Why does my Blink Camera Say “Live View Failed”?

What could be causing my Blink Camera to say “Live View Failed?” Your Blink camera is not working properly, and you don’t know why. If your Blink Camera says “Live View Failed,” there are a few reasons this could be happening. Scroll down below to find more information on what might be causing these camera errors so you can fix them!

Live View sends both audio and video from your Blink camera to the Blink Home Monitor app. Additionally, compatible Alexa devices may be utilized to use voice commands to access the Live View function.

Most Blink cameras, including the Indoor and Outdoor variants, may converse with recipients being observed by the camera via “Two-Way Audio” on the Live View interface. In the Home Monitor app, you can also access additional Live View capabilities like gestures and video recording. Simply tap the “Live View symbol” for the linked camera you want to access to set up Live View.

When your security cameras fail, it may be a very inconvenient situation, especially if they are utilized to monitor your house. Blink cameras, although being dependable and user-friendly, are nonetheless prone to technological difficulties.

This post will provide you with an introduction to the Live View function as well as some troubleshooting ideas to attempt if you encounter any issues.

Why does my blink camera keep saying live view failed?

There are a number of reasons why your blink camera is saying live view failed. The failure of the Live View function might be indicative of a variety of problems, ranging from intermittent connectivity to dead batteries. Here are some of the reasons you may be seeing live view fail from your blink camera

  • The battery is low – If you’re running out of power while in LiveView mode, you’ll see a notification on the screen telling you to turn it off.
  • The camera’s settings are set incorrectly – Make sure your settings are correct in order for the camera not to say “Live View Failed.”
  • You’re using too many filters or lighting adjustments simultaneously – If you’re using multiple filters or adjustments together on the same photo, it will say “Live View Failed.”
  • You’re using too many apps at once – Which can cause the camera app to crash when in LiveView mode.

How to fix Blink Live View not working

Low batteries

Blink cameras are known for their great quality and long battery life, but sometimes the camera will just stop working and may the reason for the “failed live veiw” message. The most common reason is low batteries or a bad connection between the lens and the camera body. To fix this problem, you need to replace your old batteries with new ones that are of good quality.

Low battery warnings are typically indicated by a camera’s blinking LED light, which is red when it needs new batteries. You must put in the fresh batteries before plugging into the camera and turning on your device.

If you are having a problem with your cameras, make sure to check their batteries. The battery life depends on how much motion the camera detects and its frequency of use. Blink cameras also have an app that allows users to view the battery indicator at all times in real-time.

Check the red light indicator

If your Blink camera is not working, first check the red light indicator to see if it’s lit up. If it is, then check that the battery is charged and try turning on your phone’s Wi-Fi so you can connect to the device.

In order to configure red light indicator for your Blink camera, you need to make sure that the LED is on and blinking. A flashing red light could mean the camera is not connected to the internet or has dead batteries.

First, try to connect the camera with your computer and see if it works. If not, make sure you have fresh batteries in the device as well as an internet connection before trying again.

Reset camera

Blink cameras have a live view feature that is designed to allow users to see what their camera’s lens is seeing. When this function fails, the user can reset the camera by pressing and holding the shutter button on top of their Blink camera while it is plugged in and charging.

Poor wireless connectivity

If your camera says “Live View Failed” or “Low Battery” you may have poor wireless connectivity. If the camera is not connected to a network, it cannot record videos.

Reset sync module

Live view on the Blink Camera is not working, so you must reset the sync module. The Mini has a button that resets new and existing systems while pairing with the camera device.

In order to reset the Blink wireless camera, you must hold down the button on the side of your Sync Module. It will then turn red and blink until it is fully installed in its slot again.

If your wifi connection is inadequate or your cameras are too far away from your Sync Module, you may experience problems with Live View. If you’re having problems with Live View, rebooting your camera and sync module may help to address many difficulties.

Furthermore, if your devices appear to be experiencing sporadic connectivity troubles, it may be worth restarting your modem and router.


The Live View function on Blink cameras is vital for individuals who want to improve their home security and remotely access their footage. However, because of the way the Blink cameras connect and interact with the Sync Module, the Live View function is vulnerable to connection and hardware difficulties.

If none of these workarounds works for you, you should contact Blink’s customer care. They can assist you in enforcing any warranties you may have or offer to fix the gadget. Otherwise, you’d have to buy a new camera system.