Can you use Wyze Doorbell without an Existing Doorbell?

Throughout the world, smart video doorbells are displacing traditional doorbells.  The Wyze Doorbell is an excellent smart doorbell that takes the hassle out of having to install a traditional doorbell. The device can be used with any existing doorbell chime or buzzer and allows you to see who is at your doorstep from your smartphone. However, you may be interested to know whether Wyze Doorbell can be used without an existing doorbell.

Can you use the WYZE video doorbell without an existing doorbell?

Yes, the WYZE video doorbell can be operated in the absence of an existing doorbell, but however, it must be powered. The WYZE video doorbell was intended to work with the current doorbell wire, but it may also be powered by an external power supply or a USB power supply. A plug-in transformer to power the Wyze doorbell and a plug-in chime to announce guests are required to install a Wyze doorbell without an existing doorbell. Connect the plug-in transformer’s wires to the Wyze doorbell and plug it into a power outlet.

Before you begin installing your Wyze doorbell camera without an existing chime or doorbell, it is necessary to understand the power needs. Things might turn serious if necessary procedures are not followed. A high voltage supply might cause a fire, electric shock, or your house to burn down. As a result, please use a suitable power supply.

WYZE video doorbells require a minimum of 16 Volts, with a voltage range of 16 – 24 Volts acceptable. A 5 V USB power supply can also be utilized as an alternative. The WYZE video doorbell requires 10 Volt-Amps of electricity, which means that when supplied by 5 Volts, just 2 Amps are required.


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How To Install Wyze Doorbell Without Existing Doorbell

Before you can begin installing your Wyze doorbell, you’ll need to obtain the necessary equipment as well as some typical tools. A plug-in transformer, a chime, a drill, a Phillips screwdriver, and standard electrical tape are all required.

The Wyze doorbell operates wirelessly and doesn’t require a wired connection to your existing doorbell. All you need is a power supply that comes with the product, which can be purchased separately from Amazon or Best Buy.

If you’re looking for a wireless security camera but don’t want the hassle of installing one in your home, Wyze’s smart doorbell should be on your radar.

Wyze doorbell installation without an existing doorbell is possible through the use of their power supply. All you have to do is purchase it and then install it in your desired location.

The Wyze doorbell can be installed without needing to replace an existing doorbell. The process is straightforward, with minor adjustments needed for different installation locations. Installation begins by running the power cable from the wall outlet to the install location and then placing the camera in a suitable place near where you want it.

Lastly, once the doorbell is installed and connected to your cables, plug in the power supply. The light on top of it will turn green when you are ready for use!

Can you use Wyze Doorbell with Existing Chime?

The WYZE video doorbell is incompatible with the existing in-house chime, which is powered by the same transformer as the doorbell.

The anticipated rationale for WYZE designing the doorbell in this manner is to save money. When a typical doorbell button is pressed, the circuit is blocked and power to the doorbell is briefly interrupted in order to ring the chime.

Due to the lack of internal batteries in the Wyze doorbell, you are unable to use the existing chime with a Wyze doorbell. Instead, you’ll need to pair it with a plug-in chime.

When you press the mechanical doorbell switch, the circuit loses power and the doorbell connection is temporarily lost. Unfortunately, Wyze doorbells do not follow the same logic. If WYZE lost power, it would switch off and then turn back on when power was restored, causing the doorbell to not “know” that someone had pressed it.



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