Can You Have Two Ring Doorbells On One Chime?

With the introduction of smart devices and IoT, there is an increase in the number of new questions. One question that pops up often is ‘Can you have two ring doorbells on one chime?’ Ring doorbell is a WiFi Enabled Doorbell that lets you know when someone’s at the front door, or who it is. It also has many features like motion detection, voice activation and activity zones to help keep your home safe while more convenient than ever before.

Can You Have Two Ring Doorbells On One Chime?

Yes, you can have two Ring doorbells on one chime. You can also connect several Ring Chime devices to a single Ring Video Doorbell. This will allow you to hear the doorbell ringing from multiple locations in your home. One Ring doorbell will use the battery and the other will use Wi-Fi to connect to your account. You’ll need an Ethernet cable to connect each doorbell to your router or switch.

If you have two Ring Doorbells on your property and want them both to ring when someone approaches, you will need separate power adapters for each doorbell. To add or remove a Ring Doorbell from your network, first, make sure you’ve turned off your other Ring devices. Then open the Ring app on your mobile device and tap the three lines in the top left corner of the screen. Tap Settings (gear icon) then tap Devices. Under ‘Your Devices,’ tap an activated Ring Doorbell to see its settings. To add a second Ring Doorbell, select it from this list and follow the same steps – turn off your old one before adding it.

Why Pair Multiple Doorbells to One Ring Chime?

You can have multiple Ring doorbells on one Ring Chime. This is a great way to have coverage for all of your entrances and also know when someone is at the door, even if you’re not home. You can also choose to pair your Ring Chime with an Echo device for the hands-free answering of the door.

There are a few reasons why you might want to have multiple Ring doorbells on one Ring chime. One reason is for security – it’s important to make sure you have sensors and cameras at every entrance of your home or office in order to monitor who is coming and going.

Another reason is convenience – the Share feature allows you to control multiple buildings with one Ring Chime, so if you have a vacation home or office that you want to keep an eye on, this is a great way to do it.

And finally, the Ring Chime has alerts that tell you where visitors are arriving, so if you have the main entrance and a side entrance, you can know when someone is ringing the bell at each one.

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How To Use Two Ring Doorbells On One Chime?

You can connect multiple Ring doorbells to one chime. Two Ring doorbells can be connected under the same Ring Chime system.

  1. To use two Ring doorbells on one chime, connect one Ring doorbell to your home’s Wi-Fi network and the other to your second phone.
  2. On the first phone, open the Ring app and go to Settings. Under “Chimes & Sounds,” tap on “Two Doorbells.” You’ll see a list of both doorbells and their current status.
  3. To activate or deactivate a Bell, tap on it and then select whether you want it to ring or not.
  4. If you want to change the volume for either bell, just adjust the slider next to its name.

Some Alternatives to the Ring Chime

Use Echo or Google Home devices

You can purchase an Echo or Google Home device for $29-$49. These devices have many features, one of which is the ability to announce when someone is ringing your Ring doorbell. If you do not want to purchase an Echo or Google Home, the Ring Chime is a similar price and will also announce when someone is at your door.

Use existing doorbell chime

If your wall-mounted doorbell unit is compatible with the Ring Doorbell, strip it back completely to use the chime (sound making) part of the doorbell unit. If your unit is not compatible, you can still use Ring Chime devices in addition to your old doorbell chime.

Buy a third party WiFi extender

Ring Chime Pro is not a generic WiFi extender and can only be used with Ring devices. If you’re struggling with poor Ring camera/doorbell connection strength, you might be better off buying a third party WiFi extender.


Once you’ve installed your second doorbell, the stream of notifications will continue to be sent from your first doorbell as it reports activity at that location. So, this means that all alerts are coming from a single device and not multiple devices which would cause confusion for those being notified! If you liked this post about Can You Have Two Ring Doorbells On One Chime? check out our other posts about smart home devices and technology.


How Many Doorbells Can You Link to a Ring Chime?

You can link as many doorbells to a Ring Chime as you have the wireless connectivity and broadband to support. If you’re having difficulty getting doorbells that are furthest away from your Ring Chime to connect to the system, there’s a solution – you can either move the model controlling the Ring system closer to the doorbell that is having reception issues or purchase a Ring Chime Pro to act as a wireless extender.

You can link up to six doorbells to a Ring Chime. You’ll need an external power supply and the included AC adapter.

You can also use your Ring Chime with Amazon’s Echo devices, but you’ll need to purchase an Echo Plus or a compatible smart speaker first. The doorbells will need to be within shouting distance of each other for voice communication between them to work properly (between 200-500 feet).

If one of the doorbells goes out of service, you’ll still be able to use the Ring Chime with the remaining five doorbells linked together as long as they’re operational and within shouting distance of each other (again, between 200-500 feet). The Ring Chime is weatherproof and features a built-in motion detector that alerts you if someone approaches your door while it’s ringing.

Can You Pair Multiple Chimes to One Doorbell?

You can pair multiple Ring Chime systems to each Ring doorbell in your house using the Ring software app. The reason for this is to allow homeowners to use additional Chime units to extend their wireless coverage.

  • To do this, simply plug in the new Ring Chime and then launch the Ring app. Go to the menu and then “Setup Up a Device”:
  • The Ring app’s “Set Up a Device” section.
  • From here you can select “Chimes” and scan the QR code on the Ring chime device. Then just follow the setup steps in the app, and the new Ring Chime should be set up fairly quickly.
  • Running with multiple Ring Chimes can allow you to hear the doorbell from anywhere in your house.
  • It is easy to set up multiple devices.

Can You Have Multiple Ring Doorbells in One House?

You can have multiple Ring doorbells in one house. Wired into the old system, 10 minutes of work is required to install a front doorbell. This means that you can hear them go off anywhere in the house. Whilst I do prefer using my Echo devices for this, some people dislike smart speakers on privacy grounds and so may just prefer to just multiple chimes.



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