Can You Have Two Nest Doorbells On One Chime?

The Nest Hello Doorbell has an excellent design that looks great on your entryway. It also works with voice recognition to recognize who’s at the front door without needing to unlock or open the screen, allowing you to focus on other things while still getting notified of guests coming into your home.

Can you have two Nest Doorbells on one chime? Let’s find out!

Can You Have Two Nest Doorbells On One Chime?

Yes, you can have two Nest doorbells on one chime. However, it is important to note that the transformer’s voltage must be compatible with the doorbell in order for it to work properly. If you are not sure whether or not your transformer will work with a Nest doorbell, please consult with a professional.

Before you attempt connecting two Nest doorbells to one chime, you should:

  • The first thing you should determine before attempting to connect two Nest doorbells to a single chime is whether or not your transformer is suitable.
  • To utilize your existing chime with another doorbell, you must first verify the transformer’s voltage rating.
  • If you inspect your transformer, you will notice a label indicating the transformer’s voltage rating.
  • In North America, it should be between 16 and 24 V AC and 10 VA.
  • If there is no marking on the transformer or if the rating falls beyond the range specified above, your transformer is incompatible with your doorbell.
  • However, you may contact an electrician and get your transformer upgraded to meet the necessary criteria. You may easily install the Nest Hello without using the chime.
Can You Have Two Nest Doorbells On One Chime?

How To Connect Two Nest Hello Doorbells To A Single Chime

You can connect two Nest Hello doorbells to a single chime by replacing the “front” door connection with “rear” in the instructions. You will likely have to make a little pigtail connector from the “transformer” wire so that you can connect it to BOTH of the chime connectors on the transformer inside, and make sure that you’re following the colour-coding.

Connect your two nest doorbells to a chime using this procedure.

  1. Change the terminal to the one that corresponds to the doorbell you’re connecting.
  2. Disconnect the wire, straighten it, then trim it so that ¼th of the bare wire remains visible.
  3. Connect the wire to the front or back clip on the chime, depending on which doorbell you’re connecting.
  4. Disconnect the ‘trans’ wire from the chime’s terminal.
  5. Straighten and trim it so that 1/4th of the exposed wire is visible.
  6. Pinch the plastic clip and place the wire into the clip located on the grey wire of the chime connection.
  7. Secure the ‘front’ or rear wire as well as the ‘trans’ wire, and you’re ready to go!

Doorbells that have a chime connector allow power to flow through the doorbell without constantly chiming the mechanical chime. The Hello needs the power to run, however, so the chime connector allows power to flow through the doorbell without constantly chiming the mechanical chime.

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Benefits of Using a Single Chime for Two Nest Doorbells

You can save time and money by using a single chime for two Nest doorbells. You don’t need to buy another chime, and you can save energy by using a single chime. The chime is easy to maintain and can play your favourite tone for both doorbells. The single chime is also easier to use than two separate ones.

How Do You Wire Two Nest Doorbells?

Check the Transformer Compatibility

To install a Google Nest Hello Video Doorbell, you will need to check the transformer compatibility. To ensure compatibility, be sure to match the transformer’s voltage and amperage. If you are unsure about the wattage of your new transformer, call or visit a qualified electrician. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before using your new transformer.

Ring your doorbell to locate your chime box. Remove the cover and look inside. What kind of doorbell chime do you have?

  • An electronic chime has batteries and wires, which are compatible with Google Nest Hello.
  • A mechanical chime has only wires, also compatible with Google Nest Hello.
  • A wireless chime with batteries and NO wires is NOT Compatible with Google Nest Hello unless you purchase a power adapter

Connect Your Nest Hellos

To connect your Nest Hello doorbell to the chime, you will need to change terminals and clip them in place. Make sure the very essential chime connector is located high up on the wall.


You can have two Nest doorbells on one chime, but you need to be careful when you connect the wires. Professional advice is recommended, as it is easy to make a mistake and connect the wires incorrectly.


Do You Need Your Nest Hello Chime Connector?

Every wired Nest Doorbell must be installed with the chime connector included in the box. However, this is not the case for battery-powered nest hello doorbells as there is no need for the chime connector for battery Nest Doorbells.

The chime connector is a vital accessory that aids wired nest doorbell installation. It aids chime’s wires to deliver constant power to the wired Nest Doorbell. If your nest hello doorbell chime isn’t working but your nest hello has turned on and is showing a blue ring for full power there could be several reasons the chime is not working.

In the nest app check your settings, by clicking on the gear symbol when you are viewing your nest hello doorbell. Once you have checked that make sure you have properly chosen if your nest hello doorbell chime is an electronic chime.

How many Nest doorbells can you have?

You can have one Nest doorbell connected to the front or rear chime clip, and one connected to the “trans” wire. The best place for your chime connector is high up on the wall. You need a compatible transformer to use your Nest doorbell.

Can you have 2 Nest Hello doorbells?

You can have two Nest Hello doorbells per chime. You must connect the gray wires of the two Chime connectors to the Trans screw of the chime box. If you install a Nest Hello doorbell, we would do the second connector for you. The Nest Hello doorbell can be paired with another Nest Hello. In order to do so, connect the power cable and the chime connector. The Nest Hello will continue to ring even if the power is off.



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