Top 5 Home Security Cameras Not Made In China

Home security cameras are an essential part of any home. With the many different features available and the wide range in price, there is no doubt that finding a suitable camera can be difficult for someone looking for new ones.

What if you could find all of your favourite brands not made in China? Wouldn’t it make life easier to search through products from companies outside China when choosing your next CCTV system?

Many people have the misconception that cameras made in China are always better than those made elsewhere. They think they’re getting a better deal for their money when this is not necessarily true.

Although have done all the hard work, it is essential you do your due diligence I have compiled a list of 5 brands of home security cameras that are not made in China and offer the best security camera systems for your home or business. These brands of security cameras offer high-quality equipment at affordable costs!

Are Security Cameras made in China Safe?

The idea that Chinese-made security cameras are unsafe has been around for quite some time. However, with the recent advancements in technology, these cameras have become more reliable and easier to set up, which has led to a decrease in complaints about the quality of their products.

Some of the best home security cameras on the market today are made outside of China. The change may be too late for people who already bought Chinese-made security camera systems but not too late if you’re thinking about buying.

It was really hard to find security cameras not made in China. It’s important that you purchase a quality camera, as the selection of the right security camera is crucial.

However, it wasn’t easy because there are many companies manufacturing cheaper products and now we have more options than ever before with plenty of reputable brands like Nest Cam, Arlo, Wyze, and Simplisafe Home Security Camera System.

Note: This article does not in any way undermine the efficacy and safety of security cameras made in China. As a result, as with all of our articles, we recommend you conduct your own research.

Which Security Cameras Are Not Made in China?

Are you in a hurry, here is a quick list of my top 5 security cameras that are not Chinese made you can purchase ASAP!

5 Best Security Cameras Not Made in China for Home Security

1. Arlo


Arlo Security camera is among the Non-Chinese made security camera you can buy for your home or business. It is manufactured in the US.

Arlo is a smart security camera with an app that makes it the most advanced package available. It has a wide-angle lens and night vision so you can monitor what’s happening even when it’s dark outside. The Arlo app also allows you to view your home from anywhere in the world with just one tap of a button.

Arlo’s Wi-Fi security camera lineup is extensive and feature-rich. Among their camera characteristics are:

  • The sensing of motion
  • High-definition video
  • Audio in both directions
  • Simultaneous sirens are built-in.
  • Night vision Spotlights
  • Compatibility with the most popular Smart Home platforms

They can watch your house and distinguish between pets and parcels using their Smart Detection function. Furthermore, the cordless and compact design provides more mounting options.

Arlo wireless security cameras can be placed outside or indoors. It also has the ability to record footage for up to 30 days and provides clear, colourful video when moving in front of it.

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2. SimpliSafe


There is a wide variety of made in USA home security cameras on the market, but here are some that stand out. One option is SimpliSafe which offers to monitor your home from afar without signing up for an expensive long-term contract and using wireless technology.

SimpliSafe is an affordable security system that requires no contract. It’s easy to use and offers a wide range of features. SimpliSafe’s main pro is that its hardware and monitoring fees are affordable. There is no contract required, so you can cancel your subscription at any time without penalty.

Features of SimpliSafe Home Security System: Camera (1080p), ability to see and hear what’s happening from any device, Quick notification when unusual activity is detected, the ability to detect unique human heat signatures for alerts that matter, Flawless and crystal-clear HD streaming, Quick and easy setup

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3. Google Nest


Google Nest has a 1080p resolution and is one of the best US-made home security cameras on the market with high-quality night vision. The Nest Cam is a high-quality video camera that integrates well with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Google Nest is a subscription service that lets you record and flag events. It also has additional features like smart alerts, location-based reminders, weather forecasts, and more.

The Nest Cam IQ is a security camera that can be used with your subscription to give you the best clarity. For example, 4K gives better clarity on zooms and facial recognition allows for total automation of home security cameras.

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4. Ring


Ring is one of the best home security cameras that is not made in China. The 1080p resolution and two-way communication make it a great choice for those looking for something to monitor their homes or businesses.

Ring is a live streaming service that provides cloud storage and playback. The subscription allows you to view the feed on any device, but there is no local storage or ability to save clips for offline viewing.

Ring is a top-rated home alarm system, numerous video doorbells, outdoor and interior Wi-Fi cameras, and smart outdoor and indoor lights are all part of the range.

Alexa is compatible with Ring devices. They are the AI-powered smart home platform that allows you to connect your smart home to your smart security system. You may browse your video records and operate the entire system with your voice using any screen-enabled Echo speaker.

The Ring security system has a neighbourhood watch option in the app. Both you and your neighbors may use the app to publish alerts and footage of nearby activity.

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5. Wyze


Wyze Cam v3 is a next-gen camera that can be used as an indoor or outdoor camera. It has a 180° wide-angle lens and no monthly fees for cloud storage. This device also comes with more than 20 hours of battery life and remote control capabilities. Wyze Cam v3 is the best affordable security camera not made in China.

Wyze is a security camera that allows you to get 1080p Full HD resolution at 2 weeks of free cloud storage. It also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands.

If you’re searching for a reasonably priced security system for indoor use, Wyze Cam is definitely your best bet. This camera has a basic and clean design that can rest anywhere. A product like this is not available at this pricing.

Despite its inexpensive price, the camera provides 1080 full HD quality. You may make video and audio recordings.

The night mode allows you to see video material that was captured in the dark. While Wyze’s camera works with Alexa, you may save your footage separately from the cloud using a MicroSD card.

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This article does not in any way undermine the efficacy and safety of security cameras made in China. However, based on your preference, you may want to use brands made in the USA.

To be completely honest, it was really difficult to locate security cameras that were not manufactured in China. It’s difficult not to incorporate components created in China, such as semiconductors. Cameras built in the United States, in particular, are difficult to get since they are mainly reserved for government entities.

Choosing the best security cameras for your application is not an easy task. So, before you buy anything, consider where you want to put the cameras and whether you want them to operate with platforms such as Apple’s Home or Amazon’s Alexa.



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