How to Share Blink Camera Access: Give Someone Permission

Are you considering giving your friends and family access to your Blink Camera system but not sure where to begin? Our concise guide will walk you through effortlessly sharing your Blink Camera access with multiple devices and sync modules.

Learn how you can allow others to view footage from any corner of the globe with just an email address, following a secure logging process. Take note, it’s crucial to remember the Blink app’s device limitations when sharing access.

Keep reading for a fuss-free, step-by-step plan that ensures everyone knows what they’re doing every step of the way.

Can someone else access my Blink camera?

Yes, someone else can access your Blink camera. You can share access to your camera by providing your registered email address and password; the other person can then view your Blink camera using their device. For instance, you can share access with a family member to monitor your home while you’re away.

Why Should You Give Someone Access to My Blink Security Camera?

If you’re a Blink camera user, there could be multiple reasons why you’d want to share camera access with other people. Perhaps you’re heading on vacation and would love a neighbor to keep an eye on your home. Or, you may wish to share memorable in-home events with family and friends who can’t be there physically.

Sharing access to your Blink camera can potentially:

  1. Provide an additional layer of security during your absence.
  2. Allow loved ones to feel part of important events taking place in your home.
  3. Offer peace of mind to those concerned about your well-being.

Remember, sharing access is a sign of trust and is often appreciated by the recipient.

Different Methods to Follow on How to Give Someone Access to Your Blink Security Camera

Method 1: Add Them as A User in The Blink App

Adding a new user to your Blink App grants access to your Blink security camera. To do so, follow the steps:

  1. Open the Blink App and log into your account.
  2. Tap the menu icon, and choose “settings” from the dropdown.
  3. Select “Users” and click on the “+” icon to extend an invite.
  4. Fill out the invite with the person’s name and email.
  5. The invited person can then create an account using the invitation link.

How Do I Give Someone Access to My Blink Camera

Remember, this added user will have full access to your security devices. Always ensure that the user is trusted and knowledgeable about operating the camera.

Method 2: Share Your Blink Camera with Their Amazon Account

You can seamlessly share your Blink Camera with someone else’s Amazon account, granting them full permission to access and manage your camera.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Blink app and log in.
  2. Tap the menu icon on the top-right, then choose “Devices.”
  3. Select the specific camera you wish to share.
  4. Tap “Share Device”; a list of Amazon accounts associated with your Blink account appears.
  5. Choose the Amazon account to share with and tap “Share.”

Sharing with an Amazon Household account permits control of all cameras. Just remember, this sharing process provides full access, so treat it with discretion to protect the security of your devices.

Method 3: Share Your Blink Account with Their Amazon Household

To share access to your Blink Camera via an Amazon Household, begin by logging into the Blink app on your device. Tap on the menu icon located in the top-right corner and from the drop-down menu, choose “settings”.

In the “Account” section, you’ll find “Amazon Household”. Select this option and proceed by tapping on “Invite adult to your Amazon Household”. Input the person’s name and email address you wish to share the access.

An invitation will be sent to them to join your Amazon Household enabling them to view all your associated Blink cameras.

This method allows full access, suitable if you want to share multiple cameras or a doorbell.

Method 4: Share a Link to Your Blink Camera

Sharing your Blink camera feed with someone else? Follow these simple steps:

  1. Launch your Blink app and log in if prompted.
  2. Tap on the menu icon at the top-right corner and choose “devices.”
  3. Select the camera you want to share.
  4. Choose “share link.”
  5. Decide the duration for the link’s activation.
  6. Tap “Copy Link” to grab the shareable link.

Now, you can paste the link in a text or email to send it across. Note that the link expires after your chosen duration, securing your Blink camera’s feed. With this method, sharing your Blink moment is a blink away!

Method 5: Share Your Blink Account with Another Blink User

Sharing your Blink account with another user is simple and useful, especially when you would like someone else to access and manage your Blink cameras.

Follow these straightforward steps:

  1. First, open your Blink app and sign in to your account.
  2. Find the menu icon, generally located at the top right, and select ‘settings’.
  3. From here, find ‘sharing’ under your account section and select it.
  4. Next, click on the plus icon and provide the other user’s email address and username.
  5. The other user will receive an invitation to join your account and gain access to your Blink cameras.

Tip: Ensure the recipient doesn’t have a pre-existing Blink account tied to their provided email address to avoid complications.

Method 6: Create a Guest User for Your Blink Cameras

Creating a guest user for your Blink cameras can be beneficial when you want to give limited access to a friend, neighbor, or family member.

Here’s a 5-step guide:

  1. Open your Blink app and log in.
  2. Tap the menu icon in the top-right, then select “Users.”
  3. Tap the “+” icon to create a guest user, and enter their name, email address, and password.
  4. In “User Permissions,” choose the access they’ll have. You might, for example, allow them to only view live video.
  5. Hit “Save.” The guest can now access your cameras with the given login details.

Tip: This feature safeguards your account settings and devices by restricting users to just viewing live feeds.

Method 7: Create a Blink Account for the Person Who Needs Access

Creating a Blink account for a secondary user provides them access to your camera without compromising your Amazon account details.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Launch your Blink app and log in.
  2. Click the menu icon and select “users.”
  3. Tap the + icon to add a user.
  4. Input the person’s email and the password they will use.

Now, they can log into their unique account, view their security cameras, and adjust settings as needed. Remember, carefully choose who you share this access with, maintaining security is a foremost concern.

Follow this guide carefully to avoid common errors, such as sharing your personal login credentials.

How To Share Blink Camera Access

What You Need to Know About Letting Others View Your Blink Camera

Letting others view your Blink camera’s footage might seem daunting at first due to privacy considerations. However, there are instances where it is beneficial, such as for crime investigations or for distant loved ones to virtually check in on you. You have total control over whom you allow access to your Blink camera’s footage.

Here’s how to share Blink Camera access:

  1. Log into your Blink account and select the video you wish to share.
  2. Click on the “Share” icon and take note of any sharing precautions.
  3. Send the generated link to the person you trust.

Ensure that those whom you share access with understand their responsibility with access to your cam’s footage, like respecting privacy boundaries.

In conclusion, judiciously sharing your Blink Camera’s access can be mutually beneficial, whether it’s for security, convenience, or even companionship. Just remember to be cautious and deliberate on whom you grant this privilege.

How Do I Know if Someone Is Authorized to View My Blink Camera?

Navigating your Blink Camera’s user access can seem complex, but with direction, it simplifies. You, as an account holder, are empowered to verify if someone has permission to view your Blink Camera.

  1. Open the Blink app and access the “People” tab.
  2. The account owner, which is possibly you, will be listed at the top.
  3. Browse through this list; authorized viewers appear here.
  4. If someone is unauthorized, they’ll see a message saying, “You don’t have permission to view this camera.”

Remember, account control is in your hands, you can add or remove viewers anytime. Regularly audit access to your Blink Camera and maintain secure control over visibility.

Revoking Access to Blink Cameras: How to Remove Blink Camera Access.

Revoking access to your Blink Cameras can be done quickly and securely via the Blink app. This step-by-step guide will help you through the process.

  1. Launch the Blink app on your mobile device.
  2. Navigate to “Manage Mobile Devices”.
  3. Blink will send a verification code to confirm you are the primary account owner. Input this code.
  4. You will see a list of all devices with access to your Blink account. Identify the device to remove access from.
  5. Tap on the “Delete Icon” beside the device’s name. The device user will be automatically logged out.


Remember to routinely reassess access privileges and implement robust security measures to keep your Blink account secure.

Understanding the risks of sharing Blink Camera Access

Recognizing the potential risks of sharing access to your Blink camera is crucial to maintaining your privacy and safety. Despite the convenience and benefits, it’s imperative to understand the potential mishaps that could occur.

  1. The first risk involves privacy concerns and unintended misuse by the shared user. They might inadvertently change important settings or even compromise your account’s security.
  2. Accidental disarming of your security system is another risk that puts your home’s security in jeopardy.
  3. The unauthorized removal of the camera or sync module from the app is also a concern.
  4. Lastly, the potential for 24/7 surveillance by someone with malicious intent emphasizes the importance of judiciously sharing your Blink camera access.


Can two people have access to the same Blink camera?

Yes, two people can have access to the same Blink camera. For this, you need to add the second person as a user through the Blink app. Each user gets their own username and password, enabling them to control and monitor the camera individually. For instance, if you want to share access with a family member, just provide them the login credentials, and they’ll be able to view the same camera feed from their device.

How do I share my Blink camera with another phone?

Sharing your Blink camera view with another phone is a straightforward process.

  1. Open the Blink app on the phone with access.
  2. Tap the “Settings” icon and select the “Sharing” option.
  3. On the “Sharing” screen, tap “Add User”
  4. Input the email of the person you want to grant access to, then hit “Send.”

The person will be able to log in with their own Blink app. For temporary access, share a link of your camera feed. The link’s validity period can be set according to your preference. Remember to use strong account passwords to ensure your security. Sharing your Blink camera accesses can greatly enhance your surveillance coverage and convenience.

Can you have 2 Blink accounts on one phone?

Yes, you can have 2 Blink accounts on one phone, but you cannot log into both at the same time. You can manage this by logging out of one account and then logging into the other. Alternatively, you can use a 3rd party app like “2Accounts” to have a cloned version of the Blink app allowing concurrent logins on both accounts on Android.

Can Blink have multiple users?

Yes, Blink cameras can have multiple users. You can extend access to additional users through the Blink app. Each user has their own login credentials, and settings set up on the app. For example, add another user by creating a new account and linking it to your existing one.