5 Best Security Cameras For License Plates Capturing

If you’re an avid car enthusiast and park your vehicle on a regular basis, chances are the security camera in front of it is not enough for your needs. A system with multiple cameras will allow you to monitor all angles of your parking area at once and provide peace of mind that nothing can happen while you’re away from home.

This article will help guide you through the process of choosing a suitable license plate security camera system for your needs based on factors such as budget, installation requirements, use of additional features, and more.

Don’t you hate trying to find the best security camera for your license plate? It’s a tough decision. That is why we have done all the hard work and research for you! In this article, we will cover some of our top picks in order from cheap to expensive. You can rest assured that these cameras are not only affordable but also reliable when it comes time to make an investment in a new vehicle or home surveillance system.

Can Surveillance Cameras see License Plates?

Yes, some security cameras can recognize license plates on vehicles. Many security cameras can be configured to view license plates. The system is able to recognize the number type on license plates by analyzing different light patterns emitted from the vehicle’s headlights during daytime hours.

The process also includes identifying red reflectors found on most vehicles’ rear bumpers which helps ensure accurate recognition even when car models change over time. These cameras are generally high definition and allow for easy detection of a vehicle’s number plate, making them reliable tools for monitoring potential criminal activity.

License plate readers are designed to be used with surveillance cameras that use high-definition camera systems. These systems can accurately detect and identify license plates in a variety of scenarios, such as parking lots, city streets, or highways.

What is License Plate Recognition (LPR) Security Cameras?

License Plate Recognition (LPR) is a system that captures information from license plates. These cameras can be used for purposes such as surveillance, crowd control, and traffic management. There are two types of LPR: Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and License Plate Recognition. ANPR uses an optical system to capture the plate number while License Plate Recognition needs a special camera to do this job.

License Plate Recognition (LPR) security cameras are used to identify and track the license plates of vehicles in real-time. They can also be used for other purposes such as facial recognition, monitoring wildlife, or capturing parking violations.

License plate recognition software is available online which allows you to compare your vehicle’s license plate against a database of known registered car owners so you will know if it has been stolen when spotted on the road by an LPR camera.

5 Best License Plate Recognition Camera

1. Lorex 8MP 4K IP Motorized Varifocal Zoom Bullet Security Camera

Lorex 8MP 4K IP motorized varifocal zoom bullet security camera is a good option for those who want high-definition license plate capture. 1080p and 4K cameras are the best options because they have better resolution. For those who need to capture more, the megapixels count matters as well.

When it comes to capturing license plates, you want a high megapixel count and the right focal length. Additionally, these cameras offer features such as WiFi connectivity and night vision capabilities.

2. HDView License Plate Camera

HDView License Plate Camera is an LPR camera with a TVI video mode that can be easily installed and has four different modes available.

The HDView license plate camera is designed specifically for capturing and recording a vehicle’s license plates. It has specifications such as 1080p resolution, a 2.4MP sensor with 5-50mm lens/FOV, and night vision capabilities (IR) that allow you to cover a larger and wider area from the mounting location. You may also zoom in and out with more precision.

This HDView License Plate Camera is a 3-in-1 camera that includes the capability to zoom in or out. It has built-in WiFi, so you can connect it with your smartphone and access a live video feed on the go.

Simply mount the camera on the wall and adjust the lens position to cover the area you wish to capture. You may also want to change the focus and zoom to ensure that everything is correctly caught.

3. Reolink 4K PTZ Outdoor Camera

Reolink 4K PTZ Outdoor Camera is a 5-megapixel, 360° Pan & 90° Tilt, 4X Optical Zoom camera. This security camera has remote live view and control with intelligent infrared technology that can recognize license plates from up to 50 feet away.

The Reolink 4K PTZ Outdoor Camera has a 190ft range and infrared capabilities. This makes it better for outdoor surveillance, as traditional night vision can be limited by sunlight or indoor lighting.

This superb night vision security camera enables continuous monitoring and home surveillance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 6 Infrared LEDs offer extraordinary long-distance night vision — up to 190ft in low light circumstances, where standard security systems fail to function.

The Reolink RLC-423 4X optical zoom IP camera’s motorized zoom lens with auto-focus capability provides a broad viewing angle (31°87°*). It allows you to zoom in to see more details of distant things without getting too near, or zoom out to obtain a broader and bigger picture.

4. Hikvision 2 MP Ultra-Low Light Outdoor LPR Bullet Camera

The Hikvision 2MP Ultra-Low Light Outdoor LPR Bullet Camera can capture footage in any lighting condition. It has an SD card slot to store up to 128GB of footage and it has power over Ethernet, which means fewer cables are required for installation. The motorized lens with optical zoom is also an advantage.

This camera supports PoE and has excellent specs such as 2MP photos and full HD 1080p videos at 60fps. It also boasts a viewing angle of 113° – 33.8°

Hikvision’s LPR camera is appropriate for outdoor areas with little or no light sources. It is ideal for clear vehicle photos and identifying license plate numbers in low-light circumstances since it is designed to perform in ultra-low lighting conditions.

5. Loryta Ultra Smart 4MP Starlight+ Low Light Bullet IP Camera

License plate recognition cameras are the best option for accurate capture of license plates. Loryta Ultra Smart 4MP Starlight+ Low Light Bullet IP Camera is one of the best options because it has ultra-low light modes that can be set to eliminate glare or infrared.

Loryta Ultra Smart 4MP Starlight+ Low Light Bullet IP Camera is a camera designed to be able to capture license plate information in any lighting condition.

It can be wall, ceiling, pole, and angle mounted however, you need to buy the mounting bracket separately.

Can 4k security cameras read license plates?

4K security cameras are able to accurately read license plates up to a distance of 100 feet. The 4K NVR records the footage and allows for mobile viewing through your phone or tablet. Lorex 8MP 4K IP motorized varifocal zoom bullet security camera is a good option for those who want high-definition license plate capture.

What to look for in a license plate recognition security camera

License plate recognition cameras are useful in surveillance because they take a high-quality image of the license plates found on cars.

License plate recognition systems have a high accuracy rate, can capture a wide range of plates, and cameras have an easy-to-use interface. Here are the factors to consider before purchasing a security camera that reads license plates.

Waterproof design

License plate security camera is designed to capture license plates of cars entering your property. The most important aspect of the security camera is its waterproof design, which prevents water jets and dust from interfering with the image.

Another thing to consider when choosing a license plate recognition security camera would be that it should have an IP66 rating for outdoor use.

Long-range night vision

License plate recognition security cameras are a great way to protect your home or car in the event of an emergency. They come with different options for capturing people’s faces and sometimes they have long-range night vision capabilities that can capture moving vehicles.

High Resolution

License plate recognition cameras are designed to detect moving vehicles. These high-performance security cameras use a signal processor that allows them to capture license plates at 1080p and 4K resolutions, which is optimal for capturing images of fast-moving vehicles.

Headlight compensation

Headlight compensation is a feature that reduces overexposure due to vehicle headlights that directly point into the camera.

Dynamic range

Dynamic range refers to how well an image captures all light levels and contrasts between them. A higher dynamic range means better color accuracy and contrast in images taken with different lighting conditions.


The position of your camera will also impact the kind of factors it is exposed to, such as water spray from autos, dust, or extreme weather conditions.

If you want to use your license plate camera outside, waterproofing is vital since you won’t be able to take good, legible photos on wet days, making the camera less effective.

Most high-quality security cameras will come with a waterproof covering to help protect them from weather damage in inclement weather, so look for the IP rating in the product specification details area. Always go for products that are durable and have good reviews.

Camera location

License plate recognition cameras need to be placed close enough for the camera to see a license plate from its distance. A good place is about 10-12 feet away from the license plate.

The best place for these cameras is out of sight, either on a wall or ceiling and at a distance that allows them to zoom in on plates with manual lenses without losing too much horizontal space between themselves and vehicles.

Pay close attention to the place you’ve picked while placing your new license plate camera. To record clear license plate readings, place it such that it has an excellent viewing angle of automobiles entering and exiting the premises.

Examine the region and try to locate the choke point, which is generally a tiny zone where automobiles must drive carefully as they enter and exit. The following are examples of typical choke points:

  • Entrances and exits to parking lots
  • Drive-throughs
  • Alleyways or side streets
  • Gates/Bridges

Positioning your camera in any of the aforementioned areas will increase the accuracy of its readings and guarantee you don’t miss any automobiles passing by. Just remember to keep your camera pointed in the direction of the moving autos!

Optical Zoom

License plate recognition security cameras should have advanced zoom features, such as an optical zoom function. It’s important that the camera can see license plates clearly without degrading image quality or clarity.


When determining where to install your camera, it’s also crucial to evaluate its characteristics, since they will inform you the distance of the license plate photographs it can take.

Depending on the video capture quality of your camera, the recommended distance might range from 20 to 150 feet, so be sure to verify the product specs before installation.

If you mount your camera too high, you’ll be looking down at the license plate rather than straight at it, which might distort the image and make it difficult to read. If you set it too low, you risk having the stream interrupted by people walking by or other impediments.

To properly record and read the license plates of automobiles entering and exiting the premises, make sure your camera is situated at a fair height, preferably pointing straight head-on towards the route of oncoming traffic.

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