Can You View Multiple Wyze Cameras At Once?

Wyze Cams are real-time HD video cameras that work with a mobile app and have the ability to send alerts, capture video and audio, monitor your home, record activity, and more but can you view more than one Wyze camera at once? This article will go over how Wyze security cameras work including rules for viewing multiple Wyze cameras at once.

Can You View Multiple Wyze Cameras At Once?

You can view multiple Wyze cameras at once by using third-party applications. There are a number of different applications that allow you to do this, and some are even specifically designed for Wyze cameras. Additionally, if you’re interested in helping to improve the Wyze app, you can become a beta tester.

At the moment, there is no mechanism to accomplish this within the Wyze app, but the business is now beta-testing their next version, which is expected to offer similar functionality. Another disadvantage, perhaps, is the absence of any desktop application. Because Wyze’s software is designed exclusively for mobile devices, you cannot convert your PC into a monitoring station unless you use a third-party program, which is what people have been doing for years.

Certain third-party software provides users with more control over their cameras and the ability to monitor numerous cameras simultaneously. Nonetheless, the firm has demonstrated a high level of responsiveness to customer demands and looks to be actively striving to expand the app’s capabilities, implying that further functionality will undoubtedly be included in future releases. In terms of seeing many cameras with Wyze, you presently have a few options, and you will be restricted to these options until Wyze changes the software.

How to View Multiple Wyze Cameras at Once

You can’t view multiple Wyze cameras simultaneously on the app, but you can use a few different third-party applications to make this happen. You can only live-stream footage from a camera when it is last live.

TinyCam is one of the programs that users have been using to see their Wyze cameras concurrently. tinyCam is an application that enables remote viewing of private cameras such as Wyze. Using the tinyCam software, you’ll see a live view of your Wyze cameras, rather than the snapshot that’s currently accessible.

The tinyCam program is completely compatible with Wyze cameras, as indicated by the presence of a drop-down menu labelled “Wyze Labs.” All you have to do is click “add camera” and enter the information required to connect your home gadgets.

This allows for simple viewing of the live broadcast, making it valuable even if you just have one camera. It’s much nicer if you have more than one. If you intend to connect numerous cameras to your tinyCam app, be sure to adjust the “channel number” for each camera to ensure that they are shown correctly.

You can watch up to 25 cameras with tinyCam, and this program also supports Android TV, Chromecast, and other similar devices. The disadvantage is that it is currently only accessible for Android and not for iOS.

Another alternative is, which offers free software for Windows PCs, but again, iOS users may be unable to use it. enables you to run Android applications on your PC, including Wyze. This is a less direct way than tinyCam, but it works. You’re simply seeing the photos on your phone or desktop computer using the tool, which allows you to effectively project your Wyze application onto the desktop.

Not only does this enable you to watch a single camera on your desktop, but also has a setting called “multi-instance” that enables you to view the same program many times. In this manner, you can reopen the Wyze camera app with a second camera, giving you two cameras on your desktop.

You can repeat this process with each of your cameras, shrinking the windows to fit on the same screen, and you’ll effectively have your own DIY monitoring station.

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Wyze is currently beta testing the ability to view multiple Wyze cameras at once on the Wyze app. Beta testing is a way to test new products or services before they are released to the public. There are different types of beta testing, including product and feature beta testing. Beta testers get access to the product or service early so that they can provide feedback about it.

The benefits of beta testing include getting feedback about products and services early, improving quality, and reducing the risk of releasing a product that is not ready for release. There are several ways to become a beta tester: through an online application process, by contacting a company directly, or by being recruited through social media networks.

If you’re not in the mood to fiddle with third-party programs or are unable to do so due to the fact that you own an Apple device, you may simply have to wait for the next update.

If you’re a member of the Wyze community, you’re probably aware that they began Beta testing in March. The Beta version of the program includes an upgraded version that addresses the issue of being unable to see many cameras simultaneously. For instance, they’re evaluating camera groupings that enable you to organize cameras by location, allowing you to keep your outside and inside cameras distinct.

You will be able to watch all of the cameras in each group concurrently, however, it is unknown if this will include live feeds. Bear in mind that this is a Beta, and as such, there are no promises.

However, Wyze is well aware that consumers are forced to utilize third-party websites and programs to see and stream several inside security cameras simultaneously, and unless it is explicitly stated in their business model, they will surely fix this issue sooner or later.

How many WYZE cameras can one account have?

One account on Wyze can connect an unlimited number of cameras. The cameras can be connected to the account on more than one device, such as a phone and a computer. Additionally, Wyze cameras can be viewed using cloud services or by using special firmware that allows you to see the camera’s video feed on your computer. Adding a Wyze camera is easy. One just needs to download the Wyze app and follow the on-screen instructions. There is no need for any advanced technical knowledge or configuration.

How many WYZE cameras can I have at once?

You can have up to 30 Wyze cameras connected at the same time. Wyze cameras require WiFi for connection. You can watch your Wyze cameras on your TV or computer, but not in other apps. This means that you cannot have more than one Wyze camera open at the same time on different devices.



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