How to Watch Wyze Cam on TV (Working Methods)

Once you have your Wyze Cam setup, you may want to try and watch Wyze Cam on your TV. The good news is you can do this. The bad news is that it will require a bit of effort. Let us explain.

Can you watch the Wyze camera on your TV?

You certainly can. Wyze Cam can be viewed on TV if you have the appropriate setup. You can turn your regular TV into a smart TV by using a gadget like Amazon’s Fire Stick or Google’s Chromecast. You may use it to connect to any Wyze Cams in your smart home network and stream on-screen content.


When using Wyze cameras such as Wyze Cams V2 or Wyze Cam Pan, all that is required is a reliable Wi-Fi connection to link both devices and Wyze cam is not an exception to this rule.

If you’re using Wyze cam as a baby monitor, you’ll have more enjoyment watching it on a larger screen. It has a larger screen than a typical smartphone or tablet, thus it provides a better field of view.

According to current information, there are three main ways to watch a video from a Wyze camera on TV. Smart TVs, Apple TVs, Google Chromecast, and Android TVs all support the Amazon Fire Stick.

A wifi-enabled security camera like the Wyze cam plus an Android TV, Apple TV, Samsung smart TV, or Fire TV is all you need to wirelessly stream live footage to your television without the internet. Voice activation and simpler integration are two benefits of owning a smart-enabled TV.

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You should also check that your Wyze cam firmware is up to date, as utilizing an earlier version may result in connection issues.

To update your software, follow these simple steps:

  • To get the best results, connect your camera and smartphone to a Wi-Fi network that has a functional internet connection.
  • Install the Wyze app on your phone or tablet and name your Wyze Cam.
  • The Wyze app’s camera feed will appear when you do this.
  • To access Camera Settings, tap the settings icon in the upper-right area of the screen.
  • To learn more about your device, click on Get Info.
  • Upgrade the firmware by pressing the Upgrade Firmware button.

How to Watch Wyze Cam on TV

There are three ways to watch Wyze cam footage on your TV, as previously mentioned.

  1. Using the Amazon Firestick as a media player. “If you’re willing to use Alexa, you can use either the Fire TV or the Fire Stick. Simply ask Alexa, “Alexa, show me the Wyze camera,” and she’ll oblige.
  2. Through the utilization of Tiny Cam Pro for Android TV
  3. Streaming videos on your TV with Google Chromecast is also a convenient way to do this.

How to Watch Wyze Cam on TV using Amazon Firestick

Fire TVs or Fire Stick use the Amazon Alexa smart home system to communicate with your home’s smart devices. That’s why you need to make sure the Alexa app is installed and synced with your Firestick before connecting your camera.

  1. Once you’ve installed and configured Alexa on your Fire TV:
  2. Open the Alexa app and select ‘Menu’.
  3. Scroll down to ‘Smart Home’.
  4. Then select ‘Device’ and search for the skill for your ‘Smart Home Camera’.
  5. Once you find the camera skill, click to enable it; this will ask you to link your security camera’s account to Alexa.
  6. You can manually pair the camera by selecting “Devices” and “Discover” once the camera is connected to Alexa.

Alternatively, you can use the voice prompt “Alexa, discover devices” to automatically search for the camera.
After following these steps, you are ready to view your security camera directly on your Fire TV.

Here is a step-by-step video guide on How to Watch Wyze Cam on TV using Amazon Firestick:

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If you have an Amazon Fire Stick, you can use the Alexa Voice Remote that comes with it for casting with just a few simple steps. The photos captured by your front door camera will immediately be displayed on your TV when you say things like “Alexa, show me the front door camera.”

How to Watch Wyze Cam on TV using Chromecast

Google Chromecast allows you to stream media from your mobile devices (or other platforms) directly to your TV. In that case, you can also use it to stream footage from your Wyze security camera.

Here are some quick steps to get you started on how to watch where cam on tv with your Google Chromecast: You also need a Google Home device to act as a direct link between both devices.

  1. Connect your Chromecast to your Google Home device.
  2. Next, you need to connect your security camera to Google Home.
  3. Open the Google Home app.
  4. Press Add> Set up device> Set up new devices.
  5. Select your Google Home, which will attempt to pair with your camera.
  6. Select your camera and tap to “pair” the devices.

Here is a step-by-step video guide on How to Watch Wyze Cam on TV using Chromecast:

After this, your system is ready for use, including voice activation. You can issue voice commands such as “Hey Google, show Wyze camera,” which will stream content to your TV via your Google Chromecast.

How to Watch Wyze Cam on TV using Tiny Cam Pro

Tiny Cam Pro is a well-known program for watching security footage. This Android app has a ton of options for customizing your security feed, making it a great choice. Because it’s a native Android app, it’ll work with virtually any smart TV and most wired IP security cameras.

To make sure compatibility, Tiny Cam Pro supports a large number of security camera models (including smart cameras). It also supports 2-way audio, SSL, and HTTPS protocols to ensure security monitoring, artificial intelligence (AI) for detecting objects and faces as well as background recordings (including automatic removal of old footage).

Using Tiny Cam Pro, here’s how to watch a Wyze camera on a TV.

  1. Install the Tiny Cam Pro app on your Wi-Fi smart TV or Apple TV from the Google Playstore or the Apple Store, as applicable.
  2. Connect your security camera (Wyze camera) to your home network by scanning your network for the suitable device and connecting to it.
  3. Tiny cam Pro allows you to watch your Wyze cam feed on your Smart TV.
  4. Manually adding cameras is possible for the technically inclined, but you will be required to supply information such as the vendor, model, login name, and password for the device.

Despite the fact that Tiny Cam Pro isn’t the only software that works with smart TVs and security cameras, it’s a wonderful place to start, thanks to its large user base of over 100,000. Here are several well-known smart TVs that you can use the app with now that it has been installed.

The ideal way to see Wyze cam on Apple TV is with a tiny camera like the one included in the tiny cam pro software. Follow the instructions above to install the app after you’ve downloaded it from the App Store.

Wrapping Up on How to Watch Wyze Cam on Your TV

You should know that regardless of the advantages and disadvantages of the methods described above for watching Wyze cam on tv, Android tv, or apple tv, you’ll always have a way to see your Wyze security camera on TV.

Also, Wyze Cam connects to the Internet through a normal USB cord, which may be controversial. As long as your TV, monitor, or display has a regular USB port, you can use the Wyze Cam.

It’s a great way to enjoy Wyze Cam footage in your living room or bedroom on a big-screen television. As long as you don’t want to watch Wyze Cam on television, you can watch it on a computer, TV, smartphone, or tablet using the Wyze Cam app.


Can I view WYZE Cam on Chromecast?

Yes, you can watch your Wyze cam on Google Chromecast. Google Nest Home Hub, or Chromecast-enabled devices are supported

Can I cast my Wyze camera to my TV?

Yes, you can. If you have an echo show, firetv or firestick, or a fire tablet, I know you can view cameras on them with the Alexa Wyze skill enabled.