Why is my Ring Camera not Charging? Quick Fix!

Ring cameras are a great way to monitor your home, but sometimes they stop charging. Learn how to fix this problem quickly with a simple solution that only takes less than 5 minutes.

why is ring camera not charging? There are a couple of reasons why your ring camera is not charging. If your Ring Camera isn’t charging, it could be due to one of the following issues: a faulty gadget, a faulty Wi-Fi connection, a low-voltage power supply, or a faulty device. If your Ring Cam is hardwired but uncharged, it may record low-quality video and audio.

If you’ve had your Ring Stick Up Cam (1st generation) for a long time and the battery no longer holds a charge, it’s time to replace it.

If you have been a Ring Protect Plus plan subscriber while your equipment was under its original manufacturer’s warranty, you may be able to have the camera replaced after some troubleshooting with Ring Support.

If you’ve been using a Ring Solar Charger to try to fully charge your Ring Video Doorbell (1st generation), it’s possible that the battery is no longer powerful enough to receive a full charge from the Solar Charger’s trickle charge.

If you have the chance, you should consider hardwiring your doorbell. That might give the doorbell a little more charge. Hardwiring, like the solar charger, only provides a trickle charge to the battery.

If the battery dies, the device may have to be replaced. Ensuring battery health is critical for the majority, if not all, of our Smart Home accessories.

During our study, we prepared a comprehensive list of likely causes of ring cameras not charging and troubleshooting recommendations for those who may find themselves in my scenario.

If your Ring doorbell isn’t charging, make sure your Wi-Fi connection is good and that there’s no issue with the charger or charging cable.

Check the circuits in your home to discover if a breaker has tripped. If the problem persists, your Ring doorbell battery may be faulty and must be replaced.

To resolve this, use the troubleshooting steps outlined below.

How to Fix Ring Camera Not Charging?

Check Your Wi-Fi Connection

When my Ring Doorbell’s Live View stopped working, I discovered that the Ring Doorbell is Wi-Fi dependent.

So, if there is a problem with the Wi-Fi connection, the Ring app will not display the correct battery condition.

To resolve this, restart your router, move it closer to the device, and then re-establish the connection on your Ring Doorbell.

Another issue with a weak signal is that your ring doorbell will be continually searching for it. This will cause your battery to drain faster, giving the impression that the gadget is not being charged.

Refresh the Battery Status of the Ring App

While charging the device, you may notice that the Ring app on your phone indicates that the battery strength is low, leading you to believe that your battery is not charging.

Simply ring the doorbell once or twice in such a case. This will refresh the app, and the battery strength should now be restored to its original level.

Reset the Camera

Sometimes it’s just a flaw or malfunction on your Ring cam’s interface that’s causing this issue. So, to solve that, you’ll need to reset the camera, which will restore it to its original state.

On the back, there is a setup button that can be used to reset the camera. So you’ll need to hold the button down for 20-25 seconds, which will cause the light on the rear to flash a few times.

This indicates that your Ring cam is being reset, and the procedure will take a few minutes to complete.

Allow it to reset on its own before entering setup mode by pushing the same button for 5 seconds. In this manner, you can reconnect it to the network and the charging module will function normally.

Examine the Charger

If the reset does not function as intended, you may have a problem with the charger that has to be repaired. To rule out the possibility, first, ensure that the outlet you are using is in excellent functioning order and that there are no other issues with the electric outlet. You may easily test this by inserting another appliance into the same power socket and seeing if it works.

After that, you can try switching out the charger to check whether the other charger can charge your Ring Stick Up cam. If it works for you, all you need is a charger replacement to complete the task.

Any charger you select should be powerful enough to charge your smart doorbell battery. A 2.1A charger will charge the battery completely in 5 to 6 hours. However, if you charge your battery with a less powerful charger, it may take significantly longer to finish charging and may not even charge the battery completely.

In this situation, you’d have to swap out your charger or charge it using another device, such as your computer.

If changing the charger doesn’t work, you’ll have to continue with the troubleshooting step.

Examine the Batteries

The final option is batteries, and your Ring Stick Up Cam may not be charging due to dead or damaged batteries. So, in order for it to operate for you, you must verify that the batteries are checked by replacing them with a fresh battery pair.

You can simply obtain the batteries from any of the Ring outlets or their websites, and having the batteries replaced with fresh ones will undoubtedly help you get out of this scenario without causing any further problems with the charging on your Ring Cam.

Examine the Voltage Output of Your Ring Transformer

If the circuit breaker is working properly, you should investigate the voltage delivered by your transformer. Before you begin, double-check that the wiring is in good working order. After you’ve confirmed this, you’ll need to check the transformer’s voltage.

If it is less than 16V, this could be the cause of your device’s battery not charging properly. In this scenario, you should think about replacing your transformer.

Even if your transformer is in good working order, your doorbell may be operating at a lower voltage than your transformer.

This could be because you have an extremely long electrical connection between your transformer and your Ring device. This may result in a voltage drop when compared to the transformer at your Ring device. As a result, you may need to upgrade to a higher-power transformer or modify the wiring in your home.

When your Ring cam isn’t charging, you can now systematically diagnose and fix the issue in no time.

How to Fix Ring Spotlight Cam Battery Not Charging

You can use this troubleshooting guide to identify issues with the Ring Spotlight Cam Battery.

Power Up the Battery

Before installation, take the battery and plug it into a power source to let it charge for a few hours. The little light on top will turn green and signal that the battery is completely charged and prepared for installation.

Insert the Battery Correctly.

Once you hear it snap into place, insert the battery into your ring spotlight camera.

Make sure that the battery is being charged completely by the charger.

Some intelligent chargers and/or batteries will only charge a battery when the temperature is appropriate. If you tried to charge a very cold battery, the electronics might refuse to do so and lock out even after several hours, leading you to believe the battery is fully charged.

Are you able to check the battery voltage with a multimeter? Or did you state that it is no longer cold? If so, the battery may have been harmed in some manner by the previous extremely cold conditions.

Here is how to charge your Ring spotlight camera battery:

Call Ring for a Replacement

If all else fails, get in touch with Ring customer support to request a replacement.



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