Eufy 2c vs 3c: Complete Review and Comparison of Eufycam Security Cameras

Are you looking for a dependable, yet affordable security system to keep your home safe? Look no further than eufyCam’s latest lineup. With jaw-dropping battery life, local storage, subscription-free usage, and excellent video quality, these cameras make the perfect addition to any home security setup.

In this article, we’ll be comparing and contrasting the eufyCam 2C and 3C, so you can make an informed purchase decision. We’ll go over their similarities and differences, as well as their pros and cons.

So, buckle up and get ready for a comprehensive review of the eufyCam 2C vs 3C security camera – a comparison you won’t want to miss!

EufyCam 2C Review

Looking for the best security camera? Look no further than the Eufy 2c and 3c. These cameras offer great quality video and motion detection, as well as a variety of other features to make your home safer.
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The EufyCam 2C security camera is a well-designed, battery-powered camera from the leading name in smart home security, Anker’s Eufy. Released in July 2020, this camera is an excellent choice for home security as it has a range of features and benefits that make it a reliable and secure option.

The camera is simple in design, with a white box shape, curved edges, and a glossy black camera lens and motion sensor. It also comes with a white tower-shaped HomeBase 2, which needs to be plugged into your router via an Ethernet cable, to connect it to your Wifi.

The setup process is quick and easy, and once up and running, you can move and adjust the camera using the included ball and socket wall mounts. Plus, with 180 days of battery life (about 6 months), you won’t need to take the camera down to charge very often.

The EufyCam 2C has Human Only Detection, with adjustable sensitivity, to help eliminate false alarms. This means the camera will only detect human movement and record a short video, before alerting your smartphone and saving the clip for you to revisit later.

It also has Smart Detection Zones, which you can customize to block out areas with recurring human movement, so you won’t be constantly receiving notifications.

The camera has 1080p resolution which is adequate for most people, but not as sharp as a slightly higher resolution camera.

However, during the day and at night, the footage is clear and you can easily make out people’s faces if they are close enough.

At night, it also has reliable IR night vision and a bright spotlight, which illuminates the area well and gives you decent coloured video.

The biggest selling point of the EufyCam 2C is that there is no subscription fee to save the footage. Instead, it is kept locally on the 16GB HomeBase and you can store up to three months’ worth of footage at a time.

Also, with 256-bit account encryption and 128-bit video encryption, Eufy keeps your data completely private.

Overall, the EufyCam 2C security camera is an excellent choice for home security. It has reliable Human Only Detection, adjustable Smart Detection Zones, and 1080p resolution, as well as encrypted video and 180-day battery life. Plus, you won’t get bogged down in subscription costs thanks to the local storage.

Pros of EufyCam 2C:

  • Exceptional battery life
  • Local storage options that protect privacy
  • Subscription-free features
  • More affordable than eufyCam 2 Pro
  • 135-degree field-of-view

Cons of EufyCam 2C:

  • Smaller field-of-view than the eufyCam 2 Pro (135 degrees compared to 140 degrees)
  • Lower resolution than eufyCam 2 Pro (1080p compared to 2K)
  • Does not have 256-bit encryption
  • No Homebase that serves as a repeater

EufyCam 3C Review

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On September 30, 2022, eufy released the eufyCam 3 and eufyCam 3C, two smart home security cameras that have quickly made a name for themselves in the security camera ecosystem. With their terrific battery life, privacy protection, local storage, and subscription-free usage, they are a great choice for anyone looking to keep their home safe and secure.

In this comprehensive review of the eufyCam 3C security camera, we’ll take a look at its features, performance, installation, user experience, and much more. We’ll also compare it to the eufyCam 3 to help you decide which security camera is best for you.

To begin, let’s take a look at the features of the eufyCam 3C: it has a 1080p resolution, night vision up to 30 feet, precision motion detection with adjustable zones, 2-way audio, IP67 weather resistance, and a 135-degree field of view. It also comes with a 3-month trial of eufy’s secure cloud storage, with the option to upgrade to a yearly subscription.

When it comes to performance, the eufyCam 3C delivers clear, detailed images and motion detection, even in low-light conditions. The night vision mode is more than enough to capture intruders and other potential threats. The motion detection zones can be easily adjusted to cover the areas you want, and it works well even in windy conditions.

Installing the eufyCam 3C is a breeze: the included mount allows you to attach it to a wall or ceiling, and the included screwdriver helps you make sure it’s secured.

You can also use the 3M adhesive pads to stick it to any surface. Setting up the camera is also easy, as it only takes minutes to connect it to your Wi-Fi network, and you can use the eufy Security app to manage it.

The user experience of the eufyCam 3C is also quite good. The app is easy to use, with clear navigation and robust settings. You can easily check your camera’s live view, view recorded footage, and adjust its settings. The app also includes helpful tutorials and FAQs, making it easy to troubleshoot any issues.

In comparison to the eufyCam 3, the eufyCam 3C is a slightly better option for those looking for a more affordable security camera. While the eufyCam 3 has a higher resolution and better performance, the eufyCam 3C offers a more budget-friendly option without sacrificing too much in terms of features and performance.

Overall, the eufyCam 3C is a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable, reliable security camera. It’s packed with features and delivers excellent performance, making it a great addition to any smart home security system.

Pros of Eufycam 3C:

  • Improved battery life
  • Solar panel
  • Anti-theft detection
  • Compatible solar panel available
  • No subscription required

Cons of Eufycam 3C:

  • Lower battery life compared to Eufycam 3
  • No anti-theft detection

The differences between Eufy Cam 2C and 3C


The Eufycam 2C and 3C are two of the latest security cameras from Eufy. Both cameras feature weatherproof construction and excellent video quality, but they have their differences in design.

The Eufycam 2C has a slim design and sleek black finish, making it a great choice for discreet surveillance. It has a single camera lens with an adjustable base to allow you to customize the camera’s field of view.

The camera also has an integrated motion sensor and a 110-degree wide-angle lens so you can capture a wide area. Additionally, the 2C includes a magnetic mount, making it easy to install and adjust.

The Eufycam 3C is a bit larger than the 2C, but still compact enough to fit on a shelf or wall. It has a white finish and two lenses for capturing a 180-degree field of view.

The 3C also has an integrated motion sensor and a wide-angle lens to capture the most area possible. Additionally, the 3C includes a wall mount with a ball joint for easy installation and adjustment.

Both cameras have two USB ports and a SATA port, allowing for easy connection and data transfer. In terms of design, the Eufycam 3C is slightly larger than the 2C, but both cameras offer excellent video quality and weatherproof construction for your home or office.

Audio and Video Quality

The EufyCam 2C and 3C both offer great audio and video quality. While the 2C has a 1080p HD resolution, the 3C has a 2K resolution.

The difference in quality is most noticeable at dusk, as the 2C may be affected by visual distortions, while the 3C maintains a clear and well-defined image. In terms of audio, both models pick up sound clearly and accurately.

The EufyCam 3 also has an anti-theft detection feature and is more waterproof than the 3C. Additionally, the 3C has a longer battery life of 365 days compared to the 2C’s 180 days.

Motion Detection

EufyCam 2C and 3C both feature AI motion detection technology, however, the eufyCam 3C also offers activity zone setting and power manager to further tweak the sensitivity of motion detection. eufyCam 3 also provides an anti-theft alert.

When it comes to night vision, both cameras provide color night vision, but the eufyCam 3 also offers spotlight and IR functions. Furthermore, both can record footage at 4k quality and can be zoomed up to 8x with the zoom feature.

The biggest improvement in the eufyCam 3 is its smart motion detection, which includes facial recognition, vehicle detection, and pet detection – features that previously required a subscription with other home security cameras.

Both cameras also offer activity zone detection and facial recognition features. This means that you can set up custom activity zones for each camera, and the camera will only detect motion within those zones.

This can be especially helpful for smart home security, where you only want to be alerted if something is happening in the areas that you specified.

Additionally, both cameras can recognize and differentiate between family members, so you’ll know who’s entering and leaving your home.


The eufyCam 2C and 3C both function with the eufy HomeBase 3, an external backup device that stores and syncs both cameras via Wi-Fi. The HomeBase 3 has an inbuilt storage of 16GB, but it can be expanded up to 16TB using an external hard drive.

This makes it a great option for storing footage from multiple sources. The eufyCam 2C and 3C have the same storage capacity, but the 3C is more feature-rich and can record in 4K resolution.

When it comes to cloud storage, Eufy offers a Basic plan for one camera and a Plus plan for up to 10 cameras.

Both plans cost $3 a month, but the Plus plan doesn’t offer the same benefits as similar plans from other providers, as it only covers 10 cameras.

Additionally, cloud storage won’t save 4K videos, as they take up four times as much space as 1080p.


The main difference between the Eufy Cam 2C and 3C in terms of connectivity is that the 2C is limited to a 2.4GHz connection while the 3C can use a 5.0GHz connection.

The 2.4GHz connection is slower than the 5.0GHz but offers a wider range of up to 200 meters. This makes the 2C better for larger areas, while the 3C is more suitable for smaller spaces where faster speeds are needed.

AI Technology

The eufyCam 3C and 2C are both outfitted with AI technology to help enhance the user experience. The eufyCam 3C has more advanced AI technology compared to the eufyCam 2C.

The 3C is equipped with Person Detection, which uses facial recognition to identify individuals in real time. The 2C relies on motion detection to detect people, animals, and other moving objects.

Both cameras also can recognize and remember familiar faces, but the 3C has the added capability of sending an alert when an unfamiliar face is detected.

Both cameras are also equipped with AI for enhanced motion detection, which allows for false-alarm reduction. The 3C also has improved night vision, which allows for clear images even in low-light environments.

In addition, the 3C has a larger field of view compared to the 2C, giving it the ability to cover a wider area. With all these features, the eufyCam 3C is the clear winner when it comes to AI technology.

Smart Home Integration

Both EufyCam 2C and EufyCam 3C are capable of integrating into your existing smart home setup with ease.

The EufyCam 2C is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and HomeKit, giving you access to features like voice commands, custom automation, and more. It also works with IFTTT, allowing you to control other connected devices and create custom scenarios.

The EufyCam 3C, on the other hand, takes things a step further. It offers an up-to-date list of connections, featuring Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, HomeKit, IFTTT, and more. With EufyCam 3C, you can not only control other connected devices in your home but also enable scene-based automation and receive real-time alerts.

In conclusion, both EufyCam 2C and EufyCam 3C offer advanced smart home integration capabilities, as well as sophisticated AI features.

The EufyCam 3C is the more feature-rich option, with additional integrations and better AI capabilities. However, both cameras have excellent smart home integration and AI features, making them both great choices for home security.


The eufyCam 2C and 3C are both subscription-free security cameras. This means that you can get access to all the features without signing up for a monthly service. However, you won’t be able to store your video clips in the cloud.


The installation process of Eufycam 2C and 3C is straightforward and similar. Both cameras need only two screws to secure them and the screws are included in the box.

To mount either camera, drill the appropriate holes and then thread the screws in, making sure to angle the camera body 7° downward. This angle provides a wide view and allows for water and snow to slide off without any issues.

Battery Life

The battery life of the Eufy 2c and 3c promises 180 days of battery life without a solar panel.


Eufy provides a 30-day money-back guarantee for any of its products, and a limited warranty provided by the manufacturer for 12 to 18 months for smart lighting, 12 months for security products, and 30 days for accessories.

When it comes to the EufyCam 2C and 3C, the warranty periods are the same as the ones applied to security products. Both are covered for 12 months from the date of purchase.

App Functionality

The Eufycam 2C and 3C both offer the same basic smartphone app functionalities which allow users to easily access and manage their security cameras from the comfort of their own homes.

The app makes it easy to remotely access the camera and review footage, adjust motion detection settings, and more. Both cameras are compatible with the Eufy Security app, making it easy to manage multiple cameras from one central location.

The Eufy Security App also comes with a variety of features, including real-time notifications, two-way audio, and setting up a virtual perimeter.

With real-time notifications, users will be alerted when the camera detects motion, so they can view footage in real time.

Two-way audio lets users talk directly to anyone in the camera’s field of view. Lastly, setting up a virtual perimeter lets users specify a safe area and they will be alerted if the camera detects motion outside of it.

So, when it comes to comparing the Eufy smartphone app functionalities of the Eufycam 2C and 3C, users will be able to enjoy the same basic features such as real-time notifications, two-way audio, and setting up a virtual perimeter.

The 3C has the added advantage of anti-theft detection and longer battery life, as well as compatibility with the Eufy Solar Panel.

Eufy Cam 2C vs. Eufy Cam 2 Pro: Comparison Table/Chart

Eufycam 2C

Eufycam 3C




Field of View



Battery Life



Weather Proof




Human Detection Face Detection

Human Detection Face Detection





Video Storage

16GB EMMC, 3 Months Usage

16GB EMMC, 3 Months Usage

Monthly Fee



Solar Panel




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Eufy 2c vs. Eufycam 3c: Which security camera is better?

When considering the features of the EufyCam 2C vs. the 3C, the 3C is the better choice. The 3C is slightly larger, has a white finish, and has two lenses to capture a 180-degree field of view.

Additionally, the 3C offers an anti-theft detection feature and is more waterproof than the 2C. When it comes to audio and video quality, the 3C has a 2K resolution and clear image at dusk, while the 2C has a 1080p HD resolution which may be affected by visual distortions.

The 3C also has a longer battery life of 365 days compared to the 2C’s 180 days. Furthermore, the 3C offers AI motion detection technology, activity zone setting, power manager, facial recognition, vehicle detection, and pet detection – features that the 2C does not provide.

The 3C also offers color night vision and zoom features, while the 2C only offers night vision. In terms of storage, both cameras offer the same capacity, but the 3C can record in 4K resolution.

Additionally, Eufy offers a cloud storage plan for up to 10 cameras for $3 a month, but it does not cover 4K videos.

Considering all of these features, the EufyCam 3C is the clear better choice for a home or office security camera.


What is the difference between the Eufy 2c and 3c security cameras?

The Eufy 2c and 3c are two similar security cameras that offer excellent video quality and features. However, there are some key differences between them. EufyCam 3c has anti-theft functionality, which is absent in the 2C.

Is there a subscription fee for using the Eufy 2c and 3c security cameras?

Yes, there is a subscription fee for using the Eufy 2c and 3c security cameras. The Basic plan is $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year, and the Plus plan is $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year (see eufy professional monitoring for details).

Both plans include 24/7 Advanced Security Monitoring, 24/7 Emergency Dispatch, and up to 20% Home Insurance Discount. The Plus plan also includes custom monitoring services, false alarm forgiveness, the highest response, tap for dispatch, and practice mode.

Does the Eufy 2c and 3c security cameras have facial recognition?

Yes, both the eufyCam 3 and eufyCam 3C feature the BionicMind AI algorithm, which offers facial recognition. This self-learning AI can differentiate between family and strangers and can recognize both humans and non-humans, such as vehicles and pets.

With the eufy app, you can manage the facial recognition feature by adding familiar faces and tagging them with their names. When motion is detected from these faces, the app will recognize them and alert you. You can also set the app to ignore certain familiar faces and only alert you when strangers are detected.

Are the Eufy 2c and 3c security cameras compatible with other smart home devices?

Yes, the Eufy 2c and 3c security cameras are compatible with other smart home devices. They can be integrated with Amazon Alexa and Google Home for live video viewing on a smart display.

Additionally, they are also compatible with Eufy’s range of security sensors, so they can be integrated into a Eufy Edge security system. Furthermore, Eufy has announced that they are working on Apple HomeKit compatibility in the future.

Is Eufycam 2C and 3C DIY?

Yes, both the Eufycam 2C and 3C are DIY security systems. The 3C comes with a kit that contains two outdoor cameras, HomeBase 3, an Ethernet cable, a 12V adapter, a USB-C cable, two screw-mounting bases, a quick-start guide and sticker, and the mounting hardware which includes screw packs, screw positioning stickers, and a metal pin for resets.

This kit can be used as a standalone security system, allowing for customizable motion detection and facial recognition. Despite being DIY, the Eufycam system is still prone to potential security flaws, such as being able to access the camera feeds remotely using VLC player without authentication or encryption.

Is EUFY 2 or 2C better?

When it comes to choosing between the eufyCam 2C and the eufyCam 2, it largely comes down to personal preference and the features that set them apart. The eufyCam 2C offers 1080p HD resolution, 180 days of battery life, and 16GB of storage.

What eufy cameras work with homebase?

EufyCam 3 outdoor cameras, the battery doorbell, and motion sensors all work with the Homebase 3. Older Eufy cameras and devices are being added each month and are compatible with the Homebase as well.

Setting up the EufyCam 3 is straightforward; you will need to charge the cameras for 8 hours, download the app, and follow the instructions in the app to pair the cameras to the Homebase and activate everything.

The Homebase 3 needs to be connected to your router or a switch to connect to the internet.



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