How to Fix YI Camera Error 20009

f you’re having trouble with Yi camera error 20009, you’re not alone. Customers have been reporting this error online since mid-2017; we have a few theories as to what might be causing it, but we’re not in a position to say for sure what’s going on. What we do know is that the error is coming from a software issue, since users report that removing memory cards and resetting the device solves it.

However, in some cases, the problem can be caused by the camera’s firmware, so regardless of whether or not you’re able to fix the issue with those solutions, you may want to contact YI customer service to let them know. In order to fix YI camera error 20009, we need to solve the root cause of the problem.

What does YI camera error 20009 mean?

The YI smart camera has multiple features, and new users may find the functions and commands a bit confusing. The YI Home app, for example, has an error code for “camera offline,” and though this error message is self-explanatory, it may not always be clear why the camera is offline.

The code for the camera offline is 20009, and this error may appear if the YI smart camera has lost connection to the YI Home app. The camera and the app may also lose contact if the camera is unplugged or the network connection is interrupted in any way.

How to Fix YI Camera Error 20009

What causes YI Security Camera Error 20009?

The YI Home camera comes in two variants. It has a Chinese version that is specifically made for the Chinese people and an international version for countries outside China.

These YI home camera versions come equipped with different firmware versions (Chinese and international). If you use the Chinese version outside china, you may meet error 2009 because this version has been designed to work only in China where the Chinese server is located.

However, if you live outside China, you should buy the international version of the YI home security camera that also works with Alexa.

Is your Yi security camera giving you an error message? If you pulled your hair out trying to figure out what the message means, you are not alone. This camera came out a few years ago, so you may not find information on the internet from people who are still using the device.

If you’re using a Yi camera and seeing this error, check out the troubleshooting tips below. If you recently purchased one of these cameras, check out the steps on how to fix Yi camera error code 20009.

How to solve YI Camera Error Code 20009

Updating Firmware

Updating your firmware to match your location is one of the best ways of solving YI camera error 20009. You can do this by heading over to YI official website and download the latest firmware. You can download a special firmware and change the camera configuration file.

The fastest way is to download this firmware that was designed by Niclet on Github that makes the Chinese version of the Yi Home Camera work outside China.

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide for the firmware installation

1. Download the file from the website

2. Copy the files to the root folder of an SD card

3. Open the “test” folder and edit the file yi-hack-v2.cfg

4. Insert the SD card into the camera

5. Turn on the camera and pair it with the Yi Home app.

6. You should have your Yi Home camera working now.

Resting the Camera

Another way to fix the issue of Yi error 20009 is to hard reset your security camera. you can reset the camera and pair again using your mobile device.

Restarting Camera

Restarting the camera could also work, especially after you’ve done the first two steps above.

Reinstalling Camera App

Reinstalling your camera app is another way to fix yi camera error 2009.

Contact Support

If these methods did not resolve the issue, contact