Can Ring Doorbell 3 Work with Existing Chime?

Want to know if will ring doorbell 3 work with existing chime? We’ve put together everything you need to know about how this product works and what it includes, along with some helpful tips on where to start when looking for the perfect replacement for your current doorbell system.

Frequently when people move to a new home, they often find that the alarm system they had before won’t work with the new house. The most common solution is for them to buy a completely separate security system. But there is an alternative: the Ring Doorbell 3. It’s compatible with existing alarms, giving folks more options.

Can I use my existing chime with ring doorbell 3?

Yes, you can use the ring video doorbell 3 with an existing chime if you have a wired doorbell that you’re replacing with Ring, you can plug in your Ring Video Doorbell to continue using your AC chime. The Ring Video Doorbell 3 is compatible with AC doorbells that operate between 8-24 volt AC transformers and the Ring Chime and Ring Chime Pro. The Ring Video Doorbell 3 is not compatible with any third-party wireless ringer or any bell/intercom system that uses a DC transformer.

We listed below some of the best chimes that work with ring doorbell 3.

Can Ring Doorbell 3 work with existing Chime

What chime works with ring doorbell 3?

The ring video doorbell 3 is compatible with a good number of mechanical chimes, electronic chimes and Digital or wireless (ring) chimes. Mechanical doorbell sounds are chimes that use a magnetic pin to strike a bell, gong, or beam to create a sound. When electricity is applied to the magnetic doorbell while pressing a doorbell, it causes the magnetic pin to move and strike the doorbell, creating a sound.

Both mechanical chimes, the Ring Wifi Chimes, and Alexa devices are all great options for connecting to your Ring Doorbell 3 as a chime. They work, are reliable, and are easy to install. With the Ring Wifi Chimes and Alexa, you don’t even have to run any cables, just plug them in and set them up and you’re good to go.

You can easily connect your Ring Doorbell 3 to any Alexa-enabled device once you’ve set up your doorbell by adding Ring Skill to your Alexa-enabled device and enabling Ring’s notifications.


With the Ring Skill installed on Alexa, you can receive motion alerts as well as be notified when someone knocks on the front door. The notifications play through your Amazon Alexa devices and you can adjust the settings for whichever notifications you want to be notified.

They’re also great options if you’re using a Ring 2 doorbell and don’t have any existing wiring, as you can run the Ring 2 on batteries and connect it to Alexa or the Ring Wifi Chimes.

But there are some of you who want an electronic chime and don’t want to switch between 16 different melodic tones. we understand, but we don’t recommend it because it often gives you more trouble than it’s worth. If you’re willing to play around with the configuration and possibly even replace your transformer, you’ll most likely get an electronic chime to work if you have proper wiring and accurate power.

List of Mechanical Chimes that works with Ring Doorbell 3

Heath Zenith Doorbell Chimes – There are a large number of Heath Zenith Chimes that work with the Ring Doorbell 3 and they come in a variety of styles. We highly recommend the Heath Zenith Chimes as we have found them to be reliable and work well with the Ring Doorbell. These are simple clocks that fit into the decor of most homes and are not too complicated. We’ll list the different Ring-compatible doorbell models below.

List of electronic Chimes that work with Ring Doorbell 3

Electronic bells give you the most flexibility and customization in both the volume of the sound and the tones they produce. Most electronic clocks have 16 different tones and allow you to adjust the volume from high to low.

If you’re having trouble with your electronic bell, you may need to replace the transformer with one that supplies exactly 16V or adjust the settings in the Ring app to get it working as well.

Also, make sure the volume is 100% turned on when you test the chime so you can hear it when it’s installed. Here are the top electronic chimes that work with ring doorbell 3.


A Ring doorbell is a great way to secure your home, deter crime, and check in to make sure your home is safe. We highly recommend getting one of the mechanical ringers for your Ring Doorbell if you want a built-in chime that works with Ring.

However, if you want to use a wireless chime or Alexa as a chime, both options work as reliable doorbell chimes and can be placed anywhere in your house without additional wiring, they are also great Ring Doorbell chime options.

You can install any of the electronic gongs that work with Ring that we mentioned above, but this may involve a bit more troubleshooting and settings customization on your end.



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