How to Remove the Battery from the Ring Doorbell 3

If you’ve recently purchased the Ring Video Doorbell 3 and find that it’s going to take a long time for the battery to fully charge, then this article is perfect for you. We’ll tell you how to remove the battery from your ring doorbell 3, charge or replace it with a fresh one if need be.

Does ring doorbell 3 have a removable battery?

Yes, the ring doorbell 3 battery is removable and can be replaced by a standard Lithium-ion battery. it comes with a Removable, Rechargeable Battery Pack and can also be Hardwired.

Some Ring doorbells are battery-powered, but if the device is plugged in, it won’t need batteries. If you’re not sure whether your Ring doorbell’s batteries can be removed, simply ask an associate at a local Ring store.

The Ring Doorbell 3 is powered by an internal battery. According to the manufacturer, the battery lasts 6-12 months, which is quite a long time. The battery life is determined by how frequently the motion sensor is activated as well as how frequently you use this doorbell for video streaming and communication.

The 6,000mAh unit is rechargeable, and the entire procedure takes only a few hours. Unfortunately, there is no battery access from the Ring device’s outer shell, therefore you must remove the faceplate to reach the battery. Naturally, the faceplate has been designed to be strong and durable. As a result, here’s a quick way to removing the Ring doorbell 3 battery.

How to remove the Battery from the Ring Doorbell 3

How do you remove the battery from a ring doorbell 3? To remove the battery, you must first gain access to the inner workings of the Ring device. To do so, you must first remove the faceplate. Don’t be scared. The entire process is fairly simple if you know what you’re doing.

Step 1: Unscrew and remove the doorbell from the wall

You may have spotted a strange-looking screwdriver with a star-shaped end when you initially unpacked your Ring Doorbell. The security screw is the first thing you must remove in order to remove the faceplate, and this can only be done with the included screwdriver. Obviously, this was done for security reasons, so don’t try to remove the screw with third-party tools or methods, as you may wind up hurting it.

Simply slide the star-shaped end of the screwdriver into the screw and begin rotating counterclockwise until the screw is loose. Even after you remove the screw, the faceplate will remain tightly in place.

Step 2: Take off the Faceplate

After you’ve removed the security screw, you don’t need any tools to remove the faceplate. However, removing the faceplate may require some effort. This was done on purpose to make the Ring Doorbell gadget more difficult to steal or tamper with.

Put your thumbs on the bottom of the faceplate and the tips of your index and middle fingers on the front plate to remove it. You will push the faceplate upwards with your thumbs while supporting it with your middle and index fingers. If you do not offer adequate support, the cover may collapse and become damaged.

Take one hand off the faceplate while still supporting the index and middle fingers with the other, grip the cover and pull it away. If you’ve done everything right, it should go off without a hitch.

One of the reasons Ring Support will advise you to unscrew and remove the doorbell from the wall is that if you screw the doorbell too tightly to the mounting surface, especially if the surface you are attached to is uneven, the plastic Video Doorbell will twist/warp and the battery will bind inside its compartment. Check that your mounting bracket is not deformed or distorted when it is fastened to the home.

If the attaching surface is uneven, you might try to level it out with a paste compound. Tighten the mounting screws only to the point where the doorbell will not move. It doesn’t have to be cranked all the way down.

If you suspect that the less-tightened screws will back out or become loose, apply a small amount of “Loctite” to the treads of those mounting screws to prevent unintended loosening.

How to Charge the Battery of Your Ring Video Doorbell 3

Only one battery is required for your Ring Video Doorbell 3 battery to function properly or, when hardwired, to act as backup power for your Video Doorbell 3. A second battery, on the other hand, is available for purchase if you desire prolonged battery life or don’t want to endure any downtime while charging the battery.

A typical micro-USB cable is used to charge your Video Doorbell 3 battery (an orange one is included in your Ring box). The micro-USB cord is compatible with any USB power source, such as a computer. Depending on whether the USB cable is plugged into a USB port or a power outlet, it will take between five and ten hours to fully charge your battery.

To charge your Video Doorbell 3 battery, follow these steps:

  1. Remove the faceplate from the Ring Video Doorbell 3 by pressing in on the sides and carefully dragging it out and off.
  2. By pressing the release tab, you can remove the battery.
  3. Connect the orange micro-USB charger to the battery’s charging connector. Both the red and green lights will illuminate when charging.
  4. When the light on the battery turns solid green, your battery is fully charged.
  5. Replace the fully charged battery in the Video Doorbell 3 until it snaps into place.
  6. Replace the faceplate by inserting it through the top slot and clicking it into place.
  7. The Ring Video Doorbell 3 will turn on and be ready to use.

If you do not fully charge your Ring Video Doorbell 3 before using it, you may observe an inaccurate battery discharge/reporting. Please fully charge the battery before attempting to set up your gadget.

Finally, we recommend getting a ring doorbell 3 backup battery and simply swapping it out when you receive a warning from the doorbell that you are running short on energy. Remember to recharge the battery you just removed.

How do I know when my ring 3 battery is charged?

Your ring doorbell 3 battery is fully charged when the light on the battery shines a solid green. If the light shines amber, red or blinking green, then your battery is low. If you are in need of a new battery pack, you can get it here (

How to replace your Ring doorbell 3 Battery

After removing the faceplate, you’ll be able to see the battery within the gadget. If you know what you’re doing, replacing the ring doorbell 3 battery is also straightforward.

A black rectangular tab can be found towards the top of the battery. This tab must be pressed in order to remove the worn-out battery. To release the battery, slip it out with your thumb and middle finger while pressing the tab with one of your index fingers.

Now, take the newly purchased ring doorbell 3 battery and put it back into position until you hear the indicated black rectangular tab snap. Before replacing the faceplate, turn the device on to ensure that the battery is properly installed. If everything is in working order, replacing the faceplate should be a simple task.

How can I improve the Ring Doorbell 3 battery life?

The more motion events your Ring Smart Lights trigger, the more your battery is used to power the gadget. If your device reacts to an unusually high number of events each day, you may notice that your batteries deplete faster than usual.

You can take the following steps to avoid excessive activity.

  • Reduce the sensitivity of your motion settings.
  • Disable specific products at specific times of the day.
  • Change the Smart Alerts setting to Standard or Light.
  • Change the orientation of your Ring product.

Although having motion detectors may have been one of the reasons you purchased the ring video doorbell in the first place, I believe motion alerts are unneeded.

They mostly alert you to folks who will ring the doorbell regardless — or the postman – and who you don’t particularly care about.

We discovered that the alarms were going off so frequently that we had to quickly turn them off, which made a significant improvement in battery life.

You should also ascertain that the Ring is within range of a robust Wi-Fi connection. If your router is located a long distance from your front door, the Ring will most likely be desperately clutching to a weak Wi-Fi connection.

If it is constantly looking for a Wi-Fi network, it may deplete the battery and may cause you to miss people at the door. It also means that the video stream will be intermittent.

Within the Ring app, you can view the strength of the doorbell’s Wi-Fi signal. Select the relevant device at the top of the main screen, then click Device Health to see its signal strength. The RSSI value should be as near to zero as feasible.

If you are unable to relocate your router closer to the front door, consider purchasing a ring-compatible Wi-Fi extender.



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