Why are Wasps attracted to Security Cameras?

Wasps are very curious creatures. They have been known to be attracted by the light from security cameras, lighting up a dark room and making it look inviting to them.

It is hypothesized that because of their curiosity they end up getting trapped in the camera’s lights instead of going around it since they can’t see through its lens. Wasps are annoying pests that can easily invade your home, and they’re attracted to security cameras because of their unique ability.

For this reason, many homeowners place wasp deterrents near their outdoor security cameras so these inquisitive insects would stay away from potentially dangerous places such as light bulbs and electrical wiring.

There is no way to stop wasps from coming into the house, but there are ways you can keep them out of your camera lens and protect yourself. Let’s find out why wasps like security cameras and some workable tips to get them off your camera and property.

Why are wasps attracted to security cameras?

There are a few reasons why wasps might be attracted to security cameras. One reason is that they may see the camera as an easy source of food, and another reason is that it can provide them with shelter in which they can lay their eggs.

Furthermore, studies have found that wasps are attracted to security cameras because the LED lights of the camera give off thermal heat. This heat attracts them, and they try to find water sources on warm objects. They also find dryer sheets hanging from the camera to be an ideal food source, so turning these lights off can help prevent wasps from being attracted.

It’s also related to the permanent magnets used to mount the cameras. Wasps are extremely sensitive to magnetic fields and are drawn to them regardless of the color of the security camera.

Wasps are attracted to security cameras because the wasp’s nest is just above or below where you can place your camera.

To prevent wasp infestation when using your security cameras, you should always scan for pests at least once per week or hang a flea collar around the base of your camera so these insects will avoid it and not try to enter into any of your security camera’s openings.

why are wasps attracted to security cameras?

How Do I Keep Wasps Away from my Security Cameras?

I outlined some short-term and long-term hacks to get wasps off your outdoor security cameras.

Plant anti-wasp plants

Because wasps are attracted to security cameras, there are plants that can be used as a repellent. Some ornamental plants have been found to be effective at deterring wasps from coming close. Geraniums have also been known to provide some degree of protection against flying insects.

Slice up some cucumber

Cucumbers are a cheap and easy way to deter wasps. Slice up a cucumber and put it in the pan or dish you’ll use to cook your food outdoors.

Although there is no research to back up the claim, slicing cucumber into thin slices will make it easier for you to create beautiful vegetables.

Use ground dried bay leaves

Wasps are attracted to security cameras because of the eugenol essential oil in bay leaves. The best way to deter wasps is by scattering dried bay leaves and cinnamon powder near your home, as this produces a stronger scent than ground-up bay leaves alone.

Maintain a clean backyard

The wasps are attracted to cameras because they feel that there is a long-term solution for keeping them away. The main way to keep wasps away is by maintaining a clean backyard. Other ways would be trimming bushes, weeds, and other plants in the backyard so wasps don’t feel secure or exposing possible nesting grounds in order to prevent more wasps from breeding.

You should maintain a clean backyard by disposing of the rubbish in sealed garbage bins and keeping your premises free of wasps.

Maintaining a clean backyard is essential for having clear pictures. The camera exterior needs to be shielded or covered with an outdoor-rated material such as netting, and the camera should be cleaned regularly using a soft brush.

Cover garbage bins

Covering your garbage bin’s lid will keep wasps away. Always make sure that you cover your waste before disposing of it in the garbage bin, and wasps will be less attracted to sweets or protein sources.

Wasp colonies are known for scavenging, searching through garbage bins to find food. When wasps hunt in the bin, it is important that you dispose of your trash properly and cover the bin tightly so as not to attract more unwanted guests.

Secure compost pile

Wasps are attracted to security cameras because they find them as a good source of food. To keep wasps away, you may place your compost pile indoors or in any sheltered areas and use a secured cover to discourage critters such as mice, raccoons, and skunks from entering.

Avoid decorating your backyard with bright colors

Wasps are attracted to bright colors that have nectars, so it’s important to consider not decorating your backyard with flowers of these colors. It might be a good idea to plant some other flowers nearby and divert the attention of wasps from your home.

Use nest decoys

Wasps are attracted to security cameras because it is a long-term solution for them. If you feel like being crafty, you may opt to create your own fake wasp nest using a paper bag and shaping the form of a circle. Flea collars work well in keeping away bugs and insects from places that they shouldn’t be.

Close all possible entry points?

Wasps like to build their nests near places they can find food and stay safe from threats. If wasps find a good spot under your porch, most likely, they’ll settle there. The most profound reason why wasps build their nest up high is to secure it from potential threats.

Why Do You Need to Repel Wasps?

Wasps can swarm

Wasps can swarm. This is when the wasps chase down their prey and sting it multiple times, drawing out its final moments of life. Wasps are attracted to security cameras because they think they might be able to find food in them.

If someone poses a threat near their nest or home, hornets will likely swarm and attack that person by surrounding him/her with a small black cloud that looks like cartoon-like smoke coming from his/her mouth and nose, making it difficult for people to breathe as well as get stung or worse if they’re not careful around the hornet nests.

Wasps are just plain annoying

Wasps are just plain annoying. If a wasp is in your eye or landing on your food, it can get really irritating. You might be tolerable if the wasp lands for a short time, but after some time, you will get irritated and want to do something about it. Imagine you at home eating fruit outside and having these damn pests land on your plate.

Colonies of wasps can grow fast

Wasps are attracted to security cameras because they grow quickly and produce a lot of offspring. You can use a wasp spray with protective equipment if you have experience, but professionals should be nearby in case they don’t leave.



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