Can You Use Google Home As A Baby Monitor?

If you have a baby or toddler, you want to make sure they are okay, even if they are alone in their room sleeping. But checking on the room constantly wakes the child. So many parents rely on baby monitors that alert them when their youngster moves, babbles or screams.

Sometimes, a transmitter is put beside the bed, and the receiver can be carried about the flat or house. This is inconvenient and uninformative. Because traditional baby monitors only allow you to hear noises in the room, not see what your child is doing, you must go peek in the nursery.

Now you’re probably wondering if it’s a good idea to utilize Google Home as a baby monitor and place one of the cameras in your child’s nursery. But this will only work in part.

In order to keep an eye on the infant in the nursery, the camera receiver must always be on. A camera for the nursery must also be purchased. Sadly, the Google Home Assistant, activated by “Okay Google”, is insufficient. This is where the google home baby monitor comes into play.


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Can I use my Google Home hub as a baby monitor?

It’s a question that many parents are asking themselves, but it is not difficult to answer.

The Google Home can be used as a baby monitor or to check on your little ones. You can also use it with the app, Nest Cam, meaning you will never have to worry about missing precious moments when they are in bed for their nap!

However, you can use your Google Home hub as a baby monitor by setting up the device with video monitoring capabilities and using voice commands for parents so they can watch their kids.

Having a Google Home hub can be an effective way to monitor your baby’s activities. With the camera and night light, you can easily take care of tasks such as controlling your boiler or setting reminders for yourself or others.

Google Home can be used not just as a listening device, but also as a Bluetooth speaker. It will also be able to play whatever music or sounds you want your kid to hear using the various voice commands.

Google Home makes it simple to check in on your adorable child at night. Entering your child’s room late at night and turning on the lights can disrupt his or her sleep.

You may remotely check in on your infant using Google Home from the comfort of your own bed. You don’t even have to worry about waking up your infant if you use night mode. By itself, this feature makes Google Home a fantastic piece of technology for monitoring your youngster.

Although security cameras can be used as baby monitors depending on their night vision mode, Google Home is a superior alternative because it can be connected to up to 20 cameras for better surveillance throughout the house.

Google Home is also compatible with the Nest Cam IQ Pro 2 camera which provides excellent quality of images at 1080p HD resolution

The setup process may be slightly complicated due to limited documentation on how everything works together but we are here to simplify it for you.

How to Monitor the children’s room with Google Home

Google Home can be used to monitor your child in the nursery. However, it does require some set-up before you begin using it for this purpose.

If you want to use Google Home instead of a normal baby monitor, keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Keep Google Home close enough to hear audio from your device so that you can tell what’s happening when there is noise and movement.
  • Give the microphone on the Google Assistant app permission to access individual devices on your phone so it can hear the sound from your device.
  • Ensure that you have a Google Home or Chromecast Audio plugged in near enough to hear audio from your device and let you tell what’s happening when there is noise and movement.

To keep the children’s room safe, it is important to use Google Home as a baby monitor. To start this process, you should place the device in your child’s bedroom so that every corner of their room can be clearly seen by a camera on your phone or tablet.

Because the Google Home Mini lacks a camera and a microphone, it cannot be used as a baby monitor directly – but you can utilize the Home Hub for this purpose.

This will necessitate the purchase of a Google Home Hub if you did not receive one with your Google Home Mini.

Because Google Home Hub is more of a tablet with a high-quality display and excellent connectivity, you can use it to combine it with a camera.

But what kind of camera will you require?

Because any camera will not work with Google Home Hub, you must use a camera that is compatible with the device. However, you should not be concerned because we have taken care of this for you below.

Although the Google Home Hub cannot be connected to an external microphone, it can be connected to some cameras, which can be used to display images that are crystal clear on the Home Hub tablet.

We appreciate that this alternative may not be cost-effective for most parents because you will still need some tools to do this task. Parents with a Google Home Hub, on the other hand, can easily hook up only one camera and create their own improvised baby camera.

So, which camera is best suited for use with your Google Home Hub? Continue reading to find out!

What camera goes better with Google Home Hub for Baby Monitoring?


The Google Nest Cam is one of the best and widely used Security cameras for baby monitoring that connects seamlessly with your google home.

Don’t get us wrong: all other cameras are equally as wonderful as the Google Nest Cam, but we couldn’t resist including it as an option.

Nest Cam is obviously on the more expensive end of the camera spectrum, but it’s well worth the money because it comes with all of the functions you’d need to keep an eye on your infant at all times.

With Nest Cam, you’ll be able to watch your home or business in full HD resolution (1080P) over Wi-Fi. There are 8 high-powered LEDs (infrared) that will allow you to monitor even in complete darkness.

But for us, it’s knowing that your video feed (stream) will be secured with two-factor authentication, which takes security to the next level.

The Nest Cam also includes an embedded microphone and speaker, allowing for two-way communication, and because it’s a Wi-Fi camera, you won’t have to be close by to chat to or listen to your kid.

With a 2-year guarantee and a simple setup process, you won’t need to buy another camera for at least a couple of years.

Another Camera worth mentioning a thousand times is the Arlo Q Camera on Amazon. The quality of the camera is the major reason Arlo Q is our first choice. This is something we particularly enjoy about the Q model, as well as other baby camera models.


Arlo Q can send live video to the Google Home Hub in 1080P HD resolution with a wide viewing angle 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This way, you won’t miss anything in the baby’s room, and you’ll also be able to receive direct notification when motion or sound is detected.

The Wi-Fi range is 300 feet (line of sight), which we believe is more than enough to effectively link the camera.

The increased night vision capacity, which makes the image crystal clear even in the darkest of nights, is our favorite feature.

Even though the price is slightly higher than the other options listed below, the value is excellent and given it’s an investment, it’s well worth the money.

Is Google Home with these functions suitable as a baby monitor?

Google Home As A Monitor

Google’s hub and security cameras can be combined to create Google Home Baby Monitors. Follow the instructions listed below to use Google Home as a baby monitor.

Purchase the Google Home Hub and you’ll also receive a thermostat, transforming your Google Home into a temperature-aware baby monitor for your home.

Once you’ve purchased the Google Home Hub, it’s time to think about what kind of cameras you’ll need for your baby monitor. If you don’t do your homework, this could get complicated.

It’s understandable that you’d want to save money by choosing the less expensive options, but choosing a standard device for your baby’s monitor is the way to go. When it comes to a baby’s protection, it’s always best to go the extra mile.

Putting the two together is easy once you have both a Google Home and a camera that work well with it.

However, there are a few considerations to bear in mind when configuring the device:

When it comes to nursery setup, it’s best to stick to the directions provided by the manufacturer. Even if you’re an expert in the field, it never hurts to go back and review the instructions again and then.

Your Google Hub account must be verified and a parent device must be selected when connecting the baby cam. The parent device might be your TV or a table or both. Google Home requires only a simple syncing process.

Once you’ve completed the preceding steps, the newly installed Google baby monitor will take care of the rest using voice commands.

Google Home as a Listener

You may use Google Home as a Bluetooth speaker as well as a listening device. It will also be able to play whatever music or sounds you want your kid to hear using a variety of voice commands.

You can utilize Google Home voice commands in the baby’s room, such as the ones listed below:

There is no better time to start teaching your child about different animal sounds than when they are very little. Your job has just gotten a whole lot easier thanks to Google’s massive collection of animal sounds.

Over 100 distinct animal sounds will be available, allowing you to simply ask Google Home what animals sound like and get a few examples in return.. Alternatively, you can simply type in the name of an animal to do the rest of the research for you.

You may do the same thing with musical instruments if you want to introduce your children to the various types of instruments that are available. While it’s fine to ask a general question such as, “What do instruments sound like?” or even “Can you play me an instrument?”

Even though dealing with a newborn or toddler is challenging at times, you’ll appreciate having Google Home play soothing music when you’re trying to get your baby to sleep.

Various vehicle sounds can be played on Google Home via Google Assistant. This is a nice activity to do with your children when you’re teaching them about various car types and their sounds.


There are several voice commands available on the Google Home baby monitor that are highly effective and reliant, especially if you’re not around. Traditional baby monitors require activation by pressing buttons on the monitor itself. It’s a lot easier to keep an eye on your baby now thanks to the Google Home baby monitor.

Despite the fact that the benefits are limitless, not all security cameras are created equal when it comes to baby monitor use. It’s important to know which ones to employ during the installation process.

You must utilize a camera that does not have infrared capabilities. An infrared lamp that emits too much light will cause the infant to have difficulty sleeping or will be distracted by the intense light.



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