Does Arlo Video Doorbell Work With Apple Homekit?

When it comes to home security, you want the best and most convenient solution. That means you need a smart home security system that works seamlessly with your Apple Homekit devices.

If your Arlo camera is compatible with HomeKit, you’ll be able to add home security to your command center. Continue reading to learn more.

Using HomeKit, you can automate your house and make it more convenient to live in while also increasing your sense of security. If you don’t know whether your equipment is compatible, connecting it all can seem like a daunting task.

Does Arlo Video Doorbell Work With Apple Homekit? Yes. Arlo doorbells are compatible with Apple Homekit. To know if the Arlo video doorbell is compatible with Apple Homekit, you need to check the compatibility of your device. Arlo’s wired video doorbells now support HomeKit, joining a growing number of Arlo cameras that do. There are seven Arlo cameras that are currently HomeKit compatible.

The Arlo Video Doorbell appears in the Home app with your other HomeKit devices when linked to HomeKit. Because of this, when someone approaches your porch during the night, the motion sensor can activate any HomeKit scene or accessory, such as turning on your porch lights.

Apple TV users will be able to see the video feed as well. When someone rings your doorbell, you may have it play a sound on any of your home’s HomePods.

Which Arlo Cameras Will Work with HomeKit?

The Arlo cameras are compatible with Apple HomeKit, but you will need to make sure the Arlo SmartHub and Apple home hub are on the same WiFi network. Arlo’s compatibility with Apple HomeKit, which has caught on in the market due to its convenience. The company can be contacted through email or chat for assistance and will respond within 24 hours.

This is the list of Arlo video Doorbell cameras that works with Apple HomeKit

Arlo’s HomeKit-capable cameras

How to add Arlo video doorbell to Apple HomeKit?

You need the following to connect your Arlo doorbell to Homekit

  1. Any of the Arlo video doorbells mentioned above
  2. The Apple Home app
  3. The Arlo app
  4. An Arlo Base Station (VMB5000, VMB4540, VMB4500, or VMB4000)

The Arlo SmartHub or base station is required for compatibility with HomeKit. If your Arlo device is directly connected to a WiFi router, you will be unable to use HomeKit.

The base station’s firmware must be updated to the following version or higher:

  • VMB5000:
  • VMB4540:
  • VMB4500:
  • VMB4000:

How to add your Arlo doorbell to apple Homekit: Step by Step

There are two ways to link your Arlo camera with the Apple Home app:

  • Base station or camera with a HomeKit setup code.
  • A HomeKit setup code is not required.

How to use a setup code to set up your Arlo doorbell camera with Homekit

  1. Use the Arlo app to set up your camera and base station.
  2. Open the Apple Home app on your smartphone or tablet.
  3. Add an accessory by pressing + and then + Add to Cart.
  4. Scan the HomeKit setup code located on your base station or in the fast start guide to complete the setup.
  5. Use the setup flow to give your cameras unique names and assign them to specific HomeKit rooms in your house.
  6. You’re all set to use HomeKit now.

How To setup an Arlo doorbell camera with Apple Homekit without a setup code

  1. Go to your Apple device’s App Store and download the Arlo app.
  2. Go to Settings > My Devices by tapping the gear-shaped icon.
  3. Make a decision on an Arlo hub.
  4. Select HomeKit from the App List.
  5. To add a base station to HomeKit, select it from the list of available base stations.
  6. To add a new house, either touch Add New House or pick an existing one from the list.
  7. If you don’t already have one, you’ll be prompted to do so when you open the Arlo app for the first time.
  8. Choose a Room by tapping or by selecting it from the list. Create a brand-new room in your house.
  9. If you don’t already have one, you’ll be prompted to do so when you first open the Arlo app.
  10. Tap Expand your HomeKit network with more cameras or base stations.
  11. Confirm the device name and room placement by going through the setup procedures again.
  12. Also, keep in mind that Siri commands are associated with the names you give your devices. Pick a name that stands out and is simple to say and remember.
  13. Verify the device’s name.
  14. Rename any other devices you want to skip if you don’t want to use Skip.
  15. Finish the process by pressing the Finish button.
  16. You’re all set to use HomeKit now.

What are the Benefits of Connecting My Arlo Camera to Homekit?

As long as your Arlo devices are connected to Apple Homekit, you’ll have access to and control over all of your cameras from a single location.

With the correct equipment, this is a breeze to set up, and you’ll have access to a slew of useful services as well as complete control over your home security from anywhere.


Scenes allow you to automate your house by grouping gadgets together. You may programmatically activate scenes based on variables like the current location, time, or even other people or activities taking place.

You can, for example, program your Alro doorbell to turn on your porch light when it detects activity at the front door.

Use of a voice command system

You may use Siri to access your cameras when you add them to your HomeKit. Even if you’re not home, you can use Siri to operate your cameras if you’ve set them up in the Home app.

To check the camera stream from your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch while on the go, simply open Siri and say, “show me the front door camera.”.


Apple HomeKit lets you organize your gadgets neatly by classifying them into categories like rooms, zones, and scenes.

In this way, you can control all of your smart home gadgets from one spot instead of using a different app for each one.

Stream live video from your Arlo camera using Apple TV.

Your Arlo Camera may be streamed live to your Apple TV via HomeKit. Ask Siri to “show me the kitchen camera” when you switch on your TV. Once you’ve selected the live streaming option, you’re all set.

Be notified whenever Arlo moves using your smartphone.

When you’re not at home, connect to Apple HomeKit to get motion detection notifications.

Arlo cameras are compatible with HomeKit Secure Video, so you can use your Photos app to identify people you’ve tagged with facial recognition. The smart speaker attached to your camera will send you an alert as soon as someone is detected.


If you want complete control over your security system, Arlo cameras are a terrific option. Each camera’s parameters, such as video quality and motion sensitivity, can be managed independently.

Additionally, you may choose when you want alerts based on custom activity zones and object recognition.

Give Someone Else Power Over Your House

HomeKit also allows you to share your smart home gadgets with others via an invitation system. Editing permissions after you’ve sent the invitation allows you to give them remote access to your house from anywhere.

For a long time, Arlo Doorbells have been interoperable with different systems. Arlo products are now available that work with Apple Homekit if you have that setup. You may link your doorbell to your system in a matter of minutes. The time has come for you to feel safe and secure in modern society.