What Does the Arlo Smart Hub Do? All You Need to Know

Looking for a security solution that offers peace of mind, convenience, and a little bit of tech wizardry? Enter the Arlo Smart Hub, your at-home command center for around-the-clock surveillance.

This wireless security camera system not only covers large areas (thanks to a whopping 90-meter transfer distance!) but also ensures stable connectivity at a frequency of 2400 MHz.

Whether you need added protection for your home or business, the Arlo Smart Hub won’t let you down. Dive in to find out how this portable yet powerful device can keep you connected with your space, offer environmentally friendly practices, and guarantee security with a visually intuitive operation.

What is the Arlo Smart Hub?

The Arlo SmartHub is a central device that securely connects your Arlo cameras to the internet via your home router while offering long-range connectivity and enhanced battery life.

It’s compatible with a comprehensive line of Arlo cameras, including Ultra 2, Pro 5S 2K, Pro 4, and Essential Spotlight, as well as doorbell models.

This versatile SmartHub not only provides 4K maximum streaming resolution but also facilitates unified smart home integration.

For instance, by pairing the Arlo Pro with the Arlo SmartHub, you can unlock MicroSD local video storage and achieve improved camera functionality. In essence, it’s like the brain of your Arlo home security system.

Arlo Pro SmartHub - Arlo Certified Accessory - Connects Arlo Cameras to Wi-Fi, Works with Arlo Ultra 2, Ultra, Pro 5S 2K, Pro 4, Pro 3, Pro 2, Floodlight, Essential & Video Doorbell Cameras - VMB4540

How the Arlo Smart Hub Works

The Arlo SmartHub functions as the central hub for Arlo security cameras and doorbells, providing wireless connectivity with a transfer distance of 90 meters and operating on a 2400 MHz frequency. It’s designed for residential and commercial owners wishing to securely monitor their premises.

The SmartHub is crucial for Arlo users, as it bridges the devices with the user’s home network and allows managing multiple Arlo cameras efficiently.

Its compact design (200mm width, 172mm depth, 100mm height) and lightweight (600g) make it easy to install. Also, it offers LED indicators for clear operational status, and sustainability compliance, and has various certifications, establishing it as a versatile, user-friendly solution for security needs.

What Does the Arlo Smart Hub Do

Pros of the Arlo Smart Hub

There are numerous advantages of using the Arlo Smart Hub and I’d like to share some:

  • The SmartHub securely connects Arlo, Arlo Pro, Arlo Pro 2, Pro3, Pro 4, Ultra and other wire-free cameras to the internet via a home router, offering a seamless security experience.
  • This device provides long-range connectivity ensuring all areas of your property are covered.
  • The SmartHub offers enhanced battery life for your connected cameras, making your security system more reliable.
  • Its compatibility with a wide range of Arlo cameras and doorbells guarantees it’s a suitable investment for all Arlo users.
  • The 4k maximum streaming resolution with compatible Arlo cameras ensures excellent video quality.
  • Leveraging the Arlo Smart Hub allows for optimized camera functionality, improving overall user experience.

Despite its compact size and simple design, the Arlo Smart Hub certainly delivers big on performance and reliability.

Cons of the Arlo Smart Hub

While the Arlo SmartHub does provide me with a secure connection and long-range connectivity I’m looking for, there are a few things that limit its appeal. Here are some of its drawbacks that I’ve observed:

  • It doesn’t support AI-driven notifications: With the SmartHub, all I get are generic “motion detected” alerts. It lacks the ability to identify and notify whether a person or a vehicle triggered the alert, a feature that comes with the subscription.
  • The necessity of external storage: Since SmartHub doesn’t come with cloud space, I need to provide my own SD card or USB stick for storing recorded footage.
  • Not all features available: Without a subscription, Arlo withholds some features regardless of whether a hub is used or not. This means I miss on some advanced functionality.

Features of the Arlo Smart Hub

Ability to connect and control multiple Arlo cameras

The Arlo SmartHub exhibits impressive compatibility, connecting a wide range of Arlo cameras – right from Arlo Pro to the Ultra series. It allows 4k Maximum streaming resolution, enforcing long-range connectivity and secure internet connection.

  • The key benefit is its capability to stream up to 15 cameras simultaneously on the Arlo Secure app, or five on my.arlo.com. This offers comprehensive surveillance control from one place.
  • However, a potential drawback is a restriction to view only one location at a time on the app. Also, bandwidth limitations or concurrent uploads could impede smooth streaming.

The SmartHub certainly promises greater integration across devices. Nevertheless, it’s subject to individual system setups and Wi-Fi capabilities.

WiFi connectivity for easy installation

The Ultra 2 SmartHub for the Arlo Pro series is a powerful accessory with essential connectivity features. However, unlike its ‘WiFi-ready’ status may suggest, all bases, including the Original, Pro, and Pro 2 models, require an Ethernet connection for Internet connectivity.

While the hubs can establish their own wireless networks for camera-to-hub communication, an Ethernet connection remains necessary for Internet access.

This firm tether eases the setup process, ensuring stable connectivity and minimal disruption during operations. Although this design choice may restrict placement flexibility, it offers a reliable networking solution for your Arlo Pro camera system.

Smart Home Integration for Arlo Cameras

Arlo Pro SmartHub - Arlo Certified Accessory - Connects Arlo Cameras to Wi-Fi, Works with Arlo Ultra 2, Ultra, Pro 5S 2K, Pro 4, Pro 3, Pro 2, Floodlight, Essential & Video Doorbell Cameras - VMB4540

Arlo Technologies offers advanced partner integrations that seamlessly connect your Arlo smart home security system to major smart home platforms.

  • If you’re using Amazon Alexa, you can initiate two-way talks and receive motion notifications from your Arlo security cameras through compatible Echo and Fire TV devices.
  • Integration with Apple HomeKit allows secure viewing of live streams from Arlo cameras and even enables you to create custom automation and scenes.
  • For Google Assistant users, the integration with AppFlip allows for faster linking of Arlo accounts and features enhanced live video and audio streaming.
  • The IFTTT integration creates a more interactive home environment, connecting your Arlo products to smart devices in the home.

These robust partnerships provide seamless, efficient, and integrated access to popular Arlo features no matter what smart home platform you prefer.

Never choose between ecosystems again – you’ll have peace of mind and greater ease of access right at your fingertips.

Easy-to-use app for monitoring and controlling cameras

The Arlo Secure App is your all-in-one control center for Arlo’s multiple security solutions such as the home security system, video doorbells, cameras, and floodlights.

Why shuffle through multiple apps when you can coordinate everything from one platform? With the Arlo Secure App, you can:

  • Monitor multiple locations simultaneously, which is ideal for property managers or owners of multiple residences.
  • Arm or disarm your system instantly with a single tap, providing a streamlined system control.
  • Generate smart activity zones to reduce unnecessary notifications, keeping you informed without the clutter.

Expert tip:

Leverage the 4K image resolution and 12X zoom feature to monitor your premises in minute detail.

But, remember that this feature varies based on your camera model, and requires an Arlo Secure paid plan after the trial period. Finally, enjoy peace of mind with the 24/7 Live Security Experts feature.

Access to rich features and tools

As an expert user of Arlo Smart Hub, I can attest to its powerful capabilities and unique features, making it a standout component in any smart home setup. Starting off:

  • It boasts comprehensive customization options, such as defining how cameras respond to motion on others, a truly clever feature.
  • It allows tailored motion zones, lighting, brightness, and duration adjustments.
  • Geo-settings arming specific cameras based on location, presence, and arrivals or departures provide an added benefit.

Notwithstanding the slow camera image load post-alert and room for improvement in the Continuous Video Recording (CVR) feature, Arlo Smart Hub remains incomparable in terms of its functionality and adaptability.

Ultimately, the Arlo Smart Hub enriches your smart home system, making it more secure and conveniently manageable.

Ability to create custom notifications and alerts

With the Arlo Smart Hub, you can tailor your notifications and alerts to suit your needs perfectly.

The hub allows you to set up custom email alerts and push notifications that can alert you, or even multiple people when motion or sound is detected by your Arlo cameras.

This customizable feature enhances security by ensuring you are promptly informed of any unusual activities, providing peace of mind. Edit modes and rules for each device to fine-tune notifications according to your needs.

A comprehensive solution, yet simple and user-friendly, Arlo Smart Hub gives you a personalized security experience.

Opportunity to store and playback video recordings

The Arlo Smart Hub offers fantastic local storage options for video recordings. This feature stands out because it allows you to set up separate secure storage away from the cloud on your Smart Hub, putting you in complete control.

This can be utilized as a backup or your main storage if you aren’t subscribed to Arlo Secure. What’s more, you can playback recordings right from the storage, ensuring nothing is missed.

This is especially beneficial and important for users who’d prefer a secure and accessible storage solution for their Arlo devices. Enjoy this seamless, high-quality video storing experience for a worry-free home security solution.

Ability to setup automated home routines and smart home integrations

As an expert in smart home technology, I must laud Arlo Technologies for the remarkable compatibility enhancements with myriads of smart home platforms.

The Arlo Smart Hub has the appealing capability of setting up automated home routines and executing smart home integrations.

What makes this feature simply fantastic?

  • The key benefit lies in the ease and seamless interaction it provides with popular platforms like Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Home Assistant, IFTTT, and Samsung SmartThings.
  • Data-driven interface facilitates aligned communication between your Arlo smart home security system and preferred smart home ecosystem.
  • Imagine receiving motion notifications or accessing a live feed from your Arlo devices on your smartwatch while out for a jog – convenience at its best!

In this fast-paced lifestyle, Arlo’s cutting-edge innovation enables an uncomplicated smart home experience, positioning it a cut above the rest.

Benefits of Using the Arlo Smart Hub

Stream and record video footage from multiple cameras on a single app

The Arlo Smart Hub enables me to manage the streaming of multiple cameras right from one app. This streamlined process allows for a maximum streaming of five cameras at once, or a whopping 15 if I employ multiple Smart Hubs or directly connect to Wi-Fi.

This convenience offered by Arlo is a boon for users like me looking for a hassle-free way to monitor multiple areas simultaneously.

Plus, it’s Data-driven, requiring 1-3 Mbps per camera. It’s a win-win solution offering both practicality and efficiency.

Easily setup and configure the Arlo smart home security system

Let’s set up that Arlo Smart Hub! With the Arlo Secure App, it’s really a breeze. First, just connect your device. You can then manage your security system right from your phone. Need to monitor multiple locations? No problem.

The app lets you control multiple spots in a snap. And arm or disarm? A one-touch operation. Look forward to fewer unwanted notifications by setting up smart activity zones.

Simply customize to your needs. Remember, with an Arlo Secure plan, you unlock even more features.

Access motion and sound-activated alerts

From my personal perspective, the facility of receiving motion and sound-triggered alerts through Arlo Smart Hub is a fantastic addition to modern home security systems.

Essentially, it’s like having an extra pair of eyes and ears that remain vigilant 24/7, increasing overall safety.

One of the undeniable benefits is peace of mind. For instance, being instantly notified of suspicious movements or sounds in a specifical zone, like your backyard, allows for immediate evaluation and action.

This feature ensures you’re always in the loop of what’s happening in your surroundings, even in your absence.

Control the cameras’ motion and zoom capabilities

The Arlo Smart Hub lets me control my camera’s motion and zoom capabilities effortlessly. Not only is this resource-saving, but it also enhances visual clarity.

The smart Auto Zoom and Tracking feature lets me follow moving objects without having to manually adjust the camera, providing seamless, unbroken tracking.

Thanks to the advanced image sensor on Arlo cameras, digital zoom-ups offer clear, detailed visuals. Plus, having the ability to live stream and record in 2K resolution is an added luxury.

Overall, the innovative tech empowers a more intelligent, visually enriching surveillance experience.

Utilize the Arlo smart home hub to set up automation and routines

The Arlo Pro SmartHub enhances your smart home experience by allowing seamless automation and routines across various platforms.

This is beneficial as it enables efficient control of your Arlo security system using popular smart home platforms. With a simple voice command to Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant, you can access a live feed from your Arlo cameras.

You can also configure your device to receive motion alerts or even trigger interactions with other smart devices, enhancing your smart home’s responsiveness.

The efficient partnership integrations of Arlo will ensure a smooth transition between your Arlo security system and the smart home ecosystem.

What is the difference between arlo smart hub and the base station?

What is the difference between arlo smart hub and the base station?

There’s no inherent difference between an Arlo Smarthub and a Base Station. They both act as the central hub for Arlo devices, creating a separate secure network for compatible cameras and doorbells.

This network enables devices in the same location to communicate and be set up for cross-triggering. However, specific devices like the Arlo Q, Arlo Baby, and Arlo Bridge can’t pair directly with an Arlo Smarthub or Base Station.


  • Arlo SmartHub: Compatible with most Arlo devices, except Arlo Go.
  • Arlo Base Station: Compatibility varies by model; it supports Arlo Ultra, Pro 3, Pro 3 Floodlight Camera, Pro 2, Pro, Wire-Free, Video Doorbell, and Audio Doorbell.

Maximum Streaming Resolution:

  • Arlo SmartHub: Offers a maximum streaming resolution of 4K with compatible Arlo cameras.
  • Arlo Base Station: Provides a maximum streaming resolution of 1080p with compatible Arlo cameras.

Local Storage Options:

  • Arlo SmartHub: Supports microSD cards, microSDHC, or microSDXC (up to class 10 UHS-3 V90) for local storage.
  • Arlo Base Station: Utilizes USB Type A, 2.0 compatible ports for local storage.

Integrated Siren:

  • Arlo SmartHub: Does not have an integrated siren.
  • Arlo Base Station: The presence and loudness of the integrated siren vary by model, with some reaching up to 100 dB.

Additional Specifications:

  • Both Arlo SmartHub and Arlo Base Station models have additional specifications that can be found in their respective data sheets or product pages.

How to Get the Most out of Your Arlo Smart Home Security Hub

To maximize the use of the Arlo Smart Home Security Hub, the first thing to do is to ensure it’s securely connected to your home router.

This creates a reliable link between your Arlo cameras – this includes the Arlo Pro, Pro 2, Pro 3, Pro 4, Ultra, and other wire-free cameras – and the internet.

It extends the range of your cameras and optimizes the battery life, ensuring secure home surveillance.

Next, install the Arlo Secure App. It’s the one-stop shop for your home security controls. You can arm or disarm your system with a single tap – it also helps you control multiple locations simultaneously.

Remember, with 24/7 Live Security Experts, you’re only one tap away from the police, fire, or medical services.

Do use the smart activity zones to reduce unwanted notifications – a real-time.

For a crystal-clear look at your video feed, remember that your hub is compatible with up to 4K streaming resolution, including 12X zoom and color night vision with the right Arlo camera model.

Importantly, consider investing in an Arlo Secure paid plan. This comes with Object Detection, Video History, and Emergency Response features. It makes your home protection smarter and your life easier.

Arlo Smart Hub: Is It Worth the Investment?

As an advanced tech enthusiast, the Arlo Smart Hub has left a strong impression on me. It serves as a secure bridge connecting your Arlo cameras to the Internet through your home router. What makes it stand out is its extended range connectivity and optimized battery life for your cameras.

The investment-dependent debate is rather subjective. The Arlo Smart Hub has an impressive compatibility range, securing connections from Arlo Pro to Arlo Ultra wire-free cameras.

However, its cost can seem steep, adding a significant chunk to your security budget. If you rely on an Arlo Secure subscription, it could take several months to compensate for this investment.

So, my advice?

If you’re a fan of Arlo products and seek optimized battery longevity and improved camera functionality, the Smart Hub delivers.

However, if you prioritize budget, and wouldn’t mind compromising on some advanced enhancements, you might want to tread lightly.


Do I need an Arlo SmartHub?

Yes, you may need an Arlo SmartHub for your Arlo cameras. Although the cameras can function without it, the Smart Hub improves your cameras’ performance by providing long-range connectivity and extended battery life.

More importantly, it allows for local storage via an SD card or USB stick. Therefore, while the SmartHub may not be strictly necessary, its value lies in these added features and enhancements.

For instance, if you have Arlo Pro, Arlo Pro 2, Arlo Pro 3 or Arlo Ultra wire-free cameras at home, investing in an Arlo SmartHub can optimize their performance.

Does Arlo work better with hub?

Yes, Arlo devices work better with a hub. The Arlo Smart Hub provides local storage, bypassing the need for a subscription for cloud storage. Although having a hub may cause you to lose some AI features like specific object detection, the hub allows immediate motion-detection notifications.

Additionally, it enables Homekit capabilities for Apple users and has a built-in siren. So, based on these enhancements, the Arlo Smart Hub optimizes the functionality and usability of Arlo products.

What is the operating frequency of Arlo smarthub?

The operating frequency of the Arlo Smart Hub is 2400 MHz. To give you an example, this means that it operates on a frequency similar to some WiFi networks or Bluetooth devices. This operating frequency helps the Arlo Smart Hub maintain stable connectivity with the connected security cameras and enhance their performance.