5 Best Wireless Battery-Powered Dash Cam for Cars

Are you looking for a reliable way to record your car’s driving experience? Are you looking for the best dash cam that offers excellent video quality, recording time, and battery life? Look no further than a wireless battery-powered dash cam.

Dash cams are becoming increasingly popular as they can provide drivers with peace of mind when driving, as well as help with asset tracking, accident investigations, recording driving behavior, and more.

In this blog post, we’ll go through the best wireless battery-powered dash cams for cars, as well as what to consider when choosing a dash cam for your vehicle.

Don’t miss out on this essential guide to help you keep your car safe and secure!

Are there any battery-powered dash cams?

Yes, there are battery-powered dash cams available on the market. Battery-powered dash cams are different from other dash cams because they have an internal power source that allows them to work even when the engine is turned off and there is no external power source.

They come with wifi, Bluetooth, and an emergency calling facility for use in case of an accident. They also start automatically when triggered by sudden motion or impact, allowing them to record all incidents even when the driver is not in the vehicle.

Battery-powered dash cams also have a backup battery source that allows them to record even when the vehicle is parked.

How does a battery-operated dash cam work?

A battery-operated dash cam has two sources of power, i.e., internal and external. It is connected to the vehicle’s power source and has an internal battery backup. When the engine of the vehicle is turned off, the external power source is cut off, and the dash cam will rely on the internal battery for power.

When the dash cam is installed, it will be triggered by any sudden motion or impact. It is designed to activate even if it detects the slightest vibration to keep track of every incident. Once it is triggered, the camera will start recording and will save the footage on its internal storage.

The battery-powered dash cam also has a built-in front camera and can be connected to a rear camera for a complete view. You can also choose a backup power system, either a lithium-ion battery or a supercapacitor, to store between three to five minutes of video.

The battery-powered dash cam will also detect if a driver is lagging or using the phone, speeding, or close chasing and notifies the fleet manager to take viable action. In this way, the manager can easily pinpoint irresponsible truckers.

Overall, a battery-powered dash cam provides an additional layer of safety and security for the vehicles, even when they are parked. It can record the cause of an accident or any other turbulence and can help you locate your car in case of theft.

The 5 best wireless battery-powered dash cams for cars

1. Rove R2 4K Dash Cam

The Rove R2 4K dash cam is an excellent choice for cars as it offers a range of features that make it a top-notch dash cam. It features a 4K ultra-high-definition recording and a Sony Starvis IMX335 ultra-low light 5MP CMOS Sensor that ensures clear recording even in low light conditions.

It has a built-in GPS that accurately records the driver’s location and speed, and can also be used to share the driver’s location in case of an emergency. The Rove R2 4K is equipped with a parking mode motion detection which will start recording if the car is bumped while stationary.

It also boasts a 150-degree A+ wide-angle lens, G-sensor, and loop cycle recording, making it a comprehensive and reliable dash cam. In addition to these features, it also comes at an affordable price. All in all, the Rove R2 4K is an excellent choice for cars due to its high-quality features, reliability, and affordability.


  • Extremely high-resolution recording
  • A wide field of vision that shows a lot of the road
  • US-based company with customer services available
  • The car dashboard camera has f1.8 apertures
  • Night Vision available
  • Built-in GPS
  • Time-lapse video
  • Slow motion video
  • Parking mode motion detection


  • The user interface could be improved
  • Overly large size
  • Hard to change angles

2. The Vantrue N2 Pro

The Vantrue N2 Pro is an excellent, feature-packed choice for a wireless battery-powered dash cam. Its two cameras capture sharp, detailed imagery in both light and dark environments, with a wide, 170-degree field of view that ensures an extensive view of your vehicle’s surroundings.

It also comes with a number of unique features, including an optional GPS tracker, 24-hour parked-car monitoring, night vision, and a well-designed mounting system. In addition, it’s very easy to use, with its simple connection and lack of the need for a smartphone app.

Finally, it has an attractive design and a relatively low price for a dual-lens dash cam. All of these features make the Vantrue N2 Pro a great choice for drivers looking for a good, wireless battery-powered dash cam for their cars.


  • 1080p-resolution camera
  • Night vision
  • 24-hour parked-car monitoring
  • Bright display
  • Well-designed mounting system
  • Single, front-facing camera
  • Small and lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Wide 160-degree FOV
  • Can add GPS tracking with separate mount
  • Battery-powered and rated to operate in temperatures between -4 and 158 degrees Fahrenheit


  • No 4K-resolution main camera
  • No built-in Wi-Fi compatibility

3. Rexing V1 4K Dashcam

The Rexing V1 4K Dashcam is a great choice for car owners because of its many features. It has a 4K resolution camera, ultra-wide angle lens, supercapacitor and parking monitor, loop recording and G-sensor, and an optional GPS tracker.

The 4K camera provides videos and images with rich color and contrast, while the ultra-wide angle lens allows you to capture the whole road in a single shot. The supercapacitor ensures the device can withstand extreme temperatures, while the loop recording and G-sensor help to efficiently use the storage space.

The optional GPS tracker also allows you to monitor the driver remotely. Furthermore, the small size of the device means it is discreet, making it an ideal choice for car owners who want a reliable, high-quality dashcam.


  • Excellent video quality
  • Small size makes it discreet
  • Built-in WiFi for easy sharing
  • Night vision for low-light situations
  • Broad dynamic range for clear video
  • Continuous loop recording
  • Auto loop function
  • Supports up to 128GB SD cards
  • G-sensors for shock/collision detection


  • Difficult user interface
  • Pricey compared to other dashcams


4. Garmin 66W Dashcam

The Garmin 66W Dashcam is an excellent choice for wireless battery-powered dash cams for cars because of its small and discreet size. It also has an extra-wide 180-degree lens, which provides crystal clear footage with 1440p HD video.

Plus, it has an in-built GPS tracker and several accident detection features that can help maximize the safety of your fleet and protect it from false claims. Additionally, the dash cam is equipped with a collision warning system, lane departure warning, and go alerts, so you are always aware of your surroundings.

Furthermore, it even has a red light and speed camera detection, which can help drivers avoid tickets. All of this makes the Garmin 66W Dashcam an ideal choice for wireless battery-powered dash cams for cars.


  • Compact and discreet
  • Extra-wide lens for extra coverage
  • Crisp HD video
  • Automatic recording
  • Accident detection with GPS
  • Collision warning
  • Lane departure warning
  • Go alerts


  • Some features need extra kit
  • Wide-angle warps edge of the frame


5. Trimble Video Intelligence

Trimble Video Intelligence is a great choice for wireless battery-powered dash cams because of its AI-powered capabilities.

The system uses configurable cameras to monitor the road and driver in high resolution and processes the data in real time with the help of an advanced artificial intelligence platform.

This allows drivers to be monitored for distracted driving, and to be given personalized training and feedback. Additionally, the system is equipped with an advanced driver assistance system that can alert drivers of dangers on the road, as well as real-time coaching and safety analytics to help you make better decisions for your organization.

With its wireless, battery-powered capabilities, Trimble Video Intelligence ensures continuous monitoring of the driver and the environment, ensuring that your drivers and your business are always safe.


  • 4-channel DVR
  • Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)
  • Cabin Intelligent Monitor (CIM)
  • Identifies risky driving behavior
  • Dynamic Driver Defense (DCube)
  • Provides real-time safety alerts
  • Side-mounted pod and rear-facing cameras
  • Real-time coaching
  • Real-time data
  • Safety analytics
  • Pod camera


  • Slower interface

Why Should You Buy A Battery-powered Dash Cam?

A battery-powered dash cam is a great investment for any vehicle owner, as it can provide numerous benefits, such as improved safety, customized training programs, route management, and the ability to avoid false claims.

One of the most important benefits of a battery-powered dash cam is its ability to provide real-time evidence of accidents when the vehicle is parked or turned off. This is especially important in the case of insurance claims, as without this real-time proof, it can be difficult to determine who is at fault.

A battery-powered dash cam also provides additional security for your vehicle when it is parked, as it can detect theft and provide real-time footage of any incidents. Additionally, many of these dash cams come with driver training programs, D.U.I alert, and collision warnings, which can help improve driver safety.

Finally, a battery-powered dash cam can also reduce idle time, as it can help you spot areas where drivers are wasting time and provide real-time alerts when they do. This will help you optimize your routes and save time and money.

Overall, investing in a battery-powered dash cam is a great idea for any vehicle owner, as it can provide numerous benefits, such as improved safety, route management, and the ability to avoid false claims.

What to consider when buying a wireless dash cam with a battery?

Easy Installation

When buying a wireless battery-powered dashcam, easy installation is a key factor to consider. Look for a device that has a simple setup process so your driver can install it within a few seconds without any difficulty. Additionally, some models allow for easy movement of the camera from one vehicle to another.

It is important to pay attention to the user interface, storage capacity, battery life, and video quality when choosing the best battery-powered dashcam for your needs.

You should also consider the size of the camera, with smaller cameras being more discreet and less noticeable. Additionally, many battery-powered dashcams come with features like wifi, Bluetooth, and emergency calls, making them a great investment for your vehicle’s safety.

Video Quality And Resolution

When comparing dash cams with batteries, one of the main considerations is the video quality and resolution. It’s important to choose a camera that has a high resolution, such as 4K UHD, to ensure that any footage you capture is sharp and detailed.

Look for cameras with dual-channel support if you plan to run both front and rear or interior cameras, as they require additional cabling. The wider the field of view, the more likely you’ll be able to catch more of what’s around you – look for cameras with at least a 120 to 140-degree angle.

Additionally, consider cameras with infrared lighting for more detailed nocturnal captures, and HDR and WDR for better contrast and color. Lastly, look for cameras with additional features such as a GPS tracker, a built-in instant capture button, touch screen capability, built-in wifi, and discounts in insurance.

Recording Time

A wireless dash cam with a battery typically records footage in short loops, between 1 to 10 minutes long. Some models record for longer, and some allow users to set their desired recording length.

The recommended minimum recording time is five minutes, although some dash cams offer up to 10 minutes, depending on the size of the camera’s SD card. Continuous loop recording, combined with cloud storage, ensures that recordings are saved and protected from overwriting.

If the camera is self-powered, you can also specify how long it runs before shutting down, and incident recordings are triggered by impact (G) sensors and/or motion detection.


When it comes to making the right decision when purchasing a battery-powered dash cam, one of the most important factors to consider is storage.

Many models rely on an external memory device, such as a MicroSD card, to store recordings, so you should make sure that it is large enough to accommodate all the videos you may need.

Additionally, some dash cams may be internet-connected and store your footage on the cloud, which eliminates the need for manual retrieval. These wireless dashcams offer quicker access to video footage and greater storage capacity.

Battery Life

The average wireless dash cam battery can last up to 5 to 10 years if maintained properly. However, due to advancements in technology, many users are replacing their dashcams more frequently.

Newer models offer high-resolution images with digital picture stabilization and may require power from the car’s battery or an external power source while the vehicle is parked. Internal batteries can provide power for up to 3 to 5 minutes, which should be enough time to record important information if a collision occurs.

Automatic Recording

Automatic recording is an important feature in wireless dash cams with batteries, as it allows for continuous loop recording which helps to minimize storage requirements.

This means that video is recorded and then immediately overwritten after a specified interval unless it is saved. This ensures that the most recent footage is always available, which can be especially important in the case of an accident.

With automatic recording, the dashcam will save footage in the event of an incident being detected, meaning that important information can be captured without the need for manual intervention.

Additionally, dashcams with automatic recording also often have the ability to upload footage to the cloud in real-time, which can be a useful hedge against damage or theft.

Finally, some battery-powered dash cams also have self-powered recording capabilities, meaning they will continue to record even if the car’s power fails.

This ensures that all an incident can be captured, regardless of the car’s power status. This feature is typically combined with incident recording triggered by impacts or motion detection, to ensure that no footage is missed.


What is a wireless battery-powered dash cam?

A wireless battery-powered dash cam is a type of dash cam that runs on an internal power source without the need for an external power source. It features wifi, Bluetooth, and emergency call in case of an accident. It typically has a simple user interface with good resolution and video display, as well as a built-in front camera and the ability to install a rear camera.

The camera is triggered by sudden motion or impact and is designed to start recording even if the slightest vibration is detected. This ensures that all incidents are captured, even when the vehicle is not in use. A wireless battery-powered dash cam can provide additional safety for a vehicle when it is parked in a public area, as it is always operational and ready to record any suspicious activity.

Do they do wireless dash cam?

Yes, wireless dash cams are available and they offer several advantages over traditional, wired dash cams. With a wireless dash cam, you don’t have to manually transfer data from a memory card in order to review footage. Instead, the high-definition footage is uploaded to the cloud, which allows for instantaneous viewing without having to upload anything.

Additionally, many wireless dash cams have GPS tracking technology built in, which can be helpful if you ever break down and need assistance from emergency services. Finally, some wireless dash cams even have a “parking mode” that will automatically record if there is a knock or bump while parked.

Is there a dashcam with battery?

Yes, there is a type of dashcam that operates with a battery. Battery-powered dash cams come with an internal power source and can work even when the engine is turned off. They come with wifi, Bluetooth, and an emergency calling feature, and they typically have a built-in front camera and the option to install a rear camera.

Battery-powered dash cams are designed to activate even if they detect the slightest vibration, so they can provide round-the-clock protection. They can also be powered by an external battery pack or backup power sources, such as a lithium-ion battery or supercapacitor, allowing them to record even when the car is parked and not connected to an external battery.




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