X-Sense Home Security System: A Detailed Review

Having read a lot about the X-sense home security system, I decided to test it out and do a thorough review of this security product. The X-Sense Home Security System is a comprehensive home security system that alerts you via the X-sense app push notifications on your phone. It provides advanced motion detection and provides instant notification of intruders even if you aren’t at home.

This review discusses the features of this product with an emphasis on how it can make your life easier in multiple ways including low battery notifications, fast response times to alarms and overall peace of mind while keeping your loved ones safe and also how it compares to a similar home security system like Simplisafe.

X-Sense Home Security System Unboxing: What I found.

Unboxing this product, I found the components below all intact and in shape. The packaging was of high quality and included all the necessary components for installation. The system includes a PIR Motion Sensor, Door/Window Contact, and Remote Controls.

x-sense home security system unboxing

Base Station

The base station is the primary component of the x-sense security system. It connects to other devices wirelessly and is able to function even during a power outage, due to its AC power and battery backup. The base station is the central hub of the X-sense security system and connects to other devices via the app. The base station has a 1 ¼-mile communication range, allowing you to control your security system from anywhere in your home.


Motion Sensor

Inside the box are two motion sensors. Motion sensors are a great way to keep track of what’s going on in your home when you’re not there. The motion sensor featured here has a 110° detection angle with a range of up to 12 meters (39 feet). This means that if there’s any movement within this area, you’ll immediately receive a notification on your phone.

Entry Sensor

The product came with four Door/Window Entry sensors. The Entry Sensor is a security device that attaches to your door or window and helps to protect your home from break-ins. It is easy to install, has a 10-year battery life with replacement batteries available on amazon, and 5 levels of sensitivity which can help avoid false alarms set off by pets or kids.


Remote Control

The X-Sense home security system can be controlled and customized using the smartphone app. You can arm/disarm the system, change the motion sensor’s sensitivity, customize the base station sound, or select the alarm level. The app is compatible with X-Sense sensor devices and remote controls.

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Testing the security features of the system

Installation of the X-Sense Home Security System is a breeze. The remote is easy to use and you can control all aspects of the system from the app on your phone, even if you lose the remote.

The kit includes a base station, power cable, two motion sensors, and four entry sensors. The base station plugs into an outlet and the other devices are battery-powered. The motion sensor detects movement and sends a signal to the base station when triggered; the door/window sensors detect when a door or window is opened.

X-Sense Home Security System Review: What I Like About this House Security system


The motion detection sensors are very accurate; however, they have a limited range. The base station does not randomly disconnect from the router, so it is always connected to the internet. The base station should be placed in an open area and it will have no problem sending a signal to the router. The entry sensors are sensitive and can be installed incorrectly if they are not placed correctly.

The X-Sense Home Security System seems to be a reliable system; It uses LoRa wireless transmission technology for home security systems, which also has an anti-interference characteristic. This way, there wouldn’t be any case of disruption or interference.

The signal is awesome. And I specifically would rate high the entry sensor than the motion sensor. I get alerted almost instantly when the door opening is triggered. And once it’s closed, the notification on the app alerts promptly.

When motion is detected the notification stays open for around 65 seconds after I’m alerted. Disappointingly, it doesn’t take into account any other motion detected within the time frame. The signal is strong enough. I took it some meters outside the building and it worked fine.

Design and Build Quality

The X-Sense Home Security System is designed with decent looks in mind. The small remote control can be used to arm and disarm the alarm, let the system know you’re home or send an SOS signal.

The downward-facing speaker grill is positioned on the rear side of the case. This allows for sound to be amplified by the base platform, reaching 105dB. Additionally, the USB-C connector can be used to charge the device or connect it to a computer. Overall, it seems like a quality product that would be a good addition to any home security arsenal.

App Simplicity and Functionality

The app is very easy to use and navigate. The features are limited but sufficient for most use cases. Additionally, push notifications are available for device-specific alerts. There should be more distinctive alarm tones for the sensors and entry detection system. Just 4 tones are available for 2 motion sensors and 4 entry detection


The app is very simple to use and has a minimal number of functions. You are required to create an account for security reasons, but once you are logged in, you can change the settings for the alert tone and level. This is helpful if you want to be alerted when there is motion detection or when someone enters your home. Lastly, the product comes with a QR code card, and scanning that card would install the X-Sense app on your phone so you can set up and control it. It worked perfectly with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Excellent Battery Life

The X-sense home security system is a great choice for those who are looking for an efficient and long-lasting security system. It has a huge battery life that will allow you to save on your electricity costs in the long run. It was a strange one to me at first when I removed the battery. I ignorantly thought it was custom built but checking amazon, I was happy a replacement could be ordered when the batteries are down.

x-sense home security system battery replacement


The X-Sense Home Security System is easy to install. It comes with a base station, power cable, two motion sensor and four door/window sensors. The batteries are included so you can start using the system right away. When installing the X-Sense Home Security System, no screwdriver is needed. The adhesive strips that come with the system are easily attached to the wall and hold the device in place. The X-Sense Home Security System is easy to install. It comes with all of the tools you need, and there is also a remote for use with voice commands.

No Contract, Subscription or Monthly Fees

The X-Sense home security system is a great choice for those looking for an affordable and reliable security system. It does not require any subscriptions, contracts or monthly fees, so it is a great option for those on a budget. Additionally, it has a variety of features that make it safe and customizable for your family’s needs. This means that you can use the service as long as you want and it will always be available to you 24/7, 365 days a year.

x-sense home alarm system unboxing

Affordable Pricing

This security device is rated among the cheapest with such a quality. The X-Sense Home Security System is budget-friendly for small apartments and can be installed in four windows. The WiFi connection easily reaches all corners of the home, making it a great choice for people who want to keep an eye on their property at all times.

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Wireless Connectivity

The X-Sense home security system uses the Spread Spectrum technology to facilitate communication and connection between all the components. This technology helped us connect the hub and sensors without any problems. Even though the Bluetooth communication between both the app and the hub was a bit erratic, I didn’t encounter any additional issues after restarting the hub. I did not encounter any serious difficulties during our testing and the Hub was able to connect to the router and maintain a WiFi connection throughout.

Various Smart Home Compatibility

X-Sense security system is compatible with Alexa and other popular smart home assistants. It uses voice recognition to control various devices in your home and can be used to set alarms, make phone calls, and more.

Smart home compatibility is becoming increasingly important as technology advances. More and more devices are being built with intelligence and the ability to connect with other devices, making it easier for people to control their homes with a single app or voice command.

Motion Detection

Motion Detection is an extremely important security feature for a number of reasons. The first reason is that a motion detection sensor can cover a much larger area than a traditional door or window sensor. Additionally, the sensors were effective in our testing, even though they are quite small.

The X-Sense Home Security System is a great option for people who are looking for a motion detection security system. While it is not the smallest option available, it offers a lot of features that make it worth considering. For example, the system can be customized to send alerts to different people depending on the situation.

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What I don’t Like about X-Sense Security System

Alarm Not Loud Enough

The alarm is not loud enough to be heard by neighbors, and it is not ear-piercingly loud. This means that the alarm may go off and thieves will have time to steal your belongings before the police arrive. The alarm should be made louder so that it scares away thieves and deters them from committing a crime.

A limited number of alarm tones

There should be more distinctive alarm tones for the sensors and entry detection system. Just 4 tones are available for 2 motion sensors and 4 entry detection.

How Does X-Sense Home Security System Compare other systems like Simplisafe?

X-Sense is a home security system that is easy to use and does not require any technical knowledge. It is customizable, so you can set the base station sound and brightness level, select alarm tones for each sensor, set up motion sensor sensitivity, and tailor your Away/Home modes to fit your needs.

The main difference between X-sense security system and Simplisafe is that X-sense does not have a video doorbell and a security camera included in this kit. However, there are other ways where X-sense have a sure edge over Simplisafe security system as listed below:

  1. X-sense does not require a professional installation, unlike Simplisafe which may require some technicalities.
  2. X-sense is budget-friendly compared to Simplisafe
  3. Unlike Simplisafe, you don’t need a subscription, monthly fees or contracts to use X-sense.

So, if you are looking for a home security system that can protect your property from unauthorised access, then the X-Sense Home Security System is a good choice. The system comes with a lot of sensors, which makes it ideal for people who want to secure sheds, garages, and even internal doors.

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This is a great option for those that want the ultimate home security, it’s also easy to install so you’ll be in and out of your house quickly with this system. The world has become a dangerous place these days. We live in times when cybercriminals are using advanced hacking methods to steal our personal information and identity, burglars are breaking into homes at three times the rate of a decade ago, and people who carry drugs or guns know they can take advantage of many vulnerable homeowners during their time away from home.

As far as security systems go, X-Sense is one that stands out among the rest due to its advanced features and affordable price. X-Sense Home Security System is the security system you need for your home when you’re away from it and even if you aren’t there, protect your loved ones in case of an emergency.



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