Does Eufy Cameras work with Apple Homekit?

As the home assistant wars rage on, the world of personal security is becoming more interesting. Numerous companies are integrating their technologies into your everyday objects, making it easier to keep tabs on your home, while being safe at the same time.

Companies like Amazon have released their own version of a smart home hub, while Google has started to integrate their own devices into the market. One of the latest questions being asked by homeowners and Apple users is if Eufy security cameras work with Apple Homekit.

Does Eufy Camera work with Apple HomeKit?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes. Currently, Most eufy cameras integrate with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. Eufy security cameras work perfectly with Apple Homekit, and the integration process only takes about five minutes total. This works with the Home app, which you can download for free on your iPhone or iPad.

Eufy cameras can be used with the Home app to configure, communicate, and control smart-home appliances from a device. Currently, there is some Eufy camera that works with Apple HomeKit.

Eufy, a division of Anker, offers a selection of home security cameras as well as equipment such as robo vacuums, smart lighting, and smart scales. We examined a variety of eufy home security cameras in this review and found them to be simple to set up and operate, effective, feature-packed, and dependable.

Eufy cameras are ideal for people who wish to install and manage their security cameras themselves and want simple equipment with most of the bells and whistles that other brands offer.

They are not the most affordable cameras on the market, but there are no monthly membership fees, so once you pay for the equipment, you will have no more costs—unless you opt to pay for one of the company’s improved storage plans.

HomeKit is a framework that connects smart home products. It allows you to operate smart home gadgets through Apps on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. EUFY Indoor Cam Pan & Tilt 2K, Indoor Cam 2K, eufyCam 2/2Pro, and eufyCam 2C/2C Pro coupled to Eufy HomeBase 2 are all compatible with HomeKit.

How do you set up a EUFY Camera on home base 2?

  1. Turn on the HomeBase, then connect it to the internet using the ethernet cable that came with it.
  2. When HomeBase is ready for setup, the LED indicator turns white (this may take up to 1 minute).
  3. Download the eufy Security app from the App Store (for iOS devices) or GooglePlay (for Android devices) (Android devices).
  4. Sign up for a eufy Security account, then complete the setup by following the on-screen instructions.
  5. Position your Eufy camera near the HomeBase 2.
  6. Press and hold the SYNC button on the Eufy camera for 2 seconds, or until you hear a beep sound.
  7. The eufy cam will wait for a sound wave communication from HomeBase 2.
  8. For 2 seconds, hold down the SYNC/ALARM OFF button on HomeBase 2 until you hear a sound wave. This is the sound wave message that HomeBase 2 must transmit to eufy Cam.
  9. After 30 seconds, you will hear the voice “Device was successfully added.” That implies Eufy Security Cam has been successfully added.

Which EUFY Security Camera is HomeKit compatible?

Eufy cameras are compatible with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa, allowing you to control them using any of these voice assistants. Here are some of the top Eufy Security cameras that work with Apple HomeKit.

EufyCam 2 Pro Wireless Home Security Camera System


The eufyCam 2 Pro, which has no monthly costs, includes a lot of useful features for securing the interior or exterior of your home. It has 2K resolution, superior night vision, two-way audio, programmable alarm zones, and many more features. Check out the specifications to see if the eufyCam 2 Pro is perfect for you.

You will be able to install the camera yourself, with a choice of two different mounting options. For your camera, you can use either a screw mount or a magnetic mount. Install the eufy Security app and continue setup from there, as with other setup processes.

You can now test your new device when you’ve finished installing your camera and configuring the HomeBase 2. If you walk by your camera, you should get a notification on your smartphone that motion has been detected. If you tap the alert, you’ll be able to access the camera’s footage.

Your recordings are retained locally and are encrypted with a 256-bit military-grade key. With an IP67 waterproof rating, this camera can resist the elements rain or shine.

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Eufy Security 2K Indoor Cam Pan & tilt


The Eufy 2K Indoor Pan and Tilt Cam has the same characteristics as Eufy 2k cam, but it also includes the ability to pan and tilt. In order to scan a whole room, you can use the app on your phone.

A motion tracking feature lets the camera follow anything moving in the room. It’s exactly as simple to set up and use as the 2K Cam, and it just takes a few minutes. For continuous recording, you’ll need to use a microSD card (not included) or purchase a cloud storage subscription, much like with the eufy Indoor Cam 2K.

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Eufy Indoor Cam 2K


To keep an eye on your kids, pets, and other household members, use the Indoor Cam 2K from eufy. It’s easy to set up and ready to go in minutes. With two-way conversations, you may converse with someone no matter where you are in the world. Even at night, the images were sharp and clear thanks to the camera’s 2K clarity.

For continuous recording, you’ll need a microSD card (not included) or a paid cloud storage subscription, which you can access via the app or website at any time.

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EufyCam 2C


This outdoor camera package includes two cameras as well as a hub, which is required to use the cameras. Because the cameras are weatherproof, they are ideal for covering the outside of your home, however, they may also be utilized inside. The visuals are vivid in 1080p HD, and enhanced night vision allows you to see what’s going on around you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

To install these cameras, connect the hub to your wireless router, and depending on where you want them, you may need to dig holes. Setup is a little more complicated than interior cameras, but it’s still a task that most homeowners can handle on their own. The length of time these cameras may be charged is a notable feature.

The battery can last up to a year after being charged (which takes about 12 hours). They also have two-way audio, which you can utilize to communicate with loved ones or to scare away anyone who has no business being on your land. We discovered that there appears to be more lag time when starting live video than with the other two cameras mentioned above, and while this is not major, it may lead you to miss the start of some events.

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