Is HeimVision a Good Security Camera?

Review for HeimVision HM243 Wireless Security Camera System, 8 Channel NVR 4Pcs 1080P Home WiFi Security Camera Outdoor with Night Vision, Waterproof, Motion Alert, Remote Access, No hard Disk.

We all want to feel safe in our homes, especially in an ever-increasing world that seems to be going crazy. But with so many different kinds of security systems on the market, how do you know where to start? Fortunately, there are some trusted brands out there that make safe and reliable systems.

Is HeimVision a good security camera?

No matter what kind of system you have, it’s important to remember security cameras are only part of the equation. You need to have a security system that comes with a security camera that provides the features you need and is backed by a company that provides top-notch customer support.

Fortunately, HeimVision makes a top security camera that’s perfect for your needs.

HeimVision HM243 1080p Security Camera System Review

Security is no longer just about the doors and windows of your home. The technology has improved to the point where you can not only secure your immediate surroundings but have a live view of what’s going on inside and outside your home.

And with all the wireless security cameras on the market, there’s no need to have a cord or wire running to your DVR or computer. That’s where HeimVision comes in with the HM243 1080p Security Camera System.


HeimVision HM243 Features


The HM241 camera’s motion detector triggers almost any action within a radius of about 30 meters. This can help you save storage space that could be wasted by not including anything. In addition, it is necessary to activate telephone notifications, which we will talk more about later. You can even install up to four additional cameras, expanding your system to a total of eight.

The camera mount is a 3-axis type, so you can aim the camera in almost any position. Although the camera does not support Power over Ethernet, it does have an Ethernet port. The camera is paired with the NVR wirelessly at the factory, so it is ready to use in Wi-Fi mode. But the Ethernet port allows you to use it as a wired camera if you have an Ethernet point available near the installation site.

Here’s how it works

A camera that is too far from the NVR can connect to the NVR through another camera that is within range. 

You can also watch live feed on the control station or your phone. This makes it useful for on-site security as well as homeowners on the go. However, you can do a little more if you install the smartphone app. The HeimVision app is available for free on iOS and Android and only takes a minute to install.

Camera quality

The HM243 security camera detects four Wi-Fi IP cameras that come with this NVR. The NVR supports 4 more channels and you can add up to eight cameras.

You can also purchase this camera (Model No. CA01) separately from the Heimvision website or Amazon, but keep in mind that they only work with specific Heimvision NVRs. They do not officially have ONVIF compatibility.

The IP camera has a metal housing and is IP66 weather resistant. Each camera comes with a 5dB antenna, a 12V / 1A power adapter and screws to mount it on the wall. The design appears to be inspired by the compact bullet style of the latest Hikvision and Dahua cameras. Overall, the camera has a solid, high-quality look.

The front of the camera has a fixed 3.6mm lens and three 850nm EXIR LEDs. We are happy to see that Heimvision has opted for the more powerful EXIR LEDs instead of the usual ring-shaped LED arrangement. The daylight sensor is placed just below the lens.

On the function side, the image sensor has a resolution of 1080p. The 3.6 mm lens has a wide viewing angle of 110 °. You won’t find advanced image processing features like WDR here. On the NVR side, simple motion detection is possible, but not by the camera.


One thing we appreciated about the HeimVision HM243 surveillance system is its completely wireless design. The cameras themselves connect to the control room via an RF signal, so you do not have to lay cables. By default, they are linked to your emergency room. Just connect everything and the control room also connects to your network via WiFi.

Alternatively, you can use your monitoring station offline. However, keep in mind that you cannot use smartphone functions in this mode.

There are, of course, situations where you may prefer an Ethernet connection. For example, if you’re concerned about Wi-Fi vulnerabilities, an Ethernet connection is more difficult to hack. In that case, consider the HeimVision HM243. It’s similar to the HM241, but it works over Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi.

The HM243 cameras can record on motion detection or in 24/7 mode. 24/7 mode is exactly what it sounds like. The cameras will record non-stop as long as they are turned on. Alternatively, in motion sensor mode, the camera will only record when it detects motion. In this case, every time something moves, it will run for 30 seconds.


Unfortunatly, no onboard storage is included in the set. To save your videos, you need to install a 3.5-inch SATA hard drive in the monitoring center. There is also no online storage.

That said, online storage normally costs a monthly fee. As a result, a physical hard drive is even cheaper over time than paying for an online subscription. If you want online storage, the Heimvision HM205 is an excellent choice. It is designed for indoor use only. However, it can rotate 360 degrees and comes with 72 hours of free cloud storage.

HeimVision HM243 Pros and Cons


  1. Motion Detection and Email Alert
  2. IP66 Weatherproof Cameras
  3. Infrared Clear Night Vision
  4. Remote viewing. You can view live footage on your phone
  5. Save videos captured by your wireless cameras on a local hard drive and review them at any time.
  6. 24/7 continous recording

While the Heimvision HM243 is a brainbuster, unfortunately, it comes with the following cons:

  1. No hard disk included
  2. Does not record audio
  3. You may have to plugged it in to a power for 24/7 continuous recording

A battery-free design requires less maintenance than other camera systems. With a battery-powered system, you will need to charge your cameras from time to time. On the other hand, a wired camera will fail during a power outage.

A solar-powered camera like the HeimVision HMD2 security camera with HMS1 solar panel is a good compromise. The installation is a bit more difficult, but your camera works under all circumstances.

Also, Wireless Camera is different from Wire-free camera, the power cable is still required to get electricity for 24/7 surveillance purposes. Wireless means that there is no video cable between cameras and NVR, easy to install.

Is HeimVision a good brand?

The Heimvision is one of the best security camera brands we’ve reviewed. HeimVision is a well known brand that has been producing security camera systems for a few years now. Their line of security cameras has been steadily growing in recent years, adding a variety of options for different homes and businesses.

Their latest security system, the HM243, offers both wide-angle and full HD 1080p resolution, allowing you to clearly see what is going on in your home, or business.HeimVision promises to be the world’s first “safe alarm system” for the connected home, using a 3G connection or the built-in GSM/GPRS module to call for help in case of an emergency.

Heimvision hm243 1080p wireless security camera is also capable of sending alerts to your phone when it detects unusual movement, such as a burglar breaking in. With its ability to monitor a room 24/7, the device is an ideal home security solution, and one that HeimVision claims will keep you safe without having to pay expensive monthly fees.

We were curious to find out if this was a good security camera, so we decided to do some research’ and now, we are here.

Does Heimvision HM243 have audio?

Heimvision HM243 is a wireless security camera. It is a very popular camera for security reasons. It is easy to set up and use. But one of the most common questions people ask is “does Heimvision have audio”.

Well, unfortunately, HM243 does not offer audio recording because of legal reasons. This can be both a good and a bad thing. On the one hand, you don’t hear what is happening on the other. On the other hand, if your state requires two-party consent for admission, this could keep you legal. However, keep in mind that this also means that there is no possibility for two-way audio.

How do I connect my HeimVision camera to WiFi?

The HeimVision camera is a great addition to any home or office security setup. This means it is also very important that you have your camera working. As a matter of fact, it is only working when it is connected to Wi-Fi. (I know, this is probably the part you have been waiting for.) Before you go any further, make sure that you have set up your camera and you know the password for it. If you have done that, then you can move on to the next step.

  1. Download the HeimVision App
  2. Sign up or log in to your existing heimvision account
  3. Open your WiFi Settings
  4. Scan for WiFi Networks
  5. Connect to WiFi Network
  6. Open the HeimVision App
  7. Select your WiFi Network
  8. Connect to your Wifi



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