Eufy Solocam E20 vs. Eufy Solocam E40 Review (2023): Which One Is The Best?

You are looking for a perfect security camera that you can use in your home. When comparing the Eufy Solocam E20 and Solocam E40, which one is better? All of these cameras offer things like night vision and facial recognition. Which one will it be?

We’ve done all the research for you so choosing between these two cameras should not be difficult at all. In this article, we compare both Eufy Solocam E20 and E40 cameras to help you choose the best one for your needs

Eufy SoloCam E20 Overview

eufy Security, SoloCam E20, Wireless Standalone Outdoor Security Camera, WiFi, Wire-Free, 1080p, IP65 Weatherproof, Night Vision, Local Storage, No Monthly FeeCheck Price on Amazon

The Eufy SoloCam E20 is a wire-free security camera that can be installed anywhere in your home. It has an IP65 weatherproof rating, making it resistant to the elements. The camera also has a standalone operation, making it easy to use without any additional equipment or software.

The camera can shrug off the heat and cold, making it a great option for outdoor use. It can withstand extreme temperatures, so you can rest assured that your camera will be safe no matter what.

The Eufy Solocam E20 is a great security camera because it has no monthly fees or hidden costs. In addition, the SoloCam alerts you when people walk into view, reducing false alarms from animals and swaying tree branches.

In terms of design, the eufy SoloCam E20 doesn’t differ much from the standard eufy camera designs.

It boasts an elongated rectangular shape with round edges, and its front side features a camera lens, status LED, microphone, motion sensor, and photosensitive sensor. On the back, you’ll find the mounting hole and USB charging port.

The eufy SoloCam E20 weighs a mere 0.4kg, making it an excellent option for those who value lightweight products. It has an IP65 weatherproof rating, making it capable of functioning efficiently in both extremely hot and cold weather conditions.

This outdoor camera has a 1080p resolution, a 135-degree FOV, and 25ft infrared night vision without spotlights. It also features 8x digital zoom and 15 FPS speed.

Being a wireless outdoor IP camera, the eufy SoloCam E20 doesn’t require any cables, making it a perfect fit for any part of your home within the Wi-Fi range. However, it only works on the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi frequency.

Additionally, it features mobile support that allows you to adjust the camera settings and enjoy the freedom of mobility.

According to the manufacturer, the eufy SoloCam E20 battery has a theoretical lifespan of four months.

However, the actual span might vary depending on conditions like the camera’s view traffic, settings such as video quality and recording length, workload, and weather conditions.

The Eufy SoloCam E20 comes with 8GB of local storage that cannot be expanded, and it doesn’t support cloud storage.

This storage capacity should be sufficient for a battery-powered camera that records based on motion detection triggered by pre-defined sensors, including humans and pets.

The camera periodically records small clips, and when the allocated space is full, it automatically overwrites the oldest clips.

Unlike other cameras, the Eufy SoloCam E20 doesn’t require any subscription cost, and it’s built on the AES256 encryption framework to ensure your privacy and protection.

The camera boasts several exciting features, such as the ability to create two security zones that alert you via AI whenever motion is detected within the pre-defined zones. The camera sends an alert in less than three seconds, which is commendable. Additionally, the alarm can go up to 90 decibels, loud enough to annoy any intruder.

The Eufy SoloCam E20 has a fully functional and effective night vision system powered by infrared LEDs, which allows you to detect subjects within an 8m range. As an AI-powered system, it assures you of five times faster detection of invaders while eliminating the tendency for false alarms with full-featured 1080P HD recording.

The camera works seamlessly with Google Assistant and Alexa, and through the Eufy mobile app, you can manage your alerts, view footage, check your current battery health, and access other compelling features. The app also allows for two-way communication with anyone outside your home via the integrated speaker on the camera.

Overall, the Eufy SoloCam E20 is a reliable and secure camera that offers several advanced features that are easy to use and manage. According to Eufy, here are the specification of the Eufy Solocam E20 security camera.

Specifications of the eufy SoloCam E20 camera

For a comprehensive list of the eufy SoloCam E20 camera’s specifications, please refer to the table.

For a comprehensive list of the eufy SoloCam E20 camera's specifications, please refer to the table.
Image Credit: Eufy

Eufy SoloCam E40 Overview

eufy Security, SoloCam E40, Outdoor Security Camera, WiFi, Wireless, Wire-Free, Advanced AI Person-Detection, Two-Way Audio, 2K Resolution, 90dB Alarm, IP65 Weatherproof, No Monthly Fee

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The Eufy SoloCam E40 is a wireless security camera that does not require a power brick. It instead plugs into an outlet using a MicroUSB cable.

The camera also has no wires, except for when it is being charged. To charge the camera, the charger must be able to charge a device with a USB connection.

The Eufy Solocam E40 is a great security camera for those who want to keep an eye on their property discreetly.

It features 8GB of onboard storage, 2K resolution for night and day vision, motion detection, customizable activity zones, two-way audio, and AI-powered human detection.

One downside is that it does not have a MicroSD slot for storing additional footage; however, you’ll want to pay mind to the camera’s resolution if you plan to do long-term motion detection and surveillance.

The eufy SoloCam E40 camera is a remarkable upgrade from the previous eufy SoloCam E20 model. This device boasts a 2K resolution that produces exceptionally high-quality images and videos.

With a 135-degree field of view, 25ft infrared night vision (no spotlights), 8x digital zoom, and 15 FPS speed, the eufy SoloCam E40 is an outdoor wireless IP camera that runs on battery power with an IP65 weatherproof rating.

The eufy SoloCam E40 has the same sleek rectangular design with rounded edges as its predecessor. The front of the camera has a camera lens, status LED, microphone, motion sensor, and photosensitive sensor.

At the back, there is a mounting hole and USB charging port. It weighs 0.39kg, supports only the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi frequency, and has an internal storage capacity of 8GB. Similar to the eufy SoloCam E20, you cannot add extra storage to this device.

However, since it records only through motion detection, the 8GB internal storage is enough. When the storage capacity is full, the camera will begin to rewrite from the oldest clips.

The eufy SoloCam E40 does not support cloud storage, but it is built on the AES256 encryption framework to guarantee your privacy and security, and there is no subscription cost attached to this device.

The eufy SoloCam E40 comes with human detection and activity zones, two-way communication, and an alarm. It also works with Google Assistant and Alexa.

You can easily set up the device using the eufy app by following some simple steps.

After charging the camera for at least 8 hours, open the app and click on add device, select the eufy SoloCam E40, input your Wi-Fi password, press the synchronization button on the camera, and scan the QR code shown by facing the camera towards your phone.

Once successful, you can give your camera a name and adjust settings to your liking, including choosing from three modes to manage your device’s battery life: Optimal Battery Life, Optimal Surveillance, and Customize Recording.

While the eufy SoloCam E40 camera battery lasts up to 4 months on a full charge, the actual lifespan depends on various factors such as traffic around the camera, video quality, recording length, workload on the camera, and weather conditions.

Nonetheless, the eufy SoloCam E40 is an excellent choice for outdoor security and monitoring.

Specifications of the eufy SoloCam E40 camera

To get a better idea of what the eufy SoloCam E40 camera can do, check out the detailed specifications in the table below


To get a better idea of what the eufy SoloCam E20 camera can do, check out the detailed specifications in the table below
Image Credit: Eufy

Eufy Solocam E20 vs. Eufy Solocam E40: Complete Feature Comparison

When it comes to the Eufy Solocam E20 vs. Eufy Solocam E40, there are a few things to consider. Both cameras have a similar price, but they offer different features.

The SoloCam E40 is a higher-end camera with more features and better quality. SoloCam E40 and SoloCam E20 have similar pricing, but both offer lower performance in comparison to the other two cameras.


The Solocam E20 screws into a light socket, while the Solocam E40 plugs directly into an outlet.  It takes just minutes to screw in the rotatable mount. Once installed, simply snap the camera into place. It’s so simple you can do it all yourself, saving the hassle of calling a costly contractor.


The image sensor on the Eufy Solocam E40 is larger, and its aperture is wider than the image sensor on the Eufy Solocam E20. This allows more light to enter the lens and results in a brighter image.

Additionally, the lens on the Eufy Solocam E40 has a higher focal length than the lens on the Eufy solocam E20. They have night vision, motion detection, two-way talk, and cloud storage.

Motion Detection

Both of them have motion detection which works perfectly well and captures intruders.


Both the Eufy Solocam E40 and E20 have strong battery power (typical Eufy). However, the battery of the E20 drains faster when compared with Eufy Solocam E40


The Eufy Solocam E40 is more expensive than the E20.


The E20 solocam has 1080p HD resolution, records in 30-foot increments with night vision, and includes two-way audio so you can communicate with whoever is in the room.

The Eufy Solocam E40 has a 2K resolution and also comes equipped with motion detection and facial recognition technology, which will send you an alert whenever it detects activity or someone it recognizes.

SoloCam E40 vs. SoloCam E20: Specifications Comparison Table

Eufy SoloCam E40 Eufy SoloCam E20
Suggested retail price Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Amazon
solve 2K 1080p
Night vision Infrared night vision Infrared night vision
Spotlight brightness (adjustable) No No
Color temperature (adjustable) No No
Battery Life 4 months 4 months
Local storage 8GB emmc, 2 months storage space 8GB emmc, 2 months storage space
Two-way audio Yes Yes
Artificial Intelligence Person Detection Yes Yes
voice assistant Alexa and Google Home Assistant Alexa and Google Home Assistant
Weatherproof IP65 IP65


What is the difference between eufy SoloCam E20 and E40?

The SoloCam E40 boasts a 2K resolution, while the SoloCam E20 features a 1080p resolution. With these cameras, you can capture high-quality images and video, making it easy to monitor your property or keep an eye on your surroundings. Whether you’re looking to enhance your home security or simply keep tabs on your outdoor space, the SoloCam E40 and E20 are both excellent options.

Eufy Solocam E20 vs. Eufy Solocam E40: Which is Better?

When it comes to home security, there are many different options on the market. Two of the most popular are the Eufy Solocam E20 and the Eufy Solocam E40.

Both cameras offer high resolution, night vision, and two-way audio. However, they do have some key differences. The Eufy Solocam E40 has a higher resolution of 2K and a longer battery life than the E20.

The SoloCam app proved challenging to use. The motion detection is done using the app, making it difficult to set up and manage on the phone. Setting up motion zones in the app was tricky.

The Eufy Security website lacks basic functionality such as the ability to change settings or view videos locally. The Eufy Security website requires the user to tap and drag nodes instead of using a mouse.

These cameras are designed to be easy to install and utilize high-quality components. The E20 is a best seller on Amazon while the E40 is more expensive. Both versions offer high resolution, night vision, and two-way audio

The eufy SoloCam E20 and E40 are highly compatible with the eufy Solar Panel, which is a great accessory to add to your camera setup.

By harnessing just a few hours of sunlight each day, the Solar Panel ensures that your camera’s battery remains fully charged, providing a reliable source of power for your camera.


How long does Eufy E40 battery last?

The eufy SoloCam E40’s battery life can last up to four months on a single charge, depending on the frequency of use, clip length, and resolution. When it’s time to recharge, simply remove the camera from its mount and plug it in using a micro-USB cable.

What is the range of Eufy SoloCam E20?

The eufy SoloCam E20 camera is equipped with an efficient infrared LED-powered night vision system that strengthens its security capabilities. With a range of 8 meters, the night vision system allows you to detect subjects in low-light conditions, further enhancing your surveillance capabilities.

Does Eufy SoloCam e20 need HomeBase?

Completely wire-free, the SoloCam requires no HomeBase for operation. With an easy setup process, the camera can be used independently, providing a hassle-free experience.

How long does SoloCam E40 take to charge?

The eufy SoloCam E20 and SoloCam E40 feature a powerful built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 6,700mAh. To fully charge your SoloCam, simply use the micro USB charging cable provided and charge it for 4-5 hours. This battery eliminates the need for frequent battery replacements and allows for continuous surveillance of your outdoor space.




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