Does the Eufy Video Doorbell work with HomeKit?

Home automation is a growing trend that is taking over the world. It is especially popular with those that have a house that has a front door – a front door that you don’t feel comfortable going into without a security system. Doorbells are a popular item for this kind of automation. HomeKit is a system for connecting smart home devices.

The Eufy Video Doorbell is a smart video doorbell that lets you see and talk to visitors, without having to open the door. Unfortunately, It is not compatible with Apple HomeKit. This also translates to the fact that you can’t use Siri voice commands to answer the door and check who’s there using the Eufy Doorbell Camera. However, Eufy Doorbell also works perfectly with Amazon Alexa and Google Home assistants.


As of the time of this post, you can only use Eufy security cameras with your apple Homkit. This way you can use your iPhone, iPad, or Mac to interact with your smart home devices via an app. Eufy indoor cameras Pan and Tilt 2K, 2K, and C/2C Pro connected to Eufy HomeBase 2 are compatible with HomeKit, as are eufyCam 2 and 2Pro.

Apple Homekit Compartible Video Doorbell: Eufy Doobell Alternatives

Netatmo’s smart doorbell compatible with Apple Homekit

This Smart video doorbell by Netatmo will allow you to ask Siri to use the doorbell’s app to see who is standing outside. If someone rings your doorbell, you can use this device to send a video alert message to your smartphone.

The Netatmo security software also lets you set it up to send you warnings if someone enters a specified area, so you know if someone is peeping suspiciously around the house.


Netatmo’s Smart Video Doorbell has a built-in storage solution that can hold up to 32GB of video. The stylish doorbell transmits video in 1080P HD with a 140-degree field of vision in 1080P HD. Thanks to an update issued earlier this year, Netatmo’s smart camera portfolio now supports Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video.

Despite the fact that the Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell (check Price on Amazon) incorporates secure video, it only offers the most basic HomeKit functionalities. Netatmo is working hard to bring secure video capability to its customers as quickly as possible. Two-way audio, night vision, and connectivity with your existing wiring and doorbell chimes are all important things to consider.

Logitech Circle 2 Video doorbell

The Circle View video doorbell from Logitech is one of the best video doorbells for HomeKit available today. It’s the first consumer video doorbell that offers HomeKit Secure Video in addition to the standard remote control functions of HomeKit.

To broadcast and record footage from your video doorbell, use the Home app and HomeKit Secure Video in combination. The Circle View video doorbell has a 5-megapixel sensor and can record HD video with HDR for better clarity in low-light situations.

You can see who is at your door and easily detect parcels on the ground thanks to its impressive 160-degree field of view for “head-to-toe” viewing. Because of the 3:4 aspect ratio, the side-to-side vision is severely constrained, making it impossible to see objects or persons in the background.

The narrow field of view won’t bother those with a little entrance, but those with a porch or a large front door may find it a deal-breaker.

ProLine Doorbell compatible with Apple Homekit

The Proline doorbell is the first of its kind to be fully compatible with Apple’s HomeKit and to be available on the market right away.

The built-in relay contact on the ProLine Doorbell allows you to connect it to an existing chime and keep hearing the bell even when your iPhone or iPad is set to Do Not Disturb Mode.

Apple’s iOS 12.1 software or later is required to operate the ProLine Doorbell. As a home hub, an Apple TV with tvOS 11.4.1 or later is required. An iPad with iOS 12.1 or later, as well as a HomePod, can also be used.

The Robin Proline Compact Doorbell targets a certain demographic. That is for folks who want a video doorbell that is not Wi-Fi dependent.

Robin Telecoms is a Dutch inventor and manufacturer of SIP-based intercoms. The Proline Compact is a new smart doorbell in the Proline family. The Proline Compact is a low-cost variant designed just for Apple HomeKit.

Because the program is Apple-centric, all surveillance files are backed up to an iCloud account with a valid subscription.

The doorbell can detect motion and alert the user via the iOS Home app. The network connection is Ethernet connected. This reduces reliance on the wireless channel and increases security.

Because any data access requires a physical presence at the network setup. In addition, Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) technology powers the device. Technology and its advantages alone might justify this gadget’s high price.

The doorbell also features a built-in relay that may be used as a chime switch. With a 5 megapixel sensor and a 130-degree field of vision. It can only record at 720p, which is inferior to its Wi-Fi-based equivalents.

The device is dust and water-resistant (IP53) and should last a long time. Nano-coated camera lens glass is also UV shielded. The device is built of 3mm thick aluminum with a brushed finish.

The camera’s front optical glass is toughened for weather resistance. The switch can be used as a nameplate for the user, etched as desired. The nameplate also has an LED backlight.

The doorbell comes with a 48-month warranty. iPadOS 13.2 or iOS 13.2+ is required. While the device is unique and caters to a specific market, you should consider the lack of HD recording and night vision before purchasing.


  • 1080p HD video with 5 megapixels of resolution (720p)
  • Ethernet cable
  • The Proline doorbell app is available for download from the app store.
  • 48-month warranty


  • It’s just too costly.
  • It’s not as sharp as some other items and costs more.
  • There was no sound or movement to raise the alarm.

Why Use An Apple Homekit Doorbell?

The privacy implications of installing a smart doorbell camera in your house are one of the primary elements of Apple Homekit Secure Video that must be recognized. The smart doorbell’s graphics aren’t meant to be viewed by anybody other than the user. However, one of the smart doorbell’s characteristics is that it constantly listens and watches your home’s surroundings.

To keep the system safe and secure, end-to-end encryption is required. The footage must be encrypted before uploading to the storage system. Anyone who comes across these files after the encryption procedure is complete will be unable to watch the private film.

Apple’s storage system, iCloud, is secured and encrypted. Apple also has a solid reputation for protecting consumer privacy. This technique ensures that the data collected by Apple Homekit enabled doorbells is safe from prying eyes.

With Apple Homekit secure video storage, iCloud provides. Apple Homekit video has other benefits than video storage encryption. The doorbells are also a security system for protection and a convenient visual input for the intercom.

The advantages of Homekit doorbells are endless. However, the doorbell homekit is really useful in many situations. When a user isn’t home and a package is delivered. The Homekit doorbells can also be used to notify parents when their children arrive home safely from school while they are gone at work.

Having a voice assistant that can interact with smart gadgets is quite convenient. This feature provides a great overall experience. With each new software update, it becomes easier to integrate more flexibility into smart device actions. Apple’s designers developed the Apple Homekit with unlimited possibilities, especially with Siri’s inclusion.



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