Hiseeu 1080p Wireless Security System: All you need to Know

With more and more people getting used to the idea of a wireless security camera, Hiseeu is one of the first companies to release a series of high-tech, wireless security cameras.

The Hiseeu camera doesn’t need to be physically connected to a power source to operate, and the company also claims the cameras are built to last, with 1,200-hour battery life, 1080p video recording, and DVR technology that can be used as a security system.

Which security camera system, such as the Hiseeu 4ch 1080p wireless security camera system, is the best?

We’ll go through the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing the Hiseeu home security camera in this review, as well as why you should buy the camera or not.

Hiseeu Wireless Home Security Camera Review


The camera build quality and ease of setup of the NVR impressed us greatly throughout our testing, as did the top-notch technical support that came with it.

The 1TB hard disk in the Hiseeu wireless security camera system allows you to store all of your recorded videos. Everything about the Hiseeu Wireless Security Surveillance System works together to provide you with the best possible home security camera system.

Each camera has a resolution of 2MP (megapixels), making it possible to capture high-quality video in every room in the house.

These high-quality cameras deliver crystal-clear video even in low-light conditions, thanks to their integrated night vision and audio recorder. Despite the fact that it is still relatively unknown, it has quickly risen to the top of the list of best-selling security systems.

The nicest thing is that the cameras can be used anywhere because they’re all connected via Bluetooth. The easier it is to maintain a system with fewer wires. The receiver must be connected, but no cords are required to activate the cameras. Because of this, you may put them anywhere you want without having to worry about damaging your walls or your flooring with exposed wires.

The Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System app is yet another standout feature. In order to keep an eye on your home even while you’re not there, you may connect your cameras to the Hiseeu camera app.

This gives you additional peace of mind, knowing that your house and loved ones are safe even when you’re away on vacation or at work. It’s the best way to make sure you’re safe.

hiseeu wireless security camera

Pros and Cons of the Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System

Listed below are a few of the most notable features and anomalies we found when testing the hiseeu 4ch wireless security camera.


  • The setup is simple.
  • 1 terabyte of storage space is ideal for use both indoors and out.
  • a sound player was found and it was activated
  • Each camera in the system automatically connects to the receiver when turned on.
  • Night vision footage of the best possible quality
  • Weatherproof


  • App features are really minimal.
  • It’s a bit costly.


Hiseeu wireless security camera system setup

The Hiseeu Wireless Security Surveillance System is incredibly simple to set up and use once you have purchased it. The receiver must pick up the cameras and all connections must be connected properly.

Easy installation makes it possible for you to swiftly and easily install the system. Regardless of where you are in the house, you have a clear view of your children’s surroundings because you can move the cameras around as needed.

This system may be set up anywhere, including your office. You don’t need to get permission to store objects in a rental property when you can secure your business park both inside and out without drilling holes.

The Hiseeu Wireless Security Surveillance box includes four cameras, a 4CH wireless video recorder, and a 1TB hard drive.

  • Digital video recorder with 8-channel H.265 wireless network (Wireless NVR)
  • 1 terabyte of storage (Pre-installed in NVR)
  • 4 IR CMOS 2MP Color Cameras Cameras via IP (Internet Protocol)
  • 4 x 10-foot power cords (12V-1000mA) Security camera power supply
  • NVR 3M 9DB Extension Antenna
  • Power Supply 3 Feet (12V-2000mA)
  • Enhanced WIFI signal for the camera
  • 2 Stickers with cautionary messages
  • 1 HDMI cable with mouse manual
  • A network cable of two feet in length

This fantastic security camera comes with a user manual and two caution stickers as part of the package. Instead of being driven by price, we recommend Hiseeu wireless security camera since you won’t be disappointed with your purchase later on.

Buying a Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera: Things to Keep in Mind

These are the key aspects that we considered when writing this Hiseeu Security Camera System Review, and we’re excited to share them with you.

Excellent Image Quality with the Camera

One of the most important features of a security camera is its ability to detect even the smallest of disturbances with pinpoint accuracy and crystal clear dynamics. High-resolution cameras and advanced features are required in a security camera system.

Longevity under Difficult Environments

Extreme weather conditions, such as the relentless rain of the monsoons and the blistering heat of the summer, can be difficult for security camera systems to withstand. The adaptability of security cameras boosts its output as well.

The Capacity of the Camera

The security camera system’s vast coverage would allow the camera to provide a 360-degree view, which is critical because problems might develop in any setting. The greatest home security cameras will catch any mishap right away.

Audio Quality and Motion Detection

When it comes to using your home security camera, this function is critical. Small movements and sensations are crucial for detecting larger problems. Even the tiniest aural stimulus is supposed to be detected by the security camera’s amazing audio clarity.


The Hiseeu Wireless Security Surveillance System ensures you can watch and secure your house even when you’re not there, even as crime rates continue to skyrocket.

In other words, installing this security system in your house will give you and your family the further security you need to feel secure.