Can I View Ring Doorbell on my TV? Everything you need to know

The more people use the ring doorbell, the better it becomes at understanding who is at their front doors. That can be a lifesaver for those that want to know what’s happening without getting out of bed or opening their windows!

Ring Doorbell is an innovative new smart security system that lets you see and speak to people at your front door.

Are you wondering if it’s possible to view the Ring Doorbell on a TV or other device? With this article, you will find everything you need to know about the Ring Doorbell and how it can be viewed on your TV.

Can I view Ring doorbell on my TV?

You can view your Ring Doorbell on your TV. This is a very convenient feature, especially when you’re home alone and don’t want to be disturbed by visitors.

Doorbells have become a part of the smart home and are becoming more popular with users. With many risk factors, it is important to protect your property as well as keep an eye out for suspicious activity when you’re not at home. This can be done by using a compatible system that has a camera feed integrated into their apps or devices like Smart TVs.

In addition, you can view your Ring Doorbell on any television with a Fire TV or Fire TV Stick. Motion and doorbell notifications are available with some Samsung Smart TVs. There are many different types of devices that allow viewers like yourself to watch their Ring Doorbell on TV, you just have to find the best one for your needs.

How to connect Ring Doorbell to TV

It’s really useful to be able to view your Ring Doorbell and security cameras on your TV. Assume you’re sitting on your sofa, watching TV, when the doorbell rings. Simply say “Alexa, show the front door,” and you’ll have a live feed on your TV in seconds.

Some Samsung Smart TVs with SmartThings can also display motion and doorbell notifications on the TV screen. More information on how to watch your Ring Doorbell on a Smart TV may be found below.

Connecting with Samsung Smart TV

Ring has a Ring app that you can use on your phone to view what’s happening at home. However, Samsung Smart TVs do not come pre-installed with this application. To get the Ring app on your TV, you’ll have to connect it via USB port and then go through the steps of connecting with the app.

Through their “SmartThings” app, most Samsung Smart TVs are compatible with Ring Doorbell. If you have this sort of Smart TV, you can effortlessly connect your smartphone and see the live stream from your front door in a matter of seconds.

Keep in mind that only the Ring Doorbell Pro is compatible with Samsung Smart TVs; the original Ring Doorbell, from the first to the third generation, is not.

Connecting with Amazon Fire TV

To connect your Ring doorbell to the Amazon Fire TV, you must first enable the skill on the Alexa app. Once that is done, authorize Alexa to link to your ring doorbell device by clicking on it from within the app.

Connecting your Ring to Fire TV is a breeze. The first step is to use the Ring Skill to connect your Ring Camera to Amazon Alexa. Amazon Alexa is used to operate your Ring Camera on your TV. Alexa comes pre-installed on the Fire TV and Fire TV stick devices. To finish the setup, download the Amazon Alexa app for your smartphone or access it over the web.

Once connected, you may use a simple command to display your Ring Doorbell on your Fire TV. Say the following command into an Amazon Echo device or the smart voice control that came with your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick.

Alexa. Show the front door.

Simply change the name of your Ring Doorbell or other linked camera with “front door”. The live Ring video feed will be loaded by your TV and displayed on your screen.

Other Amazon devices

If you have an Alexa-enabled device, Ring Doorbell is compatible with your TV too. You can enable the skill on the Amazon app for other devices and connect to your Ring Doorbell through it. If you also own a Fire TV, then you will be able to view your front door from anywhere in the house.

If you have an Amazon Echo show or a Dot, your Ring Doorbell will automatically connect to it. You can also initiate commands on just the Echo Show or the Dot.

Smart TVs Compatible with Ring Doorbells

Samsung Smart TVs compatible with Ring

Samsung TVs are compatible with Ring. Smart TVs can be integrated with the Ring doorbell, allowing you to see and hear what is happening outside your home. SmartThings is compatible with Samsung devices that are integrated with SmartThings. All Ring Cameras and Ring Video Doorbells can be viewed on all Samsung TVs that have the SmartThings app.

LG Smart TVs compatible with Ring

LG’s AI TVs are designed to work with the Ring Doorbells. The LG Smart TV is compatible with the ring doorbell and comes with a two-year warranty.

LG Smart TV with Alexa offers a way to use Amazon’s voice assistant on your LG smart tv. You can also use the magic remote control that comes with it and press the Amazon button, which will open up an interface where you can start using Alexa as well.

Fire TV Devices Compatible with Ring

Not all smart TVs are compatible with Ring. There is a cheap solution that most people can afford, but it does not include the first generation of Fire TV devices. The only Amazon device that is compatible with the Ring skill is the Fire TV Stick.

Fire TV devices can be used to make your TVs smart. It allows you to watch apps, play games and even stream Netflix on the big screen with just a few clicks of the remote. You need an internet connection for this app though, so it’s best suited for those with cable or satellite subscriptions


Now that we know how the devices function, let’s take a closer look at device compatibility. If you have a Smart TV, you’re already halfway through the installation of your Ring device; if you don’t have a Smart TV or a Fire TV Stick, you won’t be able to connect to your Ring Doorbell device since it requires an internet connection to function.

Only the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick are compatible with the Ring Video Doorbell 2 and ring doorbell 3. It is not natively compatible with Samsung Smart TVs.

The Ring Doorbell Pro works with the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, but it also works with Samsung Smart TVs via their “SmartThings” app. Overall, both Ring devices have the same functions, with the exception that the Ring Doorbell Pro may be directly linked to your doorbell’s chime box.



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