How to fix Simplisafe Doorbell Won’t Connect to WiFi

Simplisafe is an IoT platform that makes it easy to connect your doorbell, motion sensor, and security camera to the internet. Learn how to fix a Simplisafe doorbell that won’t connect to your WiFi network. This article will show you how to troubleshoot this issue and fix it.

Why won’t my SimpliSafe doorbell connect to WiFi?

If you’re experiencing a problem connecting your SimpliSafe doorbell to WiFi, there are a few things you should do. First, make sure that the power for both devices is on, and then try turning off all other wireless connections except for the one between your phone and the doorbell.

If the distance is too far, it will disconnect from WiFi and not provide a connection. The doorbell can still work with 3G or 4G networks if they are nearby, but you won’t be able to connect them to your home’s Wi-Fi.

One of the most common problems with Simplisafe doorbells is an inability to connect and maintain a connection. It’s important that you check for contributing factors like low bandwidth, interference from other wireless devices, or WiFi antennae placement before trying reconnecting your doorbell.

It’s also possible that there could be a weather-related issue where the router isn’t reachable as well as ensuring it has power by checking if all lights are on in your home and making sure it can reach its router.

If your SimpliSafe doorbell is not connecting to WiFi, you may be experiencing a problem with the password or network name. Any attempt to change this information without updating changes will cause disconnection of WiFi.

How to Fix SimpliSafe Doorbell Camera Not Connecting to WiFi?

If you’re having WiFi problems with your SimpliSafe doorbell camera, there are a few things you may attempt to fix:

  • Check that your router is transmitting your network on a 2.4 GHz signal rather than a 5GHz frequency. (In order to give more coverage, the SimpliSafe system is configured to work with 2.4 GHz WiFi networks. 2.4 GHz networks penetrate walls and floors far better than 5 GHz networks.)
  • If your SSID (wireless network name) and/or WiFi Password have recently changed, you must re-enter your password on your keypad. For instructions on connecting to and modifying your WiFi information, please check this page.
  • Both the WiFi network name and password are presently limited to 32 characters.
  • Check that your SSID is not concealed. If it is, go to your WiFi Router’s network settings and make the network discoverable.
  • Try power cycling your base station and reconnecting. The base station is intended to operate during a power outage by drawing power from its rechargeable backup battery. However, this is only valid for 24 hours. This simply means that if your Simplisafe doorbell does not get electricity after 24 hours of a power outage, it will go offline.
  • Reset your wireless router.
  • As you try to connect your Base Station to your WiFi network, try bringing it near to your router.


The reason your Simplisafe doorbell is not working is most likely due to a faulty WiFi network connection.

Do not be concerned if your Simplisafe doorbell is unavailable due to a distant router. Simply shorten the distance between your router and your Simplisafe doorbell. You should either move the router closer to the doorbell or the doorbell closer to the router. In any case, you’d be able to bridge the gap and enable a WiFi connection.

Don’t be in such a rush. We’ve just begun. Getting a WiFi extender is a solution for insufficient bandwidth. A WiFi extender will assist your WiFi network in boosting its signal.

Finally, keep these things in mind while purchasing a WiFi extension to resolve your Simplisafe doorbell offline issue. The extender must be able to support a WiFi frequency of 2.4GHz. It must also be able to give the extended WiFi network a distinct name from the original WiFi network.



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