Why is My Hardwired Ring Doorbell not Charging?

Your hardwired Ring Doorbell is a troublesome device that has been giving you headaches for weeks. It doesn’t charge and instead of working, it just says “not charging” or the battery percentage changes without changing anything in the app.

You have tried resetting your doorbell multiple times with no result; maybe even after reinstalling the app! What gives? These are all common problems when it comes to hardwired ring doorbells not charging.

A hardwired Ring Doorbell battery that is not charging might be caused by broken or loose wires, doorbell wire voltage that is too low or too high, or frigid conditions outside the home. You may inspect the cables and voltage yourself or hire a local electrician to do so.

We have provided solutions to help you solve any issue your hardwired Ring Doorbell not charging you may be experiencing.

A hardwired wireless doorbell is an awesome security device that can be used to protect your home or business by letting you know when someone is knocking on the door from anywhere in the world. You should also take advantage of this product’s ability to see who is outside through its built-in camera and talk with them for added protection!

The Ring Doorbell sounds like a great idea, but sometimes the battery doesn’t last long enough and you’re out of luck. This post has the details on why a hardwired Ring Doorbell not charging and what to do about it. You’ll be able to find out more about this product in general, too!

Why is my hardwired ring doorbell not charging?

These are some of the reasons a hardwired ring doorbell might not be charging:

Power disruption

If your doorbell is hardwired, it could be disrupted by power surges. The ring’s battery backup system would go into action and the button will start to flash red.

A power disruption could be caused by a switchboard. Each circuit is electrically connected to the main switchboard and these circuits are used for different parts of the building, such as kitchen appliances or elevators.

The doorbell battery is defective

A short circuit in the doorbells battery can cause it to not charge. The ring doorbell’s battery life depends on how often and for how long it is charged, so if you have had your device plugged in for a month then that might be affecting its lifespan.

The doorbell battery is defective because it does not last long enough. A point of note is that the speed at which the doorbell discharges becomes higher than how fast it charges.

Weak Wi-Fi network

When your hardwired ring doorbell is not charging, it may be due to a weak Wi-Fi network. This can lead to battery drain, which in turn decreases the charge lifespan of the doorbells’ batteries.

The Ring app allows users to check the strength of their Wi-Fi connection. The device also has a blue light that indicates charging when plugged in and is able to detect if there are multiple devices connected at once.

This is what the RSSI strength of the Ring Doorbell Wi-Fi indicates in the following ranges:

  • -40 to 0 – You have an excellent Wi-Fi signal. This is the best-case situation, and you should have no problems with Ring Doorbell functioning, battery life, or camera quality within this price range.
  • -65 to -41 – Usually adequate, but you are on the outskirts of your Wi-service Fi’s region, which may cause some connectivity issues. At ranges less than -60, it may cause occasional difficulties with video streaming from your Ring Doorbell.
  • -66 to -90 – Your Wi-Fi signal strength is insufficient, resulting in a frustrating experience and difficulties with your Ring Doorbell.

In summary, if you’re receiving -55 or below, it might be time to invest in a Wi-Fi signal extension device or relocate closer to your router.

Loose wires or loose connections

If your wireless ring doorbell is not charging, it could be due to loose wires or loose connections. When there is a loose wire in the charging circuit, it should be fixed. If broken wires are caused by loose connections, this problem should be diagnosed and fixed.

Low Voltage Supply for Ring Doorbell.

Some of the reasons why the Ring doorbell might not charge are low voltage supply, low battery, or bad cable. The Ring Doorbell is designed to run on a low voltage supply, typically 16 volts AC. The maximum recommended range for the doorbell and app should be 16-20VAC, with 20 being optimal.

It is important that users check their voltage before purchasing or installing this device as there are other products that require higher voltages than what can be provided by most power sources in Canada.

Weather Conditions Causing Charging Issues

The Ring Doorbell is not designed for extreme temperatures, so it will take longer to charge or may not even charge. The Ring Doorbell is meant for -5° F and 120° F, so if the weather outside is above that temperature range, then you might encounter a charging issue.

If you are in a location that is impacted by extreme temperatures, then you should consider upgrading your doorbell to Ring Doorbell Pro. This will allow for better detection of the door and more accurate temperature measurements.

How To Fix Ring Doorbell Hardwired Not Charging

The first step in properly fixing your hardwired Ring Doorbell is determining why it is not charging. We’ve included some pointers below to help you keep your hardwired Ring Doorbell charged and operational.

Restarting or reset Your Ring DoorBell.

Ring doorbells have a battery that is easy to replace. The device can be reset by pressing the power button on the device while it is plugged in and connected to Wi-Fi. If the Ring doorbell is not working properly, it can be restarted or reset. You will need to remove the faceplate in order to do so.

So, if you’re having battery charging issues with your hardwired Ring DoorBell, it’s likely that the cam is simply not working. You’ll need to hold down the button for 20-25 seconds before turning on or off this device.

Start With the Wiring.

When your Ring doorbell is not charging, the most likely reason that it’s not working is that a wire isn’t plugged in.

First, check the circuit breaker is working properly. Next, if it’s not working and you have a transformer that has too much voltage on its wires (greater than 16V), change your transformer or replace the Ring device with one made by another manufacturer.

The first thing you should do is double-check the tightness of the screws that connect the power lines to your Ring Doorbell contacts.

Screws should be tightened but not overtightened. Overtightening screws might cause your mounting plate to bend, weakening the connection to the battery connections. As a result, your Ring Battery will only charge intermittently.

Loosen these screws to see whether they improve contact and charging performance. Also, check to see if you have batteries connected to the correct wires and contact an electrician to work out which wire needs attention.

If you have a Ring doorbell with a detachable battery, you may simply buy a new replacement battery. Check with Ring’s customer support first, as your battery may be covered under warranty.

img-0img-1Buy Ring Rechargeable Battery Pack

Seek Professional Help.

If you have completed all trial testing and still are unable to get your ring doorbell hardwired to work, it is advised that you call for professional help. If you cannot decide on the problem’s cause, then it is best for you to contact a professional technician who can come out and troubleshoot the issue with your device.



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