Is there a doorbell that works with Alexa and Google Home?

Is there a doorbell that works with Alexa and Google Home? Yes. there are pretty much some notable video doorbells that work seamlessly with Alexa and Google Home. For instance, check out the Eufy Security Wi-Fi Video Doorbell! This doorbell lets you see who is at your front door, talk to them through the app, and even gives you an alert on your phone when someone rings.

It’s compatible with Alexa and Google Home which makes it great for anyone who wants to control their camera from anywhere in the world. It also comes with a built-in LED for night vision so you can see who’s at your door day or night.
With the Smart Video Doorbells, you can easily see who’s at your front door and talk to them through the app and even give you an alert on your phone when someone rings. That way if you’re not home, but have set the camera on, you’ll get a notification when someone rings the doorbell. And with the ability to control the video doorbell from anywhere with Alexa or Google Home, it’s great for anyone who wants to be able to control their camera from everywhere in the world.

Doorbells are great for homeowners to give visitors an indication that someone is at the door. But while an alarm or a knock on the door can alert you, they don’t always tell you who’s there. If you’re like most people who live in a home with other people, you may be unaware whether your late-night visitor is a friend or a fraudster.

Doorbells can help here, but there are still far better solutions. The best doorbells work seamlessly with Alexa and Google Home, the voice-activated assistant in Amazon’s Echo home speaker range and Google Assistant respectively.

Since Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are now compatible with a lot of smart doorbell devices which helps to improve your home security, Here are the top smart video doorbells that work with Alexa and Google home.

5 Best Smart Doorbells that Works with Alexa and Google Home

Here are the top 5 Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant compatible video doorbells we have worked with.

1. Eufy Security, Wi-Fi Video Doorbell, 2K Resolution Video Doorbell Camera


The Eufy Security Wi-Fi Video Doorbell features 2K video resolution, a color camera, and night vision so you can see clearly even in the dark. The wireless doorbell works with your home’s existing doorbell wiring and sends notifications straight to your smartphone when someone rings or presses the doorbell.

One of the best smart doorbells that work with both Google Home and Alexa is the Eufy video doorbell. While most video doorbells now demand a monthly subscription for video recordings, the Eufy Video Doorbell provides local storage.

It has a built-in 4 GB eMMC storage card that allows you to save motion-triggered videos for subsequent watching without having to pay monthly fees. Eufy is the best of the finest choice for a video doorbell that does not require a subscription.

This Google Assistant doorbell produces 2K videos (2560 x 1920 pixels), which is the highest resolution currently available on the market. You can watch live streams and record videos in 2K HD without having to worry about blurry visuals.

The wired video doorbell uses smart AI technology and a sophisticated algorithm to distinguish between humans and dogs, cats, and other animals.

You can use the Eufy app to arm and disarm your system, check the doorbell’s video feed, and share the live video stream with other users. Designed for indoor or outdoor use, the Eufy Security Video Doorbell is backed by a one-year warranty and free lifetime support from customer service.

doorbells that works with both Google Home and Alexa.

2. Arlo Essential Video Doorbell Wired


The Arlo Essential Video Doorbell is a smart doorbell with a beautiful design that provides live video in 1080HD and noise cancellation so you can hear what’s going on outside your space (even if you’re not at home).

The 2-way audio means you can talk to the person at your door, wherever you are. Arlo works on standard WiFi and will alert you via your smartphone if motion is detected at your door. You can even catch intruders in the act by saving and sharing video clips from Arlo. The battery lasts 6 months and is rechargeable using a micro USB cable. Arlo Essential Video Doorbell works with Alexa for voice control and Google Assistant.

With the free Arlo Smart trial, you can see notifications of persons, vehicles, and packages so you can take immediate action such as sounding the siren, calling a buddy, or dialing emergency services.

You’ll never miss a thing with the Arlo Essential Doorbell video camera. Before a motion event occurs, you may observe what caused it. Arlo Foresight records video prior to every motion-triggered video recording so you don’t miss out.

Arlo Essential Video Doorbell works with Alexa for voice control and Google Assistant.


3. Remo+ RemoBell S Smart Video Doorbell


If you’re looking for a reliable doorbell that transmits security camera footage to your phone, the Remo+ is ingenious. The device has a built-in motion sensor that lets you monitor your property while away from home. The RemoBell S video doorbell is compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa, and IFTTT, making it the finest smart home alternative.

You can listen to the visitors via two-way audio and enjoy a 24/7 live broadcast in 1560p on your smartphone from anywhere.

The RemoBell S doorbell is easy to set up. Remove the existing doorbell and connect the smart doorbell to the existing wiring. You only need 5 minutes to complete the task!

Even if the visitor does not press the doorbell button, the motion sensor may detect movement and provide you fast app push notifications. By defining motion regions, you will only receive notifications when motion events occur in certain areas.

The outdoor doorbell may be shared with up to 5 people, allowing you and your entire family to control and access it simultaneously.

The video doorbell that connects with Google Home Hub comes with 3-days of free cloud storage. You have the option of backing up the videos before they are overwritten. You can upgrade to the premium cloud version if you need more recording time.

RemoBell S video doorbell is compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa

4. Ring Doorbell Pro


Ring Doorbell Pro is a doorbell that works with your computer, smartphone (iOS, Android), or Amazon Alexa, and Google Home. It also has a LED light on the side so you can see who’s ringing when you’re away. Ring Doorbell Pro delivers clear audio without static and distortion. You can tab into the sound or use your computer’s mic to talk back through it.

The Ring Doorbell Pro has a 160 x 100-degree field of view, which effectively covers all entryways. On both iOS and Android, 2-way audio is available via a smartphone app.

You can also use a wireless ring or a mobile app to connect it to your existing chime. This type is ideal for replacing your classic hardwired doorbell, and it comes with all of the necessary tools. Because it is simply a replacement for the prior doorbell, installation is simple and straightforward.

Temperatures ranged from -5 degrees Fahrenheit to 120 degrees Fahrenheit (20.5 degrees Celsius to 48.5 degrees Celsius). After you’ve installed it, go ahead and download the Ring Doorbell Pro mobile app to get the most out of it.

You may also use Alexa to show the camera image on a compatible Fire TV device. IFTTT, Google Assistant, SmartThings, and Wink are all compatible with the Ring Doorbell Pro.

This is a 3rd generation video doorbell camera with a 1080p resolution that produces excellent footage both during the day and at night. The video processing is also quite good. The high-definition video is accompanied by high-definition audio.

All Ring products have the same storage fees: $3 per month or $30 per year for one device, or $10 per month or $100 per year for multiple devices. Nonetheless, the first month of storage will be free.

Because the ring Doorbell Pro is a hardwired type, it does not require a battery.

Ring Video Doorbell works with Alexa for voice control and Google Assistant.

5. Ezviz DB1C Wi-Fi Video Doorbell


Ezviz is a company that specializes in safety and security products for the home. Their new product is the DB1C Wi-Fi Video Doorbell, which replaces your old doorbell with an HD camera connected to your Wi-Fi network. The doorbell’s small size allows it to be easily hidden into your door.

The Ezviz DB1C is a smart doorbell with Ultra HD video, dual-band Wi-Fi, cloud and local video storage, voice control, and a variety of third-party integrations like as Alexa and Google Home.

The RemoBell S and the Ezviz DB1C are nearly identical in size and shape. The camera can capture Ultra HD video at 15 frames per second and has a maximum resolution of 1,536 by 1,536 pixels. It boasts a 170-degree vertical field of view and three infrared LEDs for up to 16 feet of black-and-white night vision.

The Ezviz DB1C doorbell supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands, as well as IFTTT applets that connect it to a variety of third-party smart home devices. Other Ezviz cameras use the same mobile app (for Android and iOS). The software opens to a control page with panels for each Ezviz device that has been installed.

Ezviz DB1C doorbell supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands



Check out the possibilities on this page if you’re seeking a doorbell that works with Alexa and Google Home. There are other more expensive ones here, but with lifelong theft protection, can you really go wrong?

Each of these doorbells is Alexa-compatible, and when used in conjunction with If This Then That, they’ll also operate with most other smart devices.