear dash cam?

Yes, it is worth getting a front and rear dash cam. This will help to maintain a higher level of safety for you and your family as well as your vehicle. It also helps in the event that someone bumps into your car or if you get in an accident.

There are pros and cons to both front and rear dash cams. Dual channel devices offer better security, as they can record what’s happening in both the front and back of your car.

However, they tend to have less resolution than single channel cameras. Single channel devices are cheaper and can still work well if mounted back against a wall or on the front of your car to record passengers. They’re not as good for security purposes, but they’ll capture more detail overall.

Will a dash cam drain my battery in parking mode?

No, a dash cam will not drain your battery in parking mode. However, if you do not have a hard-wiring kit installed, the dash cam will need to use the car’s battery to power up.

This can lead to the depletion of the car’s battery over time. A battery pack is a device that can be installed in your car to keep the dash cam running when you park. Battery packs typically hold enough charge to keep your camera running for 20-48 hours, depending on the model and power consumption of your camera.

How much power does a dash cam use in parking mode?

Dash cams use very little power in parking mode, so a battery pack is not necessary. In fact, most dash cams only require a couple of watts to run in parking mode. There is an average dash cam that needs 0.5A at 5V, which is in line with our example above. As long as you’re in park mode, it should be able to record for at least 8 days. However, if you take so much power from the battery, the car won’t be able to start at all.

What dash cam has the best parking mode?

The Thinkware U1000 is the best dash cam for parking mode because it has GPS tracking and is easy to use. It also has a 42MP Sony Starvis image sensor that captures high-quality video footage, even in low light conditions. The camera can record in 4K: front and 2K QHD: rear, and features a radar-activated buffered parking mode that records even when your car is off.

How long does Parking Mode work on dash cam?

Cars Plan’s dash cams are designed to work for extended periods of time in Parking Mode, approximately 8 hours. This mode allows the camera to continue recording even when the car is off, providing footage of any potential accidents or vandalism. The amount of time that the dash cam can record in Parking Mode will vary depending on the model, but most can operate for several hours on a single charge.

Will dash cam record while parked?

Yes, the dash cam will record while it is parked. There are two different recording modes that the dash cam can be in – driving mode and parking mode. In driving mode, the camera will automatically turn on and start recording when you start your car. In parking mode, the camera will stay off until a disturbance is detected by motion sensors. This can help protect your car from theft or vandalism.



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