Can you View Arlo Camera on Computer?

Can you view Arlo camera on a computer? The answer is yes, but it depends on how you want to use the camera. You can view your Arlo camera from a computer or laptop as long as it’s connected to the same Wi-Fi network or internet. To view your Arlo cameras on a PC, navigate to via your web browser and log in with your personal credentials. If you wish to keep it open in a separate tab, just launch a new browser window.

One of the most crucial aspects of our livelihood is security. We cannot afford to take it for granted. We are well aware of current illegal actions occurring all around the world.

As a result, we must take some practical actions to protect our lives. Smart devices of many types can save our lives and protect our livelihoods. To protect our house and family members, we will need to match our steps with contemporary and advanced equipment. Arlo makes it simple for us. They produce water-resistant and wireless cameras for your convenience.

The finest protection is provided by cameras that are easy to operate. It is the greatest security camera on the market. It is the greatest sort of wireless camera that can also give you excellent service. As a result, you are not required to pursue any other choices.

You may put this camera in your home to improve the security of your property. Before purchasing it for your home, you can also read the reviews and ratings. You may see the Arlo camera from your computer or laptop. Aside from this, you may also watch and download recordings via the app.


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Does Arlo have a desktop app for the PC?

Arlo has a desktop app for the PC that you can download. It provides live video streaming on your computer rather than having to go through their app. You need an android emulator like Bluestack on your computer if you want to use it as a smartphone. Arlo cameras only work on iPhone and Android devices.

Arlo has a Desktop app for the PC. It’s an easy way to view your cameras on your computer and make sure all of them are working. You can however log in to and view the cameras on your PC.

How To View Arlo Cameras On A Computer

There are two working methods to view your Arlo camera on PC. Setting up Arlo cameras on a pc is much more user-friendly than you think (you can purchase an Arlo spotlight security camera here on Amazon).

The first method is to download an android or IOS emulator for PC (We recommend Bluestack). With this desktop app, you can emulate and control your Arlo mobile app using your PC. You can view and download live or recorded clips using this method.

The Arlo app is available for Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android operating systems.

To view Arlo cameras on PC using the second method, log in to, log in with your personal credentials. This will ensure that you can see the live footage without any additional setup.

Open a new window in a separate tab to watch the camera’s feed.

How to download Arlo recordings from the cameras on mobile and PC?

When it senses any type of motion, this camera may automatically record footage. With the aid of the Arlo app, you may see and download these recordings from your mobile device. You may do the same on your computer. You are free to watch it anytime you want. You may also play and stop it as desired. In general, your camera’s library keeps all recordings and pictures. You may use the filter and calendar to discover the exact recording that you want.

  • You must first click on the device’s screen icon. You may also go to their website. Following that, the page will be shown.
  • After then, you must select the Library option.
  • After that, you must select either the picture or the video option.
  • Then, to finalize the operation, click the Ok button.
  • You may locate the file you’ve chosen and finish the download.

Aside from this, you may make your recording a Favorite and share it with others. If you like, you may also erase the ineffective recording. Only the most significant recordings and images should be kept for future reference.



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