How to Fix Vivint Doorbell Not Working

Learn how to fix the Vivint doorbell not working in your home. We show you how to troubleshoot and fix common problems with your wireless security system.

Many Vivint doorbell owners have reported issues with the device. Their Vivint doorbell, they claim, is completely nonfunctional. There are several things you may do if you find yourself in the same situation.

Vivint provides a wide range of home security alternatives for those who want the best possible protection. There are a variety of choices available, one of which is a smart doorbell that allows customers to monitor a live broadcast from within their home or even while they are away.

Why is my Vivint Doorbell Camera not Working?

Vivint Doorbell Camera Not Connecting: The most common reason Vivint doorbell camera is not working is that the internet connection has been cut off.

Also, If your Vivint Doorbell Camera is not responding, it may be due to a power outage. If the camera has been triggered and you cannot see anything on the screen, it may be because the power went out. You can try turning your camera back on or resetting your device to solve the issue.

Lastly, the distance between the router and the Vivint doorbell camera could be responsible for why it is not working. A Vivint doorbell can only work if they are within 100 feet of the router.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the most typical fixes for a Vivint doorbell camera that won’t work anymore. So, without further ado, here we go!

5 Ways To Fix Vivint Doorbell Not Working

Nothing calms you down like knowing your house is safe. Installing Vivint doorbells is a great method to do this. These bells may stop working at any time. If this occurs, you’ll have to get the problem fixed to keep your house safe. Here are the easiest ways to get your Vivint doorbell to operate again in minutes.

Try resetting your doorbells and see if that helps.

Resetting the doorbell is a good place to start if the problem persists. Resetting restores your system’s settings to their original default state. As a result, if your doorbell is broken, resetting it should be an option to fix it.

Depending on the model of your doorbell, the process for resetting it will be different. Some gadgets require you to press and hold the power button while others have a separate reset button.

Do a check on the power supply

If your doorbell isn’t working, it’s possible that it’s not getting any power. As a result, we advise you to see if the doorbell is receiving enough power.

If not, you’ll have to remove and reinstall the doorbell. It’s also possible that you’ll need to get new batteries.

The Router should Be Restarted

If your doorbell doesn’t ring because it’s disconnected, it’s possible that your internet connection isn’t working properly. In either situation, we suggest that you give a router a fresh start.

In addition, we recommend that you verify whether or not your internet connection is active. A speed test should be able to tell you whether or not your internet is functioning properly. When something goes wrong, you’ll have to get in touch with your internet service provider.

Get in touch with the Vivint Help Desk.

The last resort is to get in touch with customer service. By doing this, a member of the team will have the opportunity to review your case. Further troubleshooting should be easier now that you know this.

Buy an Alternative brand of doorbell camera

Other times, the issue isn’t with the doorbell camera from Vivint. If your Vivint doorbell doesn’t work but the camera is fine, the room may not be in excellent shape.

If this occurs, you’ll have to come up with a new solution. But it’s not a simple task. For a replacement, make certain you buy the right Vivint doorbell alternative. We recommend the Eufy Battery-powered Wireless Video Doorbell Camera with Free Wireless Chime.


The safety of your house must always come first. Please don’t take it for granted, and instead, take the time to go through your doorbell system.

The first step in getting your Vivint doorbell fixed is determining which part of the bell needs to be replaced.

If you know where the problem is coming from, you may decide whether to replace the entire system or just the doorbell itself. You’ll be able to tell when to spend money and when to conserve money.

The above steps will help you if you discover that the camera is to blame.



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