Wyze Cam Error Code 27 (2023 Working Solution)

The Wyze Cam error code 27 is very annoying, but there’s a solution for it. Wyze Cam cameras are smart security cameras that allow you to monitor your home remotely from your Wyze app or computer.

Using the Wyze Cam indoor security camera, you can watch live footage that is sent to your phone. This is a great feature, allowing you to watch your home’s activity at all times, and capture activity if something goes wrong.

Unfortunately, sometimes your Wyze Cam won’t be able to connect to your Wi-Fi network and will display an error code. You’ll need to resolve your Wyze Cam’s error code 27 to get it working again.

What is Wyze Cam Error Code 27?

Well, This error is linked to the Wi-FI link. This is a random error that disconnects the camera from the network which brings up a message “connection failed (error code 27)”, and after some tests, I discovered that it is fixable by improving camera and router communication.

Here’s the message you see on the screen when the camera gets the error…

Connection failed (error code 27) Please try:

  1. Exit app and retry
  2. Power cycle the camera
  3. Reboot the router

If you’re having problems like this, you’ve probably found that the error goes away on its own after a while and the camera reconnects to Wi-Fi.


How to Solve Wyze Cam Error Code 27?

When using a streaming video system, the most common error code you will see on your Wyze security Cam is “Wyze Cam Error Code 27”. This error code means the camera has lost connection with the network. There a basically four ways to resolve this issue

1. Restart/Reset your Wyze security cam

To resolve this error, you will need to unplug the Wyze Cam and reset it to factory settings, and then plug it in again. You must attach your camera to your Wi-FI router in order for it to connect to the Internet and the Wyze Cam server, so this connection is critical. If the error persists, use option number two below.

2. Reduce the distance between the router and the camera

Because the Wyze Cam lacks an external antenna, it can fail to communicate with the router, so give it some assistance. You can increase Wi-FI signal transmission and reception by relocating your router or camera. Attempt to shift any objects that might be blocking the signals as well.

How to Solve Wyze Cam Error Code 27?

3. Check for connection interference

If your router gets too much interference from other devices, such as your neighbor’s router, it can have a major impact on your network. To fix this problem, just try to use a different frequency to avoid interference.

The solution is simple, log into your router and try to use the channel that your next neighbor is not using. If he uses the number 1, try number 6 or 11.

Some modern routers can scan the area and show you which channels are being used nearby, if all are being used just pick the one with less interference.

In case your router doesn’t show the other channels, use one of the 3 clean channels and check the signal strength of your Wyze camera and repeat the process to find the best one that is less prone to interference.

4. Get a new WiFi router

Sometimes, the connection problem may be from your WiFi router. If the Wyze cam error code 27 no longer appears, you do not need a new router.

However, some users reported that their old router was causing problems with Wyze Cam communication, so after upgrading to a new one, such as the TP-Link AC1750, the problem was resolved. Maybe that is the solution for your case.

A new router can solve the connection problems because it uses the most advanced technology and can handle longer distances.

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Wrapping up…

The secure wifi Wyze cam is a wonderful invention of the 21st century. It has many great features, and it is a great way to make sure you have a sense of security in your home. However, there are problems that can arise. One of these problems can be Wyze cam error code 27, which is a problem that can occur with this wonderful product.

The Wyze Cam error code 27 is very common in environments with Wi-Fi issues. Simply use the most recent camera firmware and follow the instructions in this article. If you continue to have issues, please contact Wyze Cam Support for help.


What is error code 27 on the Wyze camera?

These errors indicate that your Wyze Cam is unable to stream, despite being visible to the servers. This issue might arise due to an excessive number of devices connected to the network. To address this, you can try the following: Disconnect your smartphone or tablet from the WiFi network and then reconnect it.

Why does Wyze say SD card not available?

When both the camera and the computer fail to detect the microSD card, it suggests a potential issue with the card itself. To troubleshoot, consider using a different microSD card if available, and check whether the camera can successfully detect the alternate card. This will help determine if the problem lies with the original microSD card.



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