How to Replace Porch Light with Ring Floodlight

This article explains how to replace a porch light with a ring floodlight, step by step. You’ll learn which parts you need, how to take the old light apart, and how to install the new lights.

Can you replace your exterior light with Ring Floodlight Security Cam? Yes, you can. Replacing your porch light with a ring floodlight security cam is as simple as ABC.  Outdoor security floodlights employ infrared or microwave sensors to turn on when someone or something comes within a particular distance. Use them to keep your home safe without the expense and bother of leaving a bright light on all night.

The security light is wired in the same way as an indoor ceiling or wall fixture is. To install a ring floodlight cam in place of your traditional outdoor light fixture, continue reading.

One of the best features of the Ring Floodlight Cameras is that it integrates with Alexa, allowing you to view the live video from any of your Ring devices on Amazon Echo devices with a screen. The Ring Floodlight Camera is compatible with both the Amazon Echo Show and the Amazon Echo Spot.

The Amazon Echo Show is my personal favorite device for viewing the Ring Floodlight because it has the largest screen and it’s simple to access the live feed. Simply saying “Alexa, show me the front yard camera” will bring up the live video of your backyard camera.


What is the Ring Floodlight Cam?

The Ring Floodlight Cam is a smart home product that can be mounted outside to provide security. It’s a single-sided unit with a wide-angle lens and offers infrared night vision for up to 30 feet. The camera includes motion detection, sound detection, and two-way audio so users can see what’s going on around their property from the app or web browser.

The Ring Floodlight Cam is a motion sensor and HD camera that also works with other smart home devices. It’s easy to install, affordable, and can connect to many apps through the Amazon Alexa ecosystem.

The Ring Floodlight Camera is a smart security camera that can also be installed on the porch to capture footage of suspicious activity. Not only will it record video, but it also has motion detection capabilities that are always on and will send you alerts when an intruder enters your property or if anything unusual happens.

This product comes with two free months of cloud storage for any videos recorded by this device so people no longer have to worry about losing their valuable memories because they were not able to back them up in time.

Additionally, this product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and free installation for most people who purchase it online or in-store which is another great feature to have as potential customers can try the device risk-free before they buy.

.I believe the best setup is to put the Echo Show in your bedroom so that if you hear something or see a motion light turn on in the middle of the night, you can instantly check your video feed to see who is outside your property without having to look for your phone in the middle of the night.

How to Replace Porch Light with Ring Floodlight

When you want to replace the porch light with a Ring Floodlight Cam, it’s easy. The entire process can be completed in under 15 minutes by following these steps:

Remove the Old Porch Light

First, you need to remove the old light. Make sure that it’s unplugged and all screws are tight. Next, take your Ring Floodlight Security Cam out of the box. Take out existing floodlight and install new Ring Floodlight Cam

Install a Junction Box for Ring Floodlight Cam

To install a Ring Floodlight Cam, you need to pull the wire from an electrical box near the location of your new camera. Mount the junction box to the wall and make sure it is mounted tight. Then, wire in a power plug that is connected to an outdoor outlet.

Wrap the wires around the ring floodlight cam, then mount it on top of your porch or wherever you want with screws.

Attach Mounting Bracket and Connect Wires for Ring Floodlight Cam

The Ring Floodlight Cam is a wireless camera that you can easily install on your porch or any other outdoor area. It comes with everything you need, including the mounting bracket, screwdriver with Phillips bit, bag of mounting bolts, and 3 wire nuts.

Install the mounting bracket and connect the wires for a ring floodlight cam. Wiring a Ring Floodlight is an easy project. It takes less than an hour to complete.

The basic tool needed for this project is wire strippers and pliers, which can be found in most hardware stores or online at Amazon. You need to take off the old light fixture, disconnecting all of the wires that are connected to it with wire clippers so you don’t cut yourself while doing the job.

Next, you should strip away about three inches of insulation from each power cable. Then, you should use wire strippers to remove the outer sheath of the cables. Lastly, you need to strip away about three inches of insulation from each power cable and then use pliers to crimp-on connectors that will fit into the ring fixture.

Install the Ring Floodlight Cam

Mount the Ring Floodlight Cam on the mounting posts and wire it up for power connection. Make sure that you have enough space around your camera for proper range, as well as being able to get into position without hitting any obstructions.

Install the Ring Floodlight Cam in order to make your porch more visible and safer. Plug in the power adapter into the wall outlet. Connect the wire from the camera to the power adapter.

You can attach it to the wall using the included screws or use double-sided tape for quick installation. Screw it in place. Ring Floodlight Security Cam will provide the perfect amount of light for your porch or yard.

Download Ring App to Access Features

In order to further customize your Ring Floodlight, download the app for free and adjust the motion zones. This will help you set up a customized experience that works best for your home or business. From there, you can exclude certain areas from being included in the floodlights’ range of movement such as sidewalks and streets where it’s not necessary.

There are two ways to replace your porch light with a Ring Floodlight Cam. The first way is to download the app and connect it to your home Wi-Fi network, then select the Ring Floodlight Cam you want from the list of available devices. You can also type in an address manually if you know it already or use a QR code scanner on your phone.

When using this method, make sure that both lights are turned on before starting installation by going into settings on the app and selecting your Ring Floodlight Cam. Set up wireless view streaming through your smartphone or tablet.

With these simple steps, you can now replace your traditional porch light with a ring smart floodlight cam. When motion is detected, the Ring Floodlight may be programmed to inform you on your phone, or you can acquire a Ring Chime Pro or Ring Chime, which will produce a wind chime noise.

If you are experiencing poor reception or slow loading speeds, you can use the Ring Chime Pro to improve your wifi network connection to your Ring Floodlight. A Ring Chime Pro should aid in increasing network speed. To assist extend the signal, place the Ring Chime Pro midway between the Ring Floodlight and your wifi network.