Why does my Amazon Fire TV Keep Restarting?

When purchasing a new Amazon Fire TV Stick, you may experience a weird problem. After plugging it in and pressing the Home button to set up your device, an update is downloaded and your device will restart. What’s going on?

Sometimes, your Amazon Fire TV device will restart without warning. This can be annoying. Here are some things you can do to fix the problem.

Why does my Amazon Fire Stick keep restarting?

Amazon Firestick TV always Restarting can be due to hardware flaws, not software. The most common cause of restarting FireStick is it being plugged into the wrong power source or if the USB cable isn’t fully connected.

If your Amazon Fire TV keeps restarting, it’s likely because of a faulty power supply. However, if the issue persists after you’ve replaced the power adapter with an alternate one or has ensured that all cables are in working order and connected properly to both devices then it is most likely due to software malfunction.

It can also be caused by other issues such as faulty HDMI cable, USB cable, or device failure. If your Amazon Fire TV is restarting when you try to use it, there are many quick methods that can fix the issue. For instance, if a power supply has been disconnected from the device and this causes an improper shutdown of the system, then reconnecting it may end up fixing everything.

Another possible cause could be that there’s no HDMI connection between your television and Fire Stick or another external source such as a DVD player or gaming console. This will force a reboot of both devices in order to make the connection.

Why does my Amazon Fire TV Keep Restarting?

How do you fix a Firestick that keeps Restarting?

Make Sure you Use Official Firestick Accessories

Amazon Fire TV users have reported that their devices keep restarting. They are advised to use only official Amazon accessories, which prevents the issue from happening in the first place.

Although there are many accessories that have been created to help you with your Firestick, it is important to make sure that the accessory was made by Amazon. Make sure the accessory has a sticker on it and comes from Amazon so they can offer support if needed.

Try a Brand New USB Cable If Firestick Keeps Restarting

If your Amazon Fire TV keeps restarting, try a new USB cable. If the old one is not working well enough to provide power, then get a gold-plated Amazon USB cable. Every micro USB cables have a life span and will eventually fail to work properly.

If you are experiencing issues with your Firestick, try a brand new USB cable. The only compatible cables are the ones provided by Amazon.

Use a 2 Amp Power Adapter

If your Firestick keeps restarting when it’s plugged into the wall, you might need to use a 2 Amp power adapter. To fix this problem, try using a 2 Amp power adapter instead of the 1Amp one that came with the device.

Plug Adapter Directly Into a Power Outlet

Some people have reported that the Amazon Fire TV keeps restarting. There are a few solutions to fix this issue, but one of them is to directly plug an adapter into a power outlet and then disconnect the USB cable from the device.

In case there is any damage to the old one, replace it with a new adapter or simply buy a new one. Plug adapters directly into a power outlet for the most reliable and convenient charging experience. Make sure to check your USB cable as well, if there is any damage you would want to replace it with an original accessory from Apple.

Remove Other Devices Connected To Your TV’s HDMI Ports

If your Firestick is restarting, you should try unplugging other devices that are connected to the HDMI port or plugging in a different cable. It could be that interference is happening with the streaming signal resulting in problems for the Firestick.

The first step to solving TV problems is unplugging all other devices connected to the TV’s HDMI ports. If you are still experiencing issues, then one of the other devices was causing it.

Disable HDMI CEC

If your Amazon Fire TV keeps restarting, try disabling the HDMI CEC feature. To do so, go to Settings > System > HDMI CEC and select “OFF”. The TV remote can then control your Firestick.

To switch off HDMI CEC, select “HDMI CEC Device Control” and make sure it is switched off. This will prevent the TV from controlling your Roku player or Blu-Ray player when they are connected to the same input on your TV set.

Make Sure your Firestick Is Updated

The Amazon Fire TV keeps restarting because it might be due to outdated or buggy software. The best course of action is to update the device’s firmware.

Amazon devices such as Firesticks and tablets receive system updates periodically. They are released to improve the device with new features or fix any bugs that may have been found in previous versions of software.

Updates are crucial to ensure that your device is running smoothly. If you do not update, it may lead to errors and crashes.

Reset Your Firestick

If your Amazon Fire Stick keeps restarting for no reason, reset to factory default settings. This will fix the problem of too many apps installed on your device.

If you want to reset your Firestick, go into Settings on it and choose “My Fire TV” then choose the option called “Reset to Factory Defaults.”

To reset your Firestick, you will need to hold down the Select, Right, Back, and Reverse buttons simultaneously. Wait for a message that says “Reset this device.”

Use a Different Firestick

If you have tried all the above steps, this is the final way to check where is the problem. Sometimes your Firestick is in working condition, but your TV is not. You can replace or repair it with Amazon customer care executives.

The Firestick is an amazing product that has revolutionized the way people watch TV, but sometimes a TV can cause issues with restarting your firestick.

Check if the HDMI cable is faulty

If your Amazon Fire TV keeps restarting, you may need to replace the HDMI cable. If it is an issue with the cord, then this could be due to a faulty connection on one end or on both ends of the cable.

If your HDMI cable is faulty, try using it with another device. That will tell you if the connector or the wire itself has a problem.

Clear Cache of Installed Apps

If your Amazon Fire TV is restarting all the time, there might be a few different reasons. The most common reason would be a full cache. To clear your cache on an Amazon Fire Stick, navigate to settings>apps>manage installed applications>selecting an app>clear cache.

Remove Extra Installed Applications

The Amazon FireTV will restart when a new app is installed over the previous one that you had. To fix this, navigate to Settings > Applications on your FireTV and select Manage Installed Applications, then click Uninstall.

If you have a FireStick, it can be hard to remove apps that are no longer needed. There is also the risk of deleting an app that contains important data.

However, there is a way around this issue by using the Amazon App Store and rooting your device so you will not lose any data from uninstalling or moving apps on your own.


By connecting the Amazon Fire Stick to your TV’s HDMI connector, you can instantly access your favorite entertainment platforms. In rare circumstances, it may begin rebooting while you are watching your favorite material.

How can I stop the Amazon Fire Stick from restarting?

Replace your USB cable, use an efficient power adapter, put your Fire Stick straight into your power socket, and then remove your USB extension cords. If the problem persists, unplug any other HDMI-connected devices, disable HDMI CEC, restart the Fire Stick, change the remote’s batteries, clear the cache of the installed applications or uninstall them, and then update the device. As a final resort, restore the streaming device to factory settings.

If your Amazon Fire Stick keeps restarting, you now know what to do. You should use the actions outlined above to troubleshoot and resolve the problem as soon as possible and at no cost. If nothing seems to work, you should contact Amazon to replace or repair it since you may be experiencing hardware difficulties. After that, you’ll be able to access your favorite multimedia platforms again.



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