X-Sense Smoke Detector Review: Is XS01-WR A Good Smoke Detector?

When you buy a smoke detector, what are your expectations? You want it to detect that there is smoke in the air and alert others of this. In this review, I will give my opinion on whether or not the X-sense Smoke Detector (XS01-WR) is the best smoke detector for your home.

X-Sense Wireless Interconnected Smoke Detector Review: All you need to know

When it comes to smoke detectors, there are a lot of options on the market. So, how do you know which one is the best for your home? I’ll help you figure that out in this X-Sense smoke detector review.


Unboxing the X-sense smart smoke detector, I saw, 3 alarm units, 3 mounting brackets, 6 screws, 6 ancho plugs and one user manual.

Design and Build Quality

The sleek, modern design is not only attractive but also functional, and it’s very easy to install – you can do it yourself in just a few minutes. The detector is also equipped with all of the latest safety features, including an automatic alarm that goes off when it detects smoke or fire. The X-sense smoke detector is a great choice for anyone looking for a wireless, affordable, high-quality product that will provide peace of mind knowing their family is safe.

Battery Life

The battery life for this device is 5 years and you can change it if a replacement is needed during that time. The battery is not sealed which means you can replace it anytime without stress. It will provide continuous power without any worries for 5 years and can be replaced if you want.


You just need to remove the old detector and replace it with the new one. The included screws and anchor plugs make attaching the detector easy and secure. The user manual is clear and concise, and easy to follow.

How does the X-sense wireless interconnected smoke detector work?

The X-sense wireless interconnected smoke detector (XS01-WR) is a wireless smoke detector that does not require an internet connection or app to function. This makes it very user friendly and ideal for older individuals. Additionally, up to 24 smoke detectors can be connected to each other in order to create a more comprehensive coverage area.

The smoke detector is battery operated and it has a test button to help test the function of the alarm. If there is an alarm, pressing the reset button will silence the alarm and return it to monitoring mode. The X-sense smoke detector also has a reset function that can be used after an alarm or if it needs to be restarted.

How to install the X-sense smoke detector

The X-sense smoke detector is a top of the line product that you can use in your home or office. It’s important to install it correctly so that it will function properly and give you the protection you need. Here are some simple instructions on how to do just that:

Once everything is set up, test your smoke detector by setting off a test fire in your oven or with a smoke bomb. The X-sense smoke detector is easy to install, but it’s important to follow these simple instructions so that you can be sure it’s working properly.

X-Sense Smoke Detector Alarm

How I Tested the X-Sense Smoke Detector Alarm

I wanted to make sure that I provided the most comprehensive overview of the X-Sense Smoke Detector Alarm possible, so I tested it extensively. I used an aerosol spray that simulates real smoke in order to set off each alarm. Then, I evaluated how well they worked and compared them to other detectors on the market.

I placed it in several rooms of our house, and I set off smoke alarms in different parts of the house to see if they would go off. Overall, I was really happy with the performance of the alarm. It was very responsive, and it went off when it was supposed to. Overall, I thought that the X-sense Smoke Detector Alarm was a great product, and I would definitely recommend it to others.

Installation was a key part of my evaluation process; I timed how long it took to install each one and noted how helpful or detailed the included instructions were. I also looked at each detector’s size, weight, finish and overall look after installation. Additionally, I made sure to test each detector’s extra safety features, such as voice or light notifications, removal prevention, and more. Finally, I checked the LED alarm in different modes of operation.

My Verdict

I’ve used and reviewed a few X-sense products like the recent one (the x-sense home security system), that when it comes to quality, ease of set up and use, I would give them a 10/10 rating. A maximum of 24 wireless alarms can be interconnected on the same network and at least 33ft (10m) apart which works flawlessly. Although this particular model of X-sense smoke detector (XSO1-WR) does not send notifications to your phone, if you want to be able to send alarms to your phone for notification, then there is another X-sense wireless smoke detection device called XS01-WT you might want to try.

What are the benefits of using the X-sense smoke detector?

There are many benefits to using the X-Sense smoke detector. Some of these benefits include the prevention of fires from spreading, containing fires quickly, detecting fires before there is an ignition source, and being able to predict smoke detector operation with fire growth models. In addition, smoke detectors can be difficult to predict with fire growth models. However, when Smoke detection is used, it can help prevent fires from spreading and also be contained quickly.

The X-Sense Wireless interconnected smoke detector is a premier detection system that can give the best protection against fires by detecting early on in their development stages. Doing so can provide enough time for people to evacuate and minimize damage caused by the fire.

How to change the battery in an X-sense smoke detector

This smoke detector comes with a quick-change battery door, which makes it very simple to change the batteries. All you have to do is open the door and replace the old batteries with new ones. The alarm will continue to work even if you remove the battery for a short time.

It’s important to note that the X-sense smoke detectors have a 5-year battery life, so you don’t have to worry about whether your alarm system is functional or not. In addition, the model offers fewer false triggers from steamy showers because it takes three samples of smoke before sounding the alarm. This photoelectric alarm has a three sample smoke test before sounding an alarm, which means fewer false alarms due to steamy showers.

How often should you test your X-sense smoke detector?

You should test your X-sense smoke detector at least once a month. It’s important to test your smoke detector regularly in order to ensure that it is working properly. Smoke detectors have a lifespan of five years, so it’s important to test them often in order to get the most use out of them. Smoke detectors can also detect carbon monoxide, so it’s important to test them for both smoke and CO every month.


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