Can Simplisafe Camera be used Outdoors?

Learn how to use a Simplisafe Security Camera outside in the yard. Find out whether or not it can be used outdoors, and if so, where you can place it.

Simplisafe offers a home monitoring system with a camera and video recorder that is designed to be installed in the home and provides homeowners with peace of mind in case of an emergency.

Before now, SimpliSafe cameras can only be used indoors. however, things have changed with the SimpliSafe Wireless Outdoor Security Camera.

SimpliSafe is well-known for its extensive line of smart home security products. Despite the competitive nature of the outdoor security camera industry, some customers opt to stay within the SimpliSafe ecosystem and explore what they have to offer for outdoor video monitoring. Is there, however, an outside camera available from SimpliSafe?

Can you use a Simplisafe camera outdoors?

Yes, you can use a Simplisafe camera outside. SimpliSafe does offer a security camera designed specifically for outdoor use. It has certain features that are beneficial for outdoor usages such as night vision and motion detection. The SimpliSafe wireless outdoor security camera also works with Alexa and Google Home flawlessly.

This camera alerts you when someone’s approaching your property. You can use an indoor security camera outside if it has a motion sensor with the ability to detect movement.

The cameras are easy to set up with features like night vision, face detection, and motion detection. Depending on your preference you can use the camera for a few hours, a day, or even all the time.

Wireless Outdoor Camera has a 140-degree field of view in HD color night vision and a spotlight on motion with battery life lasting months and months on one charge! It can be used outside so you don’t have to worry about the weather.

Simplisafe Security System includes a Base Station, Keypad, 2 Entry Sensors, Keyfob, 2 Outdoor Cameras, and Batteries. This product is ideal for outdoor use.

Another good news is that SimpliSafe now sells an Outdoor Kit that allows their indoor SimpliCam security cameras(Amazon) to be installed and used outdoors. This is a great improvement for SimpliSafe indoor camera users who wants to install their Simplicam outside their homes.

Overall, the SimpliCam Outdoor Kit may be a suitable choice for you if you meet the following criteria:

  • You’re seeking a low-cost solution for outside security surveillance.
  • You are already familiar with the SimpliSafe environment.
  • You already own a SimpliCam and want to put it to use outside.
  • You want a camera that is simple to install.


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Is there a SimpliSafe outdoor camera?

Yes, there is! Check out the new SimpliSafe Wireless Outdoor Security Camera if you want to secure the outside of your house with a camera!

SimpliSafe also sells an Outdoor Kit, which wraps the camera in a “wetsuit” to protect it from the elements and allows you to use it outside.

The camera must be close to your house in order to connect to the WiFi network. It must also be within 25 feet of a power outlet. If your WiFi network doesn’t reach your desired area, you might be able to buy a WiFi extender. WiFi extenders are widely accessible online, and you may also order one from amazon.

If you use the SimpliCam outside without an outdoor kit, your warranty may be voided.

How to use Simplisafe indoor camera Outside

In order to set set up your SimpliSafe camera outside, you will need to buy the SimpliSafe outdoor kit which comes with the Simplicam security camera. SimpliSafe now manufactures an HD indoor security camera called the SimpliCam (Amazon), which can resist the weather outside when used in conjunction with SimpliSafe’s Outdoor Kit for the SimpliCam.

The SimpliSafe Outdoor Camera Kit is a converter for the current SimpliCam that allows it to be utilized in inclement weather. You can successfully utilize your indoor SimpliCam as an outside security camera with the kit.

The SimpliSafe Outdoor Kit has a number of features that enable the regular SimpliSafe camera to be used outside: Waterproof, Weather-Resistant, Protection Sleeve, 25 feet Power Cord, and can operate in temperatures ranging from -4°F to 114°F.

The gadget must be put in an area close to Wi-Fi in order to sustain a constant connection. Many customers may not be able to place the SimpliCam in a safe outside area near their Wi-Fi (there is the option of purchasing a Wi-Fi Extender to boost the signal of your system).


We all want to protect our homes from burglars, but the only way to do that is to have a security camera watching over our house 24/7. That’s where the SimpliSafe home security system comes in. SimpliSafe has become the most popular home security camera on the market, but you don’t have to use their system. The SimpliSafe home security system is very versatile, and it can be used outdoors.

In conclusion, you can use an indoor security camera outdoors if it has a motion sensor with the ability to detect movement. SimpliSafe now sells an Outdoor Kit that allows their indoor SimpliCam security cameras(Amazon) to be installed and used outdoors.

You can also purchase this new Simplisafe wireless outdoor security camera system that has been made to work outside without the outdoor kit.



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