How to Connect YI Home Camera to WiFi

The Yi Home Camera is one of the most popular security cameras on the market today, and its low cost makes it an attractive alternative to more expensive models. But the Yi Home Camera isn’t just a security camera—it’s a multifunctional device that’s capable of streaming content, connecting to your WiFi network, and much more. This article will walk you through how to connect your Yi Home Camera to your WiFi network.

YI home camera won’t connect to wifi? You’ll learn how to fix that

Most brand-new users of the Yi home camera system, especially those hoping to install their camera on their home surveillance system, may run Yi security camera not connecting to WiFi. This problem is not uncommon, and it can be easily resolved. If you’re having this issue, do not worry—there is a quick solution.

How to connect YI home camera to wifi

How to fix YI home camera won’t connect to WiFi

Before you read further, did the camera work properly for a while before it stopped working? Do you have any other cameras in the house? And do they still work fine? either way, follow these tips to connect your YI camera to your WiFi network.

1.  Download the latest version of the YI Action Camera app

One of the ways to fix the issue of the Yi camera not connecting to WiFi is to download or update your YI cam app to the latest version. If you are an IOS user, you can get this app on the apple store while Andriod users can get it on the google play store.

2. Ensure that the camera’s Wi-Fi is turned on

Make sure to check that the camera’s WiFi connection is on. After this, swipe down to open the shortcut menu and check that the Wi-Fi option is lit.

3. Ensure the app is not connected to a different camera’s Wi-Fi hotspot

Another issue to look into is whether your app is connected to a different camera’s hotspot. Always ensure this does not happen.

4. Ensure the app’s Wi-Fi password is correct

This is very important. sometimes, you may have forgotten your password combinations. Always use an easy-to-remember password for your WiFi or app. Usually, the default password is 1234567890.

5. Check if another phone is connected to the camera

Yi camera can only be connected to one phone at a time. If you are having difficulties connecting your Yi home camera to your WiFi network, check if another phone is connected to the camera.

6. Ensure that your phone and camera are not farther apart when connecting

Please make sure that the phone and the camera are within 100 meters of each other. The closer they are, the faster the connection.

7. Check for interference

Too many hotspots in your vicinity can cause a connection failure due to interference. Please, always ensure that there are not too many other Wi-Fi hotspots nearby that may interfere with your connection.

8. Exit the app and restart the camera

If you have done all that was listed above correctly,  please exit the app and restart the camera. Turn the camera’s Wi-Fi back on, open the app and try to connect again.

9. Restore Factory Settings

If the above steps still don’t fix the problem of your YI camera not connecting to WiFi, tap the rear screen of the camera to highlight it and select “Settings” – “System Settings” – “Restore Factory Settings” to restore the device to factory defaults and then create again link.

We believe that applying the steps as applied above, will help you fix Yi home camera not connected to the WiFi issue. If the problem continues, please kindly contact the manufacturers. We also wrote on how to fix Yi camera error 3003, you should check it out.



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