How to Fix the Simplisafe Entry Sensor Not Responding Error

Sensors are Simplisafe’s latest addition to the Simplisafe home security system. The sensors are door and window contact sensors that communicate with the Simplisafe panel via wireless signals! When you arm your Simplisafe alarm, these sensors will be activated to detect any windows or doors that are opened.

However, if you have the Simplisafe system installed and your sensors don’t seem to be responding properly, there may be an issue with your sensor. You can read how to fix this if it isn’t working, as well as how to replace it with other sensors.

What does ‘Sensor Not Responding’ on SimpliSafe mean?

A Sensor Not Responding error is a common issue that will occur when sensors in the SimpliSafe system fail to check in with the Base Station for more than 24 hours. In order to fix this issue, you must first reset your base station and then wait 45 minutes before reattaching all of your wired entry sensors.

Also, If you are trying to install the SimpliSafe Entry Sensor, but it is giving an error of ‘Sensor not responding,’ then your device may have been programmed successfully but never installed.

This can happen if someone else in your household has already set up their own entry sensor without following through on removing yours first. If this is happening, please remove the other person’s entry sensor before continuing with installation for yourself.

When the entry sensor is not responding, you can test it by clapping. This will determine if the device has been damaged in any way and whether or not there are batteries inside of it.

As a result, if they fail to check in with the Base Station for more than 24 hours, the SimpliSafe system would generate issues. This problem is usually caused by one of the following factors:

  • When your system was ordered, the device was configured but never installed. If you have extra sensors that are still boxed up and have not been installed, make sure to remove them from your Keypad’s “Devices” menu.
  • The battery or batteries in the gadget that is generating the error must be changed.
  • The gadget is too far away from your Base Station to communicate from where it is now.

These SimpliSafe sensors are useful in security monitoring systems placed in your smart home. They assist to keep your home safe from all types of threats and risks, including burglary.

How to Fix the Simplisafe Entry Sensor Not Responding

How to fix the Simplisafe entry sensor not responding

The SimpliSafe Entry Sensor is a product that is designed to help the user avoid potential hazards in their home. This product comes with four sensors and can be easily installed. However, if the device malfunctions or becomes disconnected from its power source, then it will not function properly.

In order to fix this issue, you must press and hold the reset button on the front of your sensor for at least 10 seconds until you hear a tone sound off indicating that it has been successfully powered back on.

If your sensor still does not respond, then you will need to replace the battery in the device.

The SimpliSafe entry sensor will not respond when the alarm is triggered, but if you are using it with a New Gen system then this error can be fixed easily.

First of all, make sure that your Simplisafe security system has been updated to the latest firmware version 3.0 or higher. Then simply unscrew and remove the old entrance point icon from where it was connected before switching over to the new one in its place on top of your current wiring setup/shape for more entry points.

This issue can also be corrected by putting the sensors closer to the SimpliSafe base station. Testing your sensor to see whether it is too far away from your Base Station is the simplest method to find out. Follow these steps to put the Base Station into Test Mode:

  1. Enter your Master PIN by pressing “menu” on the Keypad.
  2. Navigate to “Test Mode” and select it using the right rocker.
  3. The Base Station will notify you that it has entered Test Mode. From here, you may test the sensor by pressing the button on top of it. Assuming the Base Station can connect with the sensor, you’ll hear it acknowledge the test by stating the sensor’s name (if you choose one of the preset names offered when configuring your system) and kind.

If you did not hear the Base Station acknowledge the test (but were within earshot and would have if it had), disconnect the sensor from its mounting bracket and carry it into the room where your Base Station is located.

Repeat the test by pushing the test button on the sensor’s top. If you hear the test recognized this time, you’ll know that the sensor is too far away from the Base Station to communicate properly.

When this occurs, we recommend that you relocate the Base Station rather than the device itself, as the Base Station should be able to connect with all of your devices if it is positioned in a central location on your property.

However, some spaces may be vulnerable to higher amounts of interference, such as the kitchen or the workplace, where several electronics are plugged in, and so on. If you are able, consider shifting the Base Station to be closer to these regions if you are encountering difficulties with sensors not responding, as this will frequently remedy the problem.

Finally, when the sensor does not respond, this is an error that can be fixed by making sure there are no obstructions on both sides of the sensor. If it’s still not working, you may have to replace your Simplisafe entry sensors with new ones or call support for help.



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