5 Home Security Tips & Gadgets Your Must Know About

When we buy a new house or rent an apartment, we do everything from renovation to decoration but forget about home security. Yes, the most important aspect is often left untouched.  Setting up security is important to circumvent any undesired incident that can lead to any kind of loss – financial, social, or emotional.  With the advancement in technology, home security devices have become more powerful at detecting the risks of thefts or burglaries even before they occur. 

Home Security Tips & Gadgets Your Must Know About 1

Secure All Entrances

Any kind of negligence can cost you more than your hard-earned money. Don’t let anyone enter your house when you are away by inspecting the doors carefully. Also, change all the locks for all the internal and main doors to prevent outsider access. 

Ensure that the frames and hinges are not loose and easily breakable or removable. You may choose to install a deadbolt, upgrade to smart padlocks, or install a video doorbell to strengthen your home security

Lock the Windows

Windows are the common and the favorite entry point for thieves as most of the time people leave them unlocked. Before you leave for your work or vacation, make sure to shut the windows and lock them securely. 

Add key-operated levers to the windows to make them burglar-proof. In addition to this, install glass-break sensors, reinforce window glass by adding security film, add window bars, or plant heavy-prickly bushes under the windows. 

Install a Security System

Protect your home with an advanced security system to ensure complete safety in and around the house. Some of the latest security systems come with AI technology and save pictures for every single moment in the cloud so that you can keep a check on the go. 

When installing a security system, ensure that it alerts you in the event of a mishap when you are away from home. Moreover, check your microphone to ensure that it allows for two-way communication so that you don’t miss anything important.  

Protect Your Garage

Car garages, in recent years, have become another popular access point for burglars. People store a lot of stuff in the garage, and that’s what makes them vulnerable. When you are leaving for work, make sure to lock the garage from inside and outside. 

For maximum security, you can install smart garage doors that notify you if anyone other than a family member tries to open them. You can even install a home security automation system if the budget allows or simply add additional security alarms to the garage entrance. 

Safeguard Your WiFi Network

Other than installing security cameras, sensing alarms, video doorbells, and motion detectors, you must securely shield your WiFi network. Protect your home WiFi network by assigning a strong password that is difficult to crack. 

Your WiFi can be the doorway to your financial and other sensitive information. Enhance your security by enabling WPA encryption and changing your password every few months. Also, install antivirus and antimalware software to nosedive any security threat. 

5 Must-Have Home Security Devices

Before you finalize the security devices for your home, make sure to identify your needs to get the best device. Take a tour of your neighborhood to check the surroundings and dark spots, as it will help install a robust security system.  

Security Cameras

When you think about home safety, security cameras are certainly the first thing that comes to your mind. Pick an AI-enabled security system for better protection.  Not only do these cameras prevent intrusion from main entrances, but they safeguard your terrace, front porch, backyard, balconies, and other spots from unauthorized access. 

Video Doorbells

Smart doorbells with video capabilities send an alert to your phone when someone rings the bell or approaches the door. You can see who is outside and decide if you need to open the door or not. The doorbell prevents you and your kids from the danger of opening the door to strangers. 

Smart Locks 

Home Security Tips & Gadgets Your Must Know About 1

The WiFi-enabled doors not only add security to your house but convenience, too, as you can open them even if you forgot the keys somewhere.  Smart locks can communicate with your smartphone, and you can lock and unlock them from anywhere by using the associated app. 

Smart Lights

LED lights are WiFi-enabled gadgets that you can control via a smartphone app from a remote location when you are away from home.  Turn on or turn off the smart lights from anywhere and save significantly on your electricity bill while adding security to your house. 

Smoke Alarms 

Thefts and burglaries are not the only threats that can put you into trouble, but the risk of catching fire is another anxious thing that people deal with.  Install smart smoke alarms to ensure better protection. Some latest smoke alarms alert people in a human voice rather than the emergency bell-like tone.