20 Best Smart Home Ideas and Devices for Automated Technology in Your House

Are you looking for ways to improve your home automation setup? This guide has 20 of the best smart home ideas and devices to help you get started. From smart plugs and lighting systems to security cameras and air conditioners, this list has something for everyone.

Are you team Alexa, Google or Apple?

You’re at a choice crossroads. Is it the Amazon Smart Thermostat, Google Nest Learning Thermostat, or Apple’s HomeKit-enabled items?

Alexa dominates the product categories with compatibility, but sadly, the device isn’t compatible with Google Assistant or Apple HomeKit. Google Nest Learning Thermostat astounds with specialty perks like Chromecast TV control and self-programming capabilities.

However, Apple’s Siri, although a growing choice for die-hard Apple users, may limit your options due to compatibility constraints. Ensure to check compatibility and go through a comprehensive guide before picking a side! We hope this information can guide your next smart purchase, even if you are choosing to set up a smart home without the internet.

20 Best Smart Home Ideas, Devices, and Gadgets for Automating Your House

1. Eufy Smart Video Doorbell Camera

Top ranks on the best smart gadget list go to the Eufy Smart Video Doorbell Camera. Not only is it an exceptional addition to your home automation system, but it also works well with smart garage door openers for all-encompassing security. The balance it strikes between cost, reliability, and performance makes this product a leading choice in the market. Now, let’s test why it has earned such high accolades:

  1. Detailed footage during day/night with a 4:3 ratio – see almost the whole length of someone at your doorstep.
  2. Battery operated with storage to its 16GB memory – no subscription needed.
  3. Works wirelessly – just throw it on any outside surface.
  4. Compatible with most garage door openers – enhancing your home’s security network.

Primarily designed for homeowners seeking peace of mind with a maintainable solution both in the long and short run. However, bear in mind, like most garage door openers, it has some downtime during recharge, and unfortunately, does not support HomeKit.

Best Smart Home Ideas and Devices for Automated Technology in Your House

2. Philips Hue – Best smart lightbulb

The magic wand to your smart home is the Philips Hue – best for the smart lightbulb category.

Visualize a cozy, accommodating ambiance set with Philips Hue, one of the top picks in the smart light bulbs category, all at the swipe of your smartphone.

Why it’s a star:

  1. Impressive variety – smart light bulbs, lamps, exterior lights, and more.
  2. Easy to install – just swap the existing bulbs with these smart light bulbs that support app and voice control.
  3. Superior compatibility – works seamlessly with Alexa, Google Assistant, and HomeKit.
  4. Sets the mood – plenty of colors and effects.
  5. Customizable scheduling options – your rules, your way.

Ideal for the tech-savvy enthusiast who adores ambiance and convenience at their fingertips. But remember, it’s not just a bulb, it’s an investment towards a smarter home.

Despite it being one of the pricier bulbs in the market, its features make it worth the cost.

Best Smart Home Ideas and Devices for Automated Technology in Your House

3. Smart Ceiling Fans

Say hello to the first class in convenience with Smart Ceiling Fans. Haiku, a pioneer in this automated smart fan genre, has created a fan that not only reacts to your presence but also flaunts the functionality of modern home products.

Here are some reasons why these intelligent fans are a smart addition to any bedroom:

  1. Smart enough to understand – they adjust to the ideal temperature, featuring advanced features such as those found in the third-generation Nest Learning Thermostat.
  2. People presence detection – they swing into action when you enter and rest when you leave, employing technology similar to motion sensors enhancing efficient route planning in the home.
  3. Enhanced Alternative – Insteon modules aid in transforming almost any fixture to smart, like the Alexa-powered Amazon Echo Show 10.
  4. Saves on energy bills – efficient, automated operations, similar to the energy-conscious iRobot’s Roomba j7+ robot vacuum.
  5. Seamless integration – with a variety of smart home ecosystems, facilitating compatibility with an array of smart home products just like the Google Nest Hub Max.

Best suited for those seeking a touch of luxury, a pinch of technology, and a profusion of convenience in their lifestyle.

Beware, though, their flair for charm parallels their expense. Be ready to spend a bit if you want these smart fans spinning in your home.

Best Smart Home Ideas and Devices for Automated Technology in Your House

4. Whole Home Humidifier

Banish dry air and breathe easy with Whole Home Humidifiers.

These intelligent systems combat congestion, and dry skin, and maintain healthy air moisture levels. Studies show that maintaining indoor humidity levels between 40-60% can reduce the survival of flu viruses on surfaces and in the air by up to 85%

Here’s why they qualify top-notch:

  1. Innovative refill system – can attach directly to water supply for non-stop operation.
  2. Wi-Fi enabled – monitored and managed via your mobile device.
  3. Doubles as an aroma diffuser – drop in your favorite essential oils.
  4. Effective pollutants remover – works impressively well with an intelligent air purifier.
  5. Direct integration – they sync well with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Ideally, it is perfect for households in dry areas or those sensitive to dry air. But, remember these systems require installation.

Best Smart Home Ideas and Devices for Automated Technology in Your House

Here are some features to observe before purchasing a whole-house humidifier

  • Innovative refill system: Easy and convenient, can be attached directly to the water supply for continuous operation.
  • Wi-Fi enabled: Monitor and manage humidity levels from your mobile device.
  • Doubles as an aroma diffuser: Add your favorite essential oils for a soothing and fragrant environment.
  • Effective pollutants remover: Works hand in hand with an intelligent air purifier to remove harmful particles from the air.
  • Direct integration: Seamlessly syncs with popular voice assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for easy control and management.

5. Smart Refrigerators

Kitchen automation is incomplete without Smart Refrigerators. The Samsung Family Hub refrigerator steals the show with a touchscreen door for ordering groceries online.

Why it’s a marvel:

  1. Smart inventory – assists food management and reduces spoilage.
  2. Entertaining hub – play music, share notes, access calendars.
  3. Door sensors – they send alerts if left open.
  4. Energy-efficient – smart energy-saving modes.
  5. Remote surveillance – allows you to peek inside from your smartphone.

Best for families or busy individuals who value kitchen organization and efficient food management. However, the techy magic often comes with high-end pricing.

Best Smart Home Ideas and Devices for Automated Technology in Your House

6. Google Nest Hub Max

Meet the multitasker of your home automation dreams: Google Nest Hub Max. Smart home display at its best!

Here’s why this device is unignorable:

  1. Excellent screen – Bright and large!
  2. Do-it-all experience – Watch YouTube, manage tasks, and control smart devices.
  3. Double-duty design – Works as a home security camera too.
  4. Reliable Assistant – Google Assistant wow with responsiveness.
  5. Good sound quality – Acts as a mini Hi-Fi.

This device is perfect for Google Assistant households that crave a central, visual smart home control hub. Be ready though, you won’t get Netflix support on this one!

Best Smart Home Ideas and Devices for Automated Technology in Your House

7. Best smart thermostat: Google Nest Thermostat E

Your smart home deserves the best – Google Nest Thermostat E. The competitor to the amazon smart thermostat, this device delivers optimal in-home temperature control with ease and cost-effectiveness.

What about it charms us:

  1. Wheel controls – easy to use and manage.
  2. Smart mobile app – enabling control on the go.
  3. Compatibility – harmonizes not only with Amazon Alexa but also Google Assistant-compatible speakers.
  4. Frosted display – integrates seamlessly into your decor.
  5. Cost-effective – light on the pocket compared to other players like the Amazon Smart Thermostat.

While it stands as the best choice for those switching to smart thermostats on a budget, it may not meet the expectations of Apple HomeKit enthusiasts or those in need of zonal control, a common problem faced with various devices including the Nest learning thermostat.


8. August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Pro – Best smart lock

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Pro is your ultimate key to home automation and security [Image of August Lock Pro]. Compact yet loaded with features, it’s our pick for the best smart lock.

Highlighting its prominence:

  • Tiny size – hardly noticeable on your door.
  • Integrated Wi-Fi – no need for extra equipment.
  • It works well – perfect compatibility with many smart home devices.
  • Easy operation – control from anywhere through your smartphone.
  • Use existing keys – if you prefer, the old way.

Suited for anyone who craves better security and convenience. However, bear in mind, the keypad is sold separately, so calculate the cost if that’s on your essential list.

9. Crock-Pot 6-Quart. Smart Slow Cooker with Alexa

Talking about smart home ideas, you’ll adore the Crock-Pot 6-Quart Smart Slow Cooker with Alexa. Imagine controlling dinner with your voice!

Why it’s a winner:

  1. Voice control – works with any Alexa-enabled device.
  2. Make adjustments anywhere – from high to warm to off, just a voice command away.
  3. Time optimized – dinner ready when you are.
  4. Amazon Certified – works with Alexa.
  5. Roomy – 6 Quart, a perfect fit for a family meal.

Especially designed for busy families wanting a home-cooked meal at their convenience. Just remember, it’s not the cheapest around, but worth the comfort it brings.

10. Best smart home hub: Amazon Echo Show 15

Amazon Echo Show 15 reigns in the smart home hub category thanks to its confluence of features. Consider this as your go-to product as your amazon smart thermostat controller and other smart systems around the house.

Amazon Echo Show 15

Here’s what makes it stand out:

  • Massive 15.6-inch display – This gives you a clear view and total control of everything around your smart home including managing your smart shower using a simple phone app.
  • Visual Alexa – See and interact with Alexa and effectively manage your home’s smarts.
  • Widgets – Personalize them to your routine, make your picks, and watch them deliver.
  • Acts as a smart TV – Watch your favorite shows or control your smart product ecosystem from the same screen.
  • Built-in camera – It turns video chat into a seamless experience for all.

It’s a clear recommendation for people fully invested in Amazon’s ecosystem, seeking a piece of technology capable of providing a comprehensive, visual approach to home automation.

Maybe a tad bit pricey, but the wealth of features and versatility certainly compensate.

11. iRobot Roomba j7+ Vacuum Cleaner

The iRobot Roomba j7+ Vacuum Cleaner is a marvel of mini robotic aids. It’s not just smart, it’s proactive.

Here’s why this cleaner tops our list:

  1. Pet waste avoidance- no pet mess is too messy for it.
  2. Self-emptying- does away with the need for constant cleaning.
  3. Automatic adjustments- works on all floor types.
  4. Advanced navigation and mapping system- it remembers and avoids obstacles.
  5. A smartphone app- easy to schedule and control remotely.

iRobot Roomba j7+ Vacuum Cleaner

Designed to fit the lifestyles of people with pets, busy schedules, and varied floorings. Yes, it’s not the most affordable option, but given the relief and extra hours it affords you, it’s a worthy investment.

12. Dyson Purifier Cool

Born out of the Dyson lineage, the Purifier Cool TP07 is a dual mastery of air purification and oscillating fan abilities. All this topped with Wi-Fi connectivity and voice control.

What adds it to the elites:

  1. Compact – suitable for any space.
  2. Ably senses air quality – and maintains a healthy indoor environment.
  3. Crisp and low noise air circulation – don’t disturb your tranquility.
  4. Effective – Removes an impressive 99.95% of particles even as small as 0.1 microns.
  5. Smart Control – Set up a cleaning schedule and receive timely filter replacement reminders.

Perfect for folks who seek an air purifier that works without fuss and looks good doing it. Remember, the smaller footprint comes with quite the footprint on your wallet, costing around $549.99.

13. Amazon Echo Dot With Clock (5th Gen, 2022 Release)

The multi-functional Amazon Echo Dot With Clock walks in as a formidable smart assistant. A small form factor carrying powerful functionality, worthy of your attention.

Here’s why it made the best list:

  1. Includes clock – displays time, temperature, song titles, and more in LED.
  2. Affordable – only around $10 more than the base Echo Dot.
  3. Good sound quality – despite the small size.
  4. Ambient sensor – adjusts display brightness according to surroundings.
  5. Alexa built-in – perform tasks and control other smart home devices.

It’s the perfect companion for those who desire smart home control and a dab of added convenience with the LED clock feature. The only pitfall, it lacks the 3.5-mm port available in the 4th Gen model.

14. TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip HS300

Meet the TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip HS300. Your control hub for multiple electrical devices. [Image of TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip HS300]

Perks of this power hub:

  1. Power control – Six smart outlets with individual control.
  2. Energy monitoring – See which device uses how much energy.
  3. Voice control – Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.
  4. Scheduling – Set on/off times for each outlet.
  5. Safe – Built-in surge protection.

Ideal for those keen on smart power control without swapping every single device to a smart version. It sits at a reasonable around $79.99, a worthy one-time spend for smart automation.

15. Sleep Number 360 i8 Smart Bed

Experience luxury in sleep with Sleep Number 360 i8 Smart Bed. It’s a preferred choice amongst those seeking meticulously personalized comfort.

Sleep Number 360 i8 Smart Bed

Why it’s stellar:

  • Smart Comfort – Independently adjustable firmness on both sides. Your comfort, your way!
  • Sleep trends tracking – It learns your sleeping habits, offering insights for better snoozing.
  • Temperature balancing – Stickers on the edge for hot sleepers.
  • Excellent construction – Durable, designed to last.
  • Sizeable variety – Available from Twin Long to FlexTop King!

The bed is a match made in heaven for couples with differing comfort preferences or those valuing sound sleep with deeper insights. However, luxury comes with a heavier price tag.

16. Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera

Let’s talk top-notch outdoor home security – Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera. Wireless install, 2K video quality, and consistent performance to keep you covered.

What sets it apart:

  1. Sharp 2K video – vividity in day and night shoots.
  2. Fully wireless- easy to install anywhere around the home.
  3. Variety of features- two-way talk, siren, spotlight to ward off unwelcome visitors.
  4. Smart notifications – Differentiating people, animals and vehicles (with subscription).
  5. Wide field view – 160-degree viewing angle.

Turns out perfect for those who prioritize security with seamless device integration options. Yes, it’ll require a $3 per month subscription for full features, but considering the protection, it delivers, it’s worth a thought.

17. Cosori Smart Air Fryer

Make way for the Cosori Smart Air Fryer! Much like a modern coffee maker, this innovative machine crisps your favorites with little to no oil. It’s one smart kitchen gadget you’ll adore. Here’s why it’s special:

  1. Wi-Fi and voice control – similar to Atomi’s Smart Coffee Maker or Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee Maker, you can integrate this innovative machine with Alexa and Google Assistant.
  2. Versatile – great for fresh and frozen foods.
  3. Smart meal planning – an associated app that has more than 100 recipes.
  4. 5.8 Quart size – sufficient for feeding 3-5 people.
  5. Smart reminders – to shake or turn your food for even cooking, similar to how a smart coffee maker helps you control brewing.

This air fryer fits perfectly for lovers of fried food who are health-conscious. Although at an MSRP of $119.99, it’s quite a deal for a smart kitchen appliance like a high-tech coffee maker.

cosori smart air fryer for smart home automation ideas

18. Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 (2nd Gen)

For high-end, outdoor-friendly audio brilliance, go for Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 (2nd Gen) speaker. In addition to boasting Wi-Fi capacities, it can connect to your phone via Bluetooth, merging style with impressive audio performance.

Top reasons it wins:

  1. Distinct design – compact, lightweight, round, capable of flat laying or hanging.
  2. Exceptional sound quality – full-bodied audio, punchy bass.
  3. Long battery life – up to 18 hours at typical listening volumes.
  4. Water, dust, and drop resistant – A solid ally for outdoor fun.
  5. Alexa is built-in – voice-activated AI at your command, supported by both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for seamless integration.

Beloved by audiophiles, those who won’t compromise on sound quality will find value in its premium nature. Able to be controlled straight from your phone, it’s more than convenient. Remember, it’s weatherproof but not unbreakable. Handle it gently!

19. Midea 8,000BTU U-Shaped Air Conditioner

The Midea 8,000 BTU U-Shaped Air Conditioner nails it in the realm of quiet and efficient air cooling. Plus, it works with Alexa and Google.

Why we are fans:

  1. Whispers while it works – ultra-quiet operation.
  2. Energy-efficient – cuts down cooling costs effectively.
  3. Smart control – built-in Wi-Fi for comfortable room temperature management.
  4. Easy Installation – It’s a breeze to add to your window.
  5. Works with voice commands – integrates with Alexa and Google.

With impressive cooling ability at a reasonable cost, this stands as the top choice for those who value restful sleep and a comfortable living space. Though, with its unique U-shape design, beware that it’s fit for windows only!

20. LG Signature InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator

The best of smart home ideas is often the most innovative. Such is the LG Signature InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator, a masterpiece that functions like the smart garage door openers, responding to voice commands, and can be even controlled via Wi-Fi.

LG Signature InstaView Door-in-Door Refrigerator Picture

Why it’s splendid:

  1. InstaView panel – Just like tapping a coffee maker to brew, knock twice to see inside without opening the door.
  2. Voice commands – Open the door, adjust the temperature, toggle ice dispenser, and more, all without the problem of physical exertion or forgetting.
  3. Door-in-Door design – Much like a well-organized garage, access frequently needed items without letting cold air escape.
  4. Wi-Fi enabled – Probably the best in bedroom tech, this feature allows you to control refrigerator settings from your smartphone.
  5. High-end specs – Think of it as a route to efficient kitchen management with a spacious interior, water and ice dispenser, and an energy-efficient design.

This tech marvel is best for anyone looking for a premium refrigerator with extensive smart control in home products. Keep in mind, it’s a luxurious appliance provided by a reputable company with a luxury price.

Benefits of Automated Technology in Your home

1. Increased Energy Efficiency

The best part of using automated devices is their increased energy efficiency.

The option to schedule the functioning times of appliances, smart heating systems learning your habits, or motion-sensitive lighting drastically reduces unwanted energy use.

This means fewer wasted kilowatt-hours and lesser bucks on power bills. Such a smart way to save both the planet and your pocket.

Here is a comparison chart showing energy savings with smart home automation devices according to Semantic Scholar.

chart showing energy savings with smart home automation devices

2. Ability to Monitor and Manage Home Systems from Afar

Gone are the days of running home to check if you’ve left the lights on. With home automation, you gain the ability to monitor and manage your home’s systems from anywhere.

Adjust your thermostat from work, check your security cameras whilst on vacation, or even preheat your oven on your way back from grocery shopping. It’s peace of mind, right in the palm of your hand.

3. Improved Home Comfort and Temperature Control

With automated technology, your home learns your habits and caters to your comfort. Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s a reality with a smart thermostat.

These devices learn your temperature preferences over time and adjust the settings accordingly, ensuring your home is always at the perfect comfort level.

Image of thermostat adjusting temperature automatically

4. Increased Convenience with Voice Control

Home automation has breathed new life into convenience with voice control. You command, and your home obeys. Switch off the lights while tucked in bedtime coziness, ask for weather updates while pouring coffee, or even control your TV while cooking.

5. Increased Reliability and Security with Home Security Systems

A huge benefit of automated technology is the increased reliability and security it offers. Home security systems keep eyes on your property 24/7. They can notify you of any unusual activity, offering you the ability to respond swiftly. Your home becomes a fortress—well-guarded and secure.


Image of an alert notification on a smartphone from a security system

6. Ability to Monitor and Track Your Home with Surveillance Cameras and Security Systems

Surveillance cameras and home security systems have given a whole new meaning to keeping an eye on things. Monitor and track your house, children or pets while you’re away, or receive instant alerts in case of a security breach. It’s like being home, even when you’re not.

7. Improved Home Safety and Security with Burglar and Fire Alarms

Automated burglar and fire alarms add a robust layer of safety and security to your home. Any break-ins or smoke detection trigger an instant alarm, alerting you and the respective emergency services. You’re better protected against potential threats, and that peace of mind is priceless

8. Improved Efficiency and Savings with Smart Plugs and Lighting Systems

Bringing smart plugs and lighting systems into your home pave the way for improved efficiency and savings. Schedule your devices, control remotely, or set them to “away” mode when you’re not home to save energy and money.

Plus, the luxury of walking into a lit home without fumbling for switches is a bonus!

How to Choose the Right Smart Home Devices for your home automation and technology

Consider your needs and budget

When choosing smart home devices, first consider your needs and budget. Do you have a problem with forgetfulness and often leave the garage door open? There are smart garage door openers that can assist. Are you particular about managing your energy consumption?

Smart light bulbs and thermostats are excellent picks. Align your needs with your budget, as costs can vary, especially when it comes to specific home products.

Remember, you don’t need to test every device at once. Start small, learn, and gradually curate your smart home over time, even planning the route from simple to complex automation.

Check the compatibility criteria of the devices

Compatibility is a crucial point while choosing your smart home devices. Consider the machine compatibility while seeking out an all-in-one smart control solution like a garage door opener.

It’s essential to see whether the devices can connect with your existing smart home ecosystem or voice assistant. You needn’t trap yourself into a confusing mix of mismatching devices.

Aim for a cohesive, easy-to-manage system from a trustworthy company that ensures your smart equipment works harmoniously.

different compatible devices on a smart home app

Research existing smart home setups

Research goes a long way before jumping into the smart home wagon. Dive deep into studying existing smart home setups.

Make a route through review sections of products like the inexpensive yet functional amazon smart thermostat, or luxuries like a voice controlled shower. Occupy the forums with enquiries about how your phone can control your garage, or smart light bulbs.

A thorough understanding from user perspective is critical to make a well-informed, smart choice for your smart home. Let reviews, experiences from test runs, and consumer discussions guide you .

Look for guidance from an existing smart home consultant

Seeking guidance from a smart home consultant is beneficial in making the right choice for your home device needs as they can provide expert information based on thorough research and personal experiences.

With the numerous available options, it can be challenging to decide, so a consultant can simplify the process by advising on compatible, high-quality devices that align with your specific needs and goals.

This can range from extensive home automation to simple tasks like managing a single light bulb. Besides, they can recommend environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions, ensuring you make smart decisions that improve your lifestyle whether you’re a family or living alone.


What new smart home technology is good for the house?

New smart home technology including self-programming thermostats, voice-activated TV controls, and video doorbells are beneficial for homes. They make interactions with our kitchen, bathroom, lighting, and air temperature easier, making homes more energy-efficient and comfortable. These technologies are continually improving and can be upgraded in future for enhanced utility.

Is modern home technology necessary?

Modern home technology is becoming increasingly necessary for a multitude of reasons. It offers convenience, enhances home security, and improves energy efficiency. Smart home technologies like self-programming thermostats, voice-activated TV controls and video doorbells are transforming the way we live and interact with our homes. Such improvements continue to evolve, providing future upgrade paths to increase your home’s functionality and livability.

What are the coolest smart home ideas for my living room?

  • Introduce a smart speaker that supports Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri for music and control of connected gadgets.
  • Implement a smart display for hands-free voice assistance, video calls and to display digital photos. Recommendations include Amazon Echo Show 10 and Google Nest Hub Max.
  • Upgrade to smart light bulbs like the Wyze Bulb Color for energy efficiency and voice control.
  • Install a connected thermostat such as the Ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium or Nest Learning Thermostat for efficient energy usage and personalized heating and cooling schedules.



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