How to fix Ring Doorbell Camera Showing Black and White

When you connect your Ring Doorbell to the cloud, it uses the camera’s built-in color sensor to take photos and video footage. But sometimes Ring will show black and white feeds on your app or in the mobile app.

The Ring Video doorbell has a wide range of capabilities and smart features that help us protect our house and family. As a result, Ring Doorbell is trapped in black and white mode since so many functionalities are activated at once.

We’ll go over how to troubleshoot the Ring Doorbell becoming stuck in black and white mode. Before we proceed with the remedy, let us first discuss why it becomes stuck in a black and white mode in the first place.

Why is Ring Doorbell Camera show Black and White?

There are a few reasons this might happen. A black-and-white picture on the ring doorbell means it’s locked in night mode, which is sometimes accompanied by lighting troubles produced by infrared lights. The shade covering your doorbell may also be to blame, as this reduces the amount of available light, resulting in a black-and-white video.

Alternatively, you can look for a small red dot in the video to see if your night vision is activated. And if it’s still ringing in the middle of the day, your ring doorbell is indeed stuck in black and white.

While most security cameras prefer to operate in night mode, it might be inconvenient if the feature persists even when there is daylight.

Ring Doorbell’s night vision automatically turns on and off using infrared technology. When the infrared sensor detects low light, the night vision feature kicks in, and your doorbell begins to display images and videos in black and white.

The low porch is a major cause of the ring video doorbell’s black and white stuck problem. Ring Doorbell can be shaded by a low porch or other objects, and as a result of the lack of light, Ring Doorbell is forced into night vision mode.

The question now is: are you capable of repairing this black-and-white ring doorbell that has become stuck inside?

This issue can be resolved in one of four methods, see how to fix the ring doorbell camera black and white issues below.

How to fix Ring Doorbell Camera Showing Black and White in Minutes

There are basically four ways to fix the black and white screen in Ring Video Doorbell. All of these are very easy to do and can be done even in minutes.

Restart Your Ring Doorbell

It is not necessary to make an effort to restart Ring Doorbell. Also, if the doorbell is hardwired, make sure you unplug it. The measures to take are outlined below.

Step 1: Locate the orange button on the back of your Ring doorbell gadget. Please press that button.

Step 2: Continue to hold down the reset button for the following 20 seconds.

Step 3: Next, inspect the front area of your Ring Doorbell. You will now notice a light flashing, indicating that the doorbell is being reset.

Step 4: The reset process will take at least 5 minutes.

Make Infrared Adjustments

If the options above do not solve your problem, you can try switching the Ring app’s settings from normal to automated. The methods for changing the infrared settings on your Ring doorbell device are outlined below.

  1. Launch your app and tap the three dots in the upper-right corner.
  2. Then, open the device settings and select the Gear icon.
  3. Under the video settings tab, you should now see the option for night vision.
  4. Then, select the Night Vision option and set it to Auto.
  5. Due to infrared lights, your Ring Doorbell device may be trapped in night mode.

There’s a chance it’s kept in the shade, which is why it doesn’t get enough sunlight to get rid of the black and white mode.

Change the Environment of the Doorbell Camera

You may have to move your Ring Doorbell or the things around it if there is less light coming to your front porch that is sufficient for the infrared lights to turn on. For some time now, Ring has been saying that they’ve increased the amount of light that your Ring Doorbell needs to receive before it starts beeping.

If your porch has an overhead light or shrubs and plants that could potentially obstruct the light, remove your Ring Doorbell from its hinges if it is not hardwired and place it in a bright position. Use your smartphone’s Live View feature to check if the color has returned during this phase of testing.

If the color does not return after moving it, you may wish to contact Ring Technical Support or look into other possibilities. However, if the hue of the doorbell’s video feed has returned to normal, you may want to consider making alterations to the surrounding environment.

Contact the Ring Technical Support Team

If you’ve tried all of the methods listed above and your Ring Doorbell is still stuck in black and white, you’ll need to contact Ring’s technical support team. Your Ring Doorbell’s brightness and exposure can be increased by performing basic troubleshooting actions.

Anyone who encounters this issue is encouraged to get assistance from a Ring support expert by calling the Ring support number. The Ring Doorbell’s exposure and brightness can be improved by the company’s technical support team.

When it doesn’t work, they’ll even make you a brand new Ring Doorbell at no cost to you.


There are four options for resolving the black and white screen in Ring Video Doorbell. If there is insufficient light coming into your front porch for the infrared lights to turn on, you may need to reposition your Ring Doorbell or the items around it. Check the Live View function on your smartphone to see if the color has returned throughout this phase of testing.

Get in touch with the Ring Technical Support Team. If you’ve tried all of the above ways and your Ring Doorbell is still stuck in black and white, you’ll need to contact Ring’s technical support staff.



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