Why Is My Wyze Camera Making a Clicking Noise?

Hello, is your Wyze camera constantly clicking or simply making clicks from time to time? and you can’t trace what the cause is? do not panic as this does not in any way, affect its functionality. However, we will discuss how to fix the issue of your Wyze camera making a clicking sound when off.

If you are concerned about your Wyze camera making a clicking noise, rest assured that it is normal and will not affect your device.

The click sound comes from the ICR (Infrared Cut filter Removal), a film that moves between the camera lens and the sensor. This filter enhances the camera’s color during the day by filtering infrared light and is removed at night to adjust the camera’s sensitivity to light.

Why does my Wyze Camera keep clicking when off?

This occurs when your camera goes on night vision mode, it moves a filter over the camera and can cause a temporary clicking sound

Wyze is one of the most popular security camera manufacturers on the market, with its products finding their way into thousands of homes. One of the highlighted features of its products is their rock-bottom prices, which start at an affordable rate.

The downside of such low prices is that Wyze’s cameras often have a few kinks that need fixing. In one recent Reddit thread, a Wyze user reported that his or her Wyze Cam Pan has been clicking on and off without any action and that it was driving him or her crazy.

How to fix Wyze Camera Random Clicks

  • Make sure the USB power cord is properly connected and securely attached to the back of the camera. Are you using the USB cable and charging block provided by Wyze? (Some 3rd party chargers may not fit properly …)
  • I’ve noticed a few times (on different cameras) that if the cable is loose or not fully plugged in, it would click because the camera is essentially doing the initial setup and/or trying to establish a wifi connection
  • Check the camera’s night vision mode. I recommend turning the camera’s night vision mode on and off to hear the click sound when the infrared filter moves back and forth in front of the sensor.
  • Get close to the camera and start playing with the night vision mode if you are close enough you will notice the camera making noise.
  • I recommend that you leave the night mode on “Auto” if you want your camera to take advantage of this feature. If you forget the “ON” mode, the camera will remain in night vision all the time and will remain black and white.
  • Also, update the camera to the latest firmware. Sometimes, the clicking sound may occur due to outdated firmware.

Wrapping Up

The truth is that no one wants to hear that their security camera is making a clicking noise, but it’s important to remember that a small number of things can cause this to happen, and many of them can be easily fixed. Some make the noise almost constantly, while others just do it when you move the camera. The good news is that it’s easier to pinpoint the cause than it is to find a quick fix.

​If the camera keeps making this sound even with night vision mode off, please visit the Wyze cam website and ask for help.