Does Eufy Doorbell Work with Google Home?

Many people are considering whether Eufy Doorbell will work with Google Home and, as it turns out, it does! This is a product that many users are looking for. Eufy is a China company and if you purchase their product online, it will come with instructions in Chinese. If your Google Home doesn’t display the Eufy Doorbell, you’ll need to download or update the Google Home app on your phone.

Doorbells have always been a necessary evil. You press it and hear an annoying dong that feels far too close to your ear, but you don’t know where it’s coming from. Well, now with Google Home and the new Eufy doorbell app for Android or iOS you’ll never have to wonder again!

Does Eufy Doorbell work with Google Assistant?

Yes, the Eufy Video doorbell with compatible with Google Home. Now you can monitor and control your front or back door without leaving your place of comfort.

The Eufy Smart Doorbell can be set up to work with the Google Home or Amazon Alexa app. Use the “Smart Home” option in the Google Home app or Google voice control to discover new smart gadgets.

Control your doorbell from anywhere in the world with simple voice controls. Just say “Hey Google, open the front door!” and boom, your front door opens without you having to make a move.

To watch the camera’s Live Streak, issue the following voice commands after it’s located:

  • “OK Google, show me [eufy device name]”
  • “OK Google, show my [eufy device name]”
  • “OK Google, show the [eufy device name]”
  • “OK Google, show [eufy device name]”



eufy doorbell that works with google home

How does EUFY doorbell connect to Google home?

One of the most common questions asked about the EUFY doorbell is how it connects to Google home and also how eufy doorbell connects to Alexa. If you have a Google Home or other smart home device, you may want to know how to connect your EUFY doorbell. Thankfully it is not complicated and all of the compatible doorbells have a built-in setup wizard that walks you through connecting your doorbell.

You will need to download the EUFY app on Apple App Store or on Google Play Store. Many people first connect their new doorbell by downloading the app. It has all the setup steps in one place, so you do not have to look through the manuals for your device(s). You can follow these instructions with your EUFY doorbell if it is connected to your wireless router with an Ethernet cable or on a WiFi network.

  1.  Once you have downloaded and installed the EUFY app, open it up and follow the prompts to connect to your wireless router or WiFi network. If the app does not automatically detect your wireless router or WiFi, then you can try to connect by entering your network name, security key, or password.
  2. Once you have connected the EUFY app to your router or local network, choose “Add Device” from the main menu of the app.
  3. Select “Doorbell”. The EUFY doorbell will appear on your list of available smart devices.
  4. Tap on the EUFY doorbell in order to add it to your Google home or other smart hubs.
  5. You will see a prompt asking whether you would like to Add to Google Home or Add with Other Devices. Choose the alternative that is most appropriate for your situation. If you are not using a Google Home, choose “Add with Other Devices”.
  6. The next step will be to verify that your desired device has been added. You will see a list of smart devices available for you to add and choose the one that you wish to connect.
  7. When prompted, enter your Google account password and tap “Confirm”. Once confirmed, you will see an option stating “Allow Google Home” or “Allow Other Devices”. Select the device(s) that you would like to connect to.
  8. You should see a notification that your EUFY product has been connected to Google Home or other devices.
  9. Your EUFY product is now connected to your Google Home or another smart device! You can control the doorbell by voice commands and use the app to check-in when you are away from home. You will need to use the app to add custom motion sensors, activity zones, and access rules for your home before it works correctly with Google Home.

List of Eufy Doorbell cameras that works with Google Home

Here is the list of google home compatible cameras:

  1. eufy Security Video Doorbell (Battery-Powered) Kit, 2K Resolution
  2. eufy Security Wireless Add-on Video Doorbell with 2K Resolution
  3. eufy 2K wired doorbell
  4. eufy 1080P wired doorbell
  5. eufy 2K Pro wired doorbell
  6. eufy 2K battery doorbell
  7. eufy 1080P battery doorbell




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