Why is My ADT Video Doorbell Blinking Red?

If you’ve ever used a video doorbell, you know how exasperating and frustrating it can be when things go wrong. You expect it to work perfectly, and when things inevitably go wrong, you become pretty annoyed.

Why is my ADT video doorbell blinking red?

A red light blinking on your ADT doorbell camera could indicate a variety of problems. This indicates that something is amiss and that you must perceive things differently in order to set things right.

If your ADT doorbell is rapidly blinking red, it usually implies that the battery inside the doorbell is about to die and the equipment has to be recharged soon. It could also indicate that the internet connection is not as reliable as it should be for the ADT system to function properly.

When you see a blinking red light on your doorbell, it implies the battery is low or the camera is about to fail. In this situation, you must recharge it quickly. There is also the possibility that your doorbell has lost internet access.

Sometimes the hardware begins to send out signals that occasionally go awry. These hardware-related concerns constantly remind you that there is a severe problem that needs to be addressed as soon as feasible.

The Wi-Fi issue is much easier to resolve than the battery charge issue, so let’s start there. One of the ways to settle this is by bringing up your ADT Pulse app (available on Android and iOS devices) and have a look at what’s going on with your Wi-Fi right now.

Perhaps the router isn’t working properly, a signal isn’t as strong as it usually is, or the network has been knocked down totally for whatever reason. If you observe a red ring around your ADT doorbell, chances are your internet is acting up and has to be addressed as soon as possible.

When the Wi-Fi connection is recovered, the red signal will vanish and the blue “live” light will be restored. That indicates that everything is in order.

Why is my ADT video doorbell blinking red?

How to fix ADT Video Doorbell Blinking Red

Having established the fact that when your ADT doorbell camera is blinking red, it could either the battery power on this camera is about to fail and you need to recharge the system, or your doorbell has lost the internet connectivity, right? Here are some workable steps you can do to fix it.

Recharge your ADT Doorbell Battery

If the red light on your ADT doorbell is blinking fast, the battery inside the doorbell is likely to run out soon and the device has to be recharged immediately.

Battery life can vary widely depending on when you detect your ADT battery signal. Because of this, it’s important to act quickly, connect your charger, and get power flowing to your security system as soon as possible.

Change your ADT Doorbell Battery

Sometimes, your ADT video doorbell battery would need to be replaced. In this stage, you need a battery replacement ASAP!

Fix your Internet Connection

It’s possible that the router isn’t functioning properly, a signal isn’t as strong as it typically is, or the network has been entirely shut down for some reason.

If your ADT doorbell has a red ring around it, there’s a high chance your internet is acting up and has to be addressed as soon as possible. It will be possible to see the blue “live” light again once the Wi-Fi connection has been repaired.

Hardwire ADT Doorbell Camera to Avoid further battery problems

Finally, you can eliminate these issues by hardwiring your ADT video doorbell. Wireless ADT doorbell cameras can be hardwired into your home’s electrical system to eliminate the need for charging later. This is normally beyond of reach for most homeowners, though.

However, if you want to prevent having to deal with the blinking red light issue in the future, it could be worth contacting an electrician to have them set everything up for you.

A skilled electrician should be able to connect your ADT system to your home’s power supply without too much fuss and bother, doing it in a way that keeps power flowing to your doorbell without burning it out or overloading it.

Of course, you have the option of going with any of the non-wireless ADT doorbell systems now on the market. Although the installation of these doorbells is more time-consuming and expensive, you won’t have to be concerned about battery life concerns affecting your security system in the future.

In the end, it’s a personal choice, so do your research before making a selection.



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