How to Fix Wyze Camera Error Code 90 the right Way

The Wyze error code 90 appears often while watching the Wyze camera and is a very inconvenient error. To resolve the problem, follow the steps outlined in this guide.

You’ll agree with me that it’s always irritating when you’re almost done with an installation and then you get those intermittent “error messages.” Users of Wyze Camera may have encountered the well-known “Wyze cam error code 90.”

Unfortunately, this is a fairly common issue with the Wyze Cam Pan, and there are many possible causes for this mistake. However, I’ll show you how to resolve Wyze camera error code 90 and continue using your Wyze camera.

What Causes Wyze Error Code 90?

A poor internet connection is typically the source of Wyze error code 90. This camera is entirely reliant on the internet, and if the internet connection or wifi coverage fails for whatever reason, the camera will show a slew of errors and cease to function.

However, in a few and rare cases, the Wyze error code is caused by an incompatibility issue between the camera and the smartphone or a sloppy MicroSD card.

The Wyze error code 90 appears often while watching the Wyze camera and is a very inconvenient error.

First, you might be using the camera with another device that isn’t Wyze Cam Pan compatible, such as an older Android or iOS device. There may also be a number of other reasons why the network is incompatible with the camera, such as an overloaded network or a poor internet signal.

Second, Wyze error code 90 is related to camera communication. This means that the streaming servers cannot access your Wyze Cam. To address Wyze cam error code 90, ensure that the camera and mobile phone can connect to the Internet and that the router’s firewall is not preventing contact.

As a result, it is simple to conclude that the Wyze camera error code 90 occurs when your camera is not connected to the app. This may be due to your camera being offline or not being linked to your home network.

How to Troubleshoot Wyze Camera Error Code 90

How to Fix Wyze Camera Error Code 90

There are many ways to resolve Wyze camera error code 90, including upgrading your camera’s firmware and resetting its settings. Step-by-step instructions for resolving error code 90 on a Wyze camera

If you are attempting to install the software and encountering the “WYZE cam error code 90,” you must perform a Hard Reset. This is often referred to as a factory reset or a reboot. After you have completed the hard reset, you will be able to download the camera again. This will also erase all of your settings, forcing you to re-enter your wifi passwords and other files.

1. Check your internet connection

As previously mentioned, internet connectivity problems are the most common cause of error code 90. Check that your internet is operational and secure. If you’re using Wi-Fi, ensure that the location where the camera is located has a powerful signal.

Move the camera closer to the router or access point if it is more than 18 meters away to see if the issue has been resolved. If the error disappears, you have an Internet connection problem. Also, consider rebooting your router or simply turning it off, waiting 2 minutes, and then turning it back on. Then, using the Wyze app, reconnect your smartphone to the Wyze camera.

2. Remove the SD card from the camera

Wyze error code 90 is often triggered by a shaky MicroSD card. The card has not been properly inserted, or the link has not been created. Remove and reinsert the microSD card, ensuring that it is fully inserted. Turn off and on the camera again to see if the issue has been fixed. Get a good SD card rather than a cheap one.

3. Change the wireless channel on the router

This tip also solves the problem: change the wireless channel from automatic to manual in your router settings. It is said that the numbers 1, 6, and 11 are the best. However, you can test each one separately to see which one works best in your field. In automatic mode, the router constantly hops to channels to find the best one (because all other routers in the region do the same), which is the cause of the Wyze camera’s link error or disconnection.

4. Turn the camera off and on again (restart)

Restart the camera, wait 1 minute, and then turn it back on. Close and restart the program on your computer. Restart the phone as well. It has been documented that turning off the camera often resolves the problem.

5. Update the camera

Update both the camera and the phone app. Keep your camera’s firmware up to date by downloading the latest version. On the Device Details tab, click Update Firmware to ensure the camera is up to date. Simultaneously, update the Wyze cam software on your mobile.

6. Use a compatible Smartphone

This error is often triggered by an incompatibility between the Wyze app and your smartphone. Check that your Android or iOS device is up to date and compliant with the Wyze App.

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Wrapping up…

Because the Wyze error code 90 is normally triggered by a bad internet connection, resolving it and ensuring that there is a constant connection between the apps and the server will solve the problem 90% of the time.

We hope you fix this error and enjoy your Wyze cam happily ever after.



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